Bella In Florida?

Aug 31st, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Lainey Gossip has some new photos from the set of Eclipse, this time of Kristen and Sarah Clarke enjoying the weather in sunny…Florida Canada.

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16 Comments to “Bella In Florida?”

  1. Sarah-Nicole says:

    Kristen is so cute!

  2. Marisa says:

    Kristen looks so pretty in those pics!

  3. I_am_Bookworm! says:

    everybody is bashing the wig but personally it looks so good on her!!!

  4. michaela says:

    yeah i dont mind the wig. but i kinda think she looks like a little girl in those pics.

  5. Gabrielle says:

    it is not a bad wig, there is just something that is ‘off’ about it. just not right. i think it is the lack of layers in the top front part of the hair. looks odd.

  6. Renata says:

    I don’t mind the wig. i think it looks okay, Isn’t because of the hair cut she got for the Runaways why she’s using one.. I’d rather have the wig than, the other haircut (No offence to Kristen) but its better than nothing.. maybe it’ll grow out before they’re done filming and we’ll get to see some real hair. :] btu I still like it. She does look like a little girl tho. its kinda cute.. in a way lol

  7. Jess S. says:

    Love Kristen can you post a link to more of the pics? I love seeing all of them! I think she looks great, in Eclipse she’s torn she doesn’t know what to do shes still young. In my opinion it will make the transformation of the teen Bella we love to the amazing women in Breaking Dawn that more epic!!! Can’t wait

  8. Candra says:

    Not so happy about the wig. She looks freakn 12 on those pictures

  9. Tava/Yarnmama says:

    I think the wig is awful- it doesn’t look like her hair in the last two films. The hairline is off and looks fake. It bugs me, but I’m glad some people like it.

  10. Tara K. says:

    I agree with the “Wig is ugly” comments. She looks like a mix between an 8-year old and a 25-year old.

  11. Kathy o says:

    I think that the wig looks really dry and the front looks square. It will probably look better in the film tho. At least I’m hoping it will. Can’t wait for new moon! Not too long now. 😉 her hair is new
    moon looked really nice but in eclipse, not so
    much. She does look young in these pics
    buy she still looks pretty.

  12. Cassidy says:

    Ok they have better hair and make-up people than that…some pics look better than others…like the graduation ones didn’t look fake but these do…huh? Oh,well lets just hope the hair people wern’t quite finished with her…she looks gorgeous of course, but that part looks unatural, DUDE I seiously can’t wait to see all these movies…you guys in the long run im not so sure that when we go see Eclipse in July that we honestly wont care what her hair looks like in this scene..or maybe it will get cut (the scene), or theyll fix it up in post production…as always Peace Love and TWILIGHT!!! :>)

  13. Hilda says:

    Kristen’s hair looked pretty bad for the Runaways (yes, I know it looked like Joan Jett’s . . .but ughhh!!). I would of thought with all of the $$$ being invested into the movie that they could of at least focused on geting her hair back to how it was in New Moon (it looked gorgeous in the trailer!!!) Kristen looks like she’s wearing Jacob’s wig from the first film!! LOL!!!!!

  14. KT says:

    Kristen’s hair looked horrible for the Runaways. I think that she shouldn’t have cut her hair for the Runaways and worn a wig. the wig looks like it was Jacobs and it looks fake on her yea she looks cute but still it doesn’t look right.

  15. 2opinionated4me says:

    They need to address the wig issue. You would think that the person(s) responsible for acquiring or supplying or making the wigs (I understand they always have several backups in movie sets), would have checked how KStew’s hair looked like in Twi One. Surely, the studios could have provided the stills. There are lots of them on the Internet! They could have used the headband trick that CHardwicke described in the Twi Director’s Companion Book.

  16. Sarah says:

    Wow I didn’t even notice the hair at first until I started reading the comments and double checked it. I can agree with some of you that when you stare at it it does look a little odd. But at first glance you can barely notice it. Of course this does pose a problem for the movie when all we will be doing is looking at her head and thinking ‘wow the wig was a BAD idea too bad they didn’t spring for extensions or something like that.’ but then again maybe it will be long forgotten my next summer.

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