More Eclipse Graduation Photos

Aug 31st, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Lainey Gossip has some pics of some of the cast filming the graduation scene in Eclipse!

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8 Comments to “More Eclipse Graduation Photos”

  1. Jamie says:

    And I thought Mike Newton wasn’t gonna make it. lol

  2. haylie says:

    mike looks hot.

  3. Amy Kathryn says:

    Is she playing with her wenis? And it’s caught on film… nice!

    And a WENIS is the piece of skin on your elbow….

  4. Renata says:

    Jackson looks like a cowboy.. Hmm I like it. It looks sexyy ahahhaaha <3

  5. dali says:

    omg, thats mike¡?¡? at first sight i thought he was peter!!!!

  6. Nellie says:

    if this is graduation stuff.. why is Jackson there? Jasper graduated before, yes?

  7. FIRESTARTER says:

    Jasper would be there for Alice’s graduation… And that graduation scene is key to Bella and Alice’s revelation…So yes we’d rather have Edward shots at graduation. But Jackson does look hot here so no complaints.

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