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This week we would love to know…

What do you love (or hate) about the NEW New Moon trailer?

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  1. Bea(FanOfTheMonth-March/April/May) says:

    one word, three letters: hot.
    Luv ya

  2. CuteyMadz says:

    I LOVED the New Moon Trailer. When it finished I had tears in my eyes, it was amazing. I can’t wait to see New Moon. Taylor looked (as usual) HOT as. The Volturi looked absoloutly wonderful. I didn’t think Dakota Fanning would fit as Jane, but she looked awesome. What really annoyed me was that Edwards Volvo was BLACK!!! That was the only thing that I didn’t like. The cliff diving scene was absoloute magic. Edward upside down next to Bella was beautiful, except for the fact that Bella was drowning. I cannot wait until New Moon comes out.
    Love love, kiss kiss,

  3. Mickie says:

    Okay, I loved the trailer but i have a few comments i’d like to make and a question. My comment is why the heck is edward being thrown around like a rage doll? for more action to feed the boys? It makes me a little nervous cause now im wondering….are they going to change the ending for Breaking Dawn just so that it will have more action? I would HATE that the whole point of the Breaking Dawn ending is to show that conflict can be solved using the brain not the muscles. i loved it and if it gets changed too crazily i would be very disappointed. What do you guys think? Anyway, Love ur podcast and website it is the first i go when i do my weekly search for new twilight saga info. love u guys.

  4. Princess Ali says:

    I waited sooo long for this trailer and I have to say I almost peed myself the first time I saw it!!!! Even though I hated the book I cant wait for the movie! I didnt picture the volturi like that at all but then again I didnt picture Edward like that either, its just part of taking a book and making it into a movie. I think everybody looks better and the warewolves look great. I cant believe the ending! Edward never fights ANYONE! I know they cant keep every part on the book but why add things like that…. fans obviously want it true to the book so why dont they save time by not adding anything and use that leftover space to put in things that actually happened in the book. I really hope they dont mess it up but my friend and I also dont want to laugh in the theater when crack head Kristen falls off the motorcycle but sometimes theres no way around it…. Crack head Kristen is Kristen Stewart if you havent already figured that out… Some parts really looked fake like when he pulled her out of the water and when they are in the car and Robert Botheringson( Pattinson) could look better especially when he is in a movie with Taylor Hautner! Pitchy (Ashley Greene) looked really good but she always does, on and off screen. Twilight was different from the book but I still have seen it like 20 times so even if New Moon isnt identical im sure I will love it!

  5. Princess Ali says:

    I remembered something else…
    Cracky’s screaming…. what was that!? Ca-razy! I dont think they chose a good Bella. First of all her blinking! My friend and I recently learned how to speed things up on my DVD player so were trying to find movies (I know were retarded! hehe) anyway so we were watching the part where she was in the hospital in Twilight and it was SOOOO FUNNNYYYYY!
    I think thats it but I will probably think of more things soon…
    I also wanted to say how glad I am to have found this website! I know I am going to sound crazy but like none of my friends have read these books or at least there not freaks like I am so Im glad I have some people on here that have read them and like them as much as I do… yeah I was right I do sound weird… hehe!

  6. Kristen says:


  7. Megan says:

    Hey Crew at TST,

    What i really hated about the trailer was when Bella was sleeping and she was screaming. Kristen’s screams sounded a like a cross between a cats tail being pulled off and a chainsaw gone wrong. When she says, “No Edward Don’t!” it sounds like shes trying too hard to sound hurt, same thing at the end when she says, “No please, please!”. I thought it a good idea that they put a line from a minor character in the trailer, Jessica’s “So, your an adrenaline junkie now?” And of course i LOVED the shirtless Jacob. I liked that they finally showed us a little more of the size of the wolves, when Bella punches, i think it’s, Paul, he turns into a wolf and she has to step back because of the size of him. But what i really like about this trailer is at the end, just after Jane says, “This may hurt just a little.” (which i screamed at BTW!) In the backround if you listen closely, (you can only hear it about 2 times but its still there) it sound a little bit like a heart beat. I really want to know where that will be in the movie. Love your show, keep up the really great work!


    The Future Mrs Jackson Rathbone

  8. Jenna@FORKS says:

    I love the trailer! It was relly unexpected though when it showed Bella screaming. But I thought it was pretty cool! I never thought they would put that part in the movie. That is one of those parts where you are like “WOW she really does miss him”.
    Alot of people have been saying they hate that part but personally its my favorite! I listened to a song the other day called “Whisper” by Evanesence it goes great with New Moon! You should listen to it! Edward looked Amazing as always and Kristen plays an great Bella!
    Well see ya TST

  9. Fanpire says:

    I AGREE WITH kyjenn

  10. twilightseriestheoreieslover5622 says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie!
    I hate the part when Bella is screaming. I mean it really shows her pain and shows that she misses Edward A LOT. But, all together it’s a great trailor. Even though I hate the book I’m sure I’ll love the movie.

  11. edwardloverr91271 says:

    Ok, first off my overall impression was that the trailor was good, but i cant help but be annoyed at the bits they’ve changed from the book.
    Second, the obvious statement …. since when was that Edward’s car? Where’s the silver volvo from Twilight? And i quote from the book “…and spotted Edward leaning motionless against his polished silver Volvo”. So maybe they’re trying to get away with the ‘they’re rich, so they’d upgrade their car at least once every year’ idea and its such a little thing to be bothered about but hey, looks like im not the only one bothered by this lol.
    3rd, how cool but scary was the scene in the water, and Bella was unconcious and Edward was upside down and when she got dragged out its scatterd his face like she was blowing smoke away. I loved that bit! so creepy but beautiful and moving at the same time! Awesome!!
    Next, here’s one for Kassie… the scene after Bella’s pulled from the water. 3 words… Taylor …. Wet … Shirtless! What an unbelievable dreammm!!! Omg, what id give to have THAT leaning over me like a GODDDD!! Hubba-hubba lol!
    Edward … shirtless …… ’nuff said =]
    More annoyances …. Since when did Laurent fight the wolves?? And when did Bella hit Paul??? (Im guessing it was Paul).
    But overall, the colouring is better, sort of richer, and it looks like its gonna be a good movie! Cant wait!

    Love Your Podcast


  12. Melanie says:

    I lOvEd It
    AnD tAyLoR lAuTnEr LoOkEd AwEsOmE!

  13. Mallory says:

    I LOVED IT!!
    My fav part is when Demetri and Felix come for Bella and Edward sais, “You can go to hell.”
    i get chillz ever time i see this trailer (i have it saved on my dvr so i can watch it as many times as i want [: ).

  14. taylor says:

    jacob look my best best best best friend’s dog.

  15. Tale :) says:

    The best trailer possibly made!!!! I think I’ve never wanted to see a movie so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  16. emm6a says:

    loves it i espicielly loved the very end after the title. i thought that it was brilliant. kristen is so talented. ive already got tickets for the preimer cant wait!!!!! love the show!!!!!!!! kepp podcasting!!!!!!!!
    ur biggest fan

  17. Sally says:

    I loved that last part where Jane Says “this might just hurt a little” i love it. It’s not because of Edward getting hurt i just like the expression on her face when she says it thinks its funny anyways lol. There is one thing i didnt really enjoy was that i felt like they gave away too much for those who havent seen read the books like that part when she drowns. I was hoping to see that scene in the movie theaters and not in the trailers. Besides that everything was good especially the wolf pack lol….

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