Who Should Star In The Host?

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MTV is speculating on which actors should play certain characters in the movie version of “The Host.”  Below are a few of their choices, but we want to know what YOU think!  Who would you like to see in a movie of “The Host?”


First choice: Summer Glau
Summer has played some really screwed up characters in the past, like River Tam from “Firefly” and “Serenity” and Cameron Phillips in “The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” so we know she would be able to pull off two entities battling for control of one mind. Plus, she can kick some serious ass.


First Choice: Chris Pine
Jared is supposed to be the epitome of male beauty, and for anyone who saw this years “Star Trek,” you’d know Chris definitely fits that criteria. We also know, thanks to J.J. Abrams, Chris looks just as good aggressive with blood covering his face as he does being sweet and sentimental. We just know he could pull off the two sides: Melanie’s love interest and an intense Wanda hater.


First choice: Brandon Routh
So what if “Superman Returns” tanked? To play a man who is able to fall in love with an alien an awesome, extraordinarily sympathetic alien, but an invading species nonetheless, takes a certain amount of empathy and restraint that were sure Brandon could pull it off. And without all the softening hues of Bryan Singer’s superhero story, Brandon would look good rugged and dirty. And let’s not forget about those gorgeous blue eyes!

Click here to view their other casting choices!

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51 Comments to “Who Should Star In The Host?”

  1. Heather D says:

    Whoever plays Wanderer/Melanie will have to be a really good actress. She will have to play an inner character (Mel) and an outer character (Wanda). Not to mention making it believable. I hope they go for talent rather than a well known face.

  2. Andy says:

    Oh, what an interesting mix that MTV has thought up!

    I was going to say unknown actors or actors below the radar, but now that you mention Chris Pine, he might be a good Ian rather than a Jared.

    But, if I can say one small thing about who I won’t want to see as Melanie & Wanda: Megan Fox. Sorry, but I don;t think she could pull it off. But whoever has to play Melanie and Wanda will have be very talented, seeing as she’s going to act as two people – one human, one alien.

    Oh, how this news excites me!

  3. Casey says:

    I would think of someone more like John Cena for Ian.

  4. lexine says:

    i never pictured a hollywood actor as ian, jared, or wanda, so that’s all good for me… but i am hereby officially starting the campaign for KRIS KRISTOFFERSON as Jeb….


  5. Casey says:

    i like Matt Damon as Jared and summer glau for mel, but i don’t like any of the ones on mtv

  6. Casey says:

    for ian i mean above.

  7. laura heath says:

    really really REALLY, love summer glau.

    but i like the fan vid fav jensen ackles for jared., bit biased as i’m a dean girl but that’s totally not the point. hahaha

  8. Valerie says:

    JENSEN ACKLES would be the perfect Jared. I dont think anyone else could play him

  9. Jen UK says:

    I think Sophia Bush would be a perfect Melanie/Wanda, she might look a little older than the part but I think she could pull off both characters.

  10. Nikki says:

    Jeb-Sam Elliott
    Kyle-Kevin Durand
    Jared-Jensen Ackles

  11. Cameron says:

    Melanie – Jessica Beil

    Jared – Jared Padalecki

    Ian – Wentworth Miller

    Kyle – Jensen Ackles

    Wanda – Maggie Grace

  12. olindaa :) says:

    Summer as melanie is ok.. not perferct but ok..
    Chris as jared is absolutely perfect!!.. is like he was meant to be jared.. i picture jared as him in my mind :)..
    and.. Brandon as ian.. NONO!..i don’t know why but nono..

  13. Marcia says:

    I agree with Valerie and Nikki, Jensen Ackles would be perfect as Ian.
    I’d really like Camilla Belle as Melanie/Wanda, she looksa lot like the Melanie I imagined while reading the book.
    And for Ian I’d like Ian Somerhalder, but Routh would be good too (BTW, his eyes are brown, he had contacts for Superman), oh, and I’d also like the Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui.

  14. Robby says:

    I’m fine with anyone, but every since I’ve finished reading the book I’ve always imagined Ian Somerhalder as Ian. He’s already got the name you know ;).

  15. Natasha says:

    I honestly think that Chris Pine would not make a good Jared. Jared needs to be more manly

  16. Brandi says:

    I am so for the campaign for KRIS KRISTOFFERSON as Jeb…. Or maybe even Sam Elliot

    As for Mel/Wanda :Summer Glau (she has the look and she has plenty of talent!! )

    Jamie:Skander Keynes(I’ve looked and looked and so far he is the best I could come up with…?)

    Jared:Cam Gigandet (while reading the Host forever ago, I could totally picture Cam as Jared!!!! Plus did we get enough of him in Twilight? I think not)

    Ian: Chris Evans or Jensen Ackles (Both look the part for me and either would do great in the acting… so its a tie for me)

    Kyle: Kellan Lutz (Though I don’t want to make this a Twilight-ish I think Kellen looks like a Kyle, I don’t know if I could get past his Big Teddy Bear image for such a rough guy as Kyle, but he has the look!! ; ] and I <3 him lol)

    The Seeker:Christina Ricci? she’s a little bit older then what the seeker is said to be in the book but I thing she has the look (and she has talent)

    Doc: Nathan Fillion (I <3 him so!!! He would be great!!!)

    Wanda @ the end:Taylor Swift (if she can act, she has the look)

  17. Cassie says:

    the two guys are hot

  18. TrendHater73 says:

    I didn’t cast the characters when I read, but I have my favorites.

    Wanderer/Mel: Sophia Bush

    Jared: Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles

    Ian: Ian Somerholder

    Its kind of funny that two of them have the same first name as their character. Maybe that’s why I gravitate toward them. Not to mention, I’m in love with Jared Padalecki. LoL

  19. Lyncoln says:

    Melanie/Wanda = Sophia Bush
    Jared = Jensen Ackles

    HANDS DOWN!!! I really don’t care who is cast for the other parts, but oh man. Jensen and Sophia would rock those parts! And I think The Host would be something both of them would be interested in doing.

  20. Erin says:

    i haven’t read the host but if they make a movie and chris pine is in it, count me in!

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  22. Robin says:

    Chris Pines YESSS!!!… thats all I have to say

  23. Aric says:

    to tell you the truth, i pictured Wanda as Kristen Stewart and Ian as Taylor Lautner. It seems appropriate. LOL! or that my imaginary skills are low.

  24. rachel says:

    Wanda/Mel: Oliva Wild
    Ian: kellen Lutz
    Jared: Jared Padalecki (or however you spell it)
    Kyle: Jenson Ackles

  25. Linzie says:

    Wanda in the end: Taylor Swift (She’s awesome….the height might be a problem…HEY it’s just a dream cast for me)
    Mel: Ashley Greene (her hair is short now so its ok)
    Ian: Taylor Lautner…if he didn’t get buffer he wudn’t work
    Jared: I have no idea…
    Kyle: Kellan Lutz…too twilight-ish but i kinda wanna see if he cud beat up his “sister” in twilight i noe im mest up
    Jamie: Booboo stewart….he looks brother-ish

  26. probabaly the second biggest twilight freak in the world says:






  27. probabaly the second biggest twilight freak in the world says:


  28. Klair says:

    in my mind, while i was reading the book, i was always picturing that one girl from LOST, Kate, as melanie/wanda

  29. Yareim says:

    i dont like wanda/melanie i think it has to be a very pretty actress bcuz wanda/mel i very pretty (described in the book)
    i think that the bestt option is Jared bcuz he fits perfectly
    i also think Ian is hot but i dont like the actor i think he has a very large noise 😀
    pleasee changee the actors

  30. Rachel C. says:

    ewwww!!GOSH NO! i can’t have that guy play ian! i love ian and i’m sorry but i really don’t think that he fits ian’s character AT ALL. he better not play ian.

  31. Jesca says:

    So after reading The Host the second time and finding out that it’ll be made into a movie, I decided to post who I think would be ideal to play the roles.

    Melanie: Summer Glau.
    Jared: Jensen Ackles.
    Uncle Jeb: Jim Beaver.
    Ian: Ian Somerhalder OR James Lafferty.
    Kyle: James Marsden.
    Jamie: Skandar Keynes.
    Doc: Christian Bale.
    Wanda/Wanderer: Elizabeth Harnois.
    Jodi/Sunny: Rachel Bilson.
    The Seeker: Christina Ricci.

  32. Vanessa says:

    Ian Somerhalder would be perfect as Ian, dont think anyone could pull it off but him!

  33. Rachel says:

    Megan Fox- Melanie Stryder
    Jensen Ackles- Jared Howe

    That’s how I see it, Sophia and Jensen I just don’t get. I don’t like them together AT ALL. I’m a Megan/Jensen fan. Their my illegitimate parents. XD

  34. jessica says:

    It’s so funny everyone’s saying Jensen Ackles, because even when I first read the book I pictured him as Jared. I definitely don’t think Megan Fox would be a good Melanie, and Summer Glau’s definitely not how I pictured her (too happy looking, a little rounder in the face vs. the angular person I pictured), but I’m not sure exactly who comes to mind for her. I’m so excited they’re making a movie!

  35. Caroline says:

    Sophia Bush as Mel and Jensen Ackles as Jared they have so much chemistry I would love to see them together in this film.

  36. Weird Vision says:

    Jared Howe – Jensen Ackles
    Jamie Stryder – Logan Lerman
    Wanderer/Pet – AnnaSophia Robb
    The Seeker – Christina Ricci
    Sunny – Anna Friel
    Aunt Maggie – Maureen Lipman
    Sharon – Amy Adams

  37. Jess says:

    Mel – Sophia bush
    Wanda (at the end) – Emma roberts ar sara paxton
    Jared – Jensen Ackles or tom welling
    Ian – Ian Somerhalder (THIS ONE IS A MUST)
    Jamie – Gerran Howell (even though he’s english, but he’s so cute and sweet xD ) or Logan Lerman

    And i’m not saying this because i’m some little kiddy twihard that thinks they should use all the same actors, but i think that Kellan Lutz would be a good Kyle :\

  38. Terry says:

    Here’s my list–I started it when I read the book for the second time!
    Melanie–Scarlet Johannson
    Jamie–Freddie Highmore
    Seeker–Christina Ricci
    Jared–Ian Somerhalder
    Jeb–Tommy Lee Jones
    Ian–Tom Welling
    Kyle–Cillian Murphy
    Doc–Donald Sutherland
    Pet–Dakota Fanning

  39. Sydney says:

    I know that people have very different opinions, but I would really like to see a movie with both Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez in it. I know that people would dislike having Selena Gomez on a role like this because she works (and it’s most known for Disney) but really, she’s a great actress. (In a Wizards of Waverly Place episode, she had to pretend being Harper and Alex at the same time, and she did it pretty good.) But I think Selena would be pretty good for this role (they will give her a different image when she changes into the character). Therefore, Taylor Lautner would really make a good Jared and he’s also a great actor. Sorry if you people dislike my ideas, but I think everyone had very different opinions and that’s a really awesome thing.

  40. taylorlautnerfan#1 says:

    I think i should star in the host or Jared!

  41. TeamIan says:

    Melanie–Sophia Bush
    Jared–Jensen Ackles [I’d die if they don’t cast him as Jared]
    Ian–Tom Welling [Come on! He would be abso-bloody-lutely perfect for that role!!!]
    Jamie–Josh Hutchinson
    Seeker–Christina Ricci
    Jeb–Sam Elliot
    Kyle–Jamie Bamber
    Doc–Jack Coleman
    Sharon-Famke Jensen

  42. Christina says:

    Here’s my list:

    Melanie/Wanda- Mila Kunis
    Wanderer/Wanda(voice)- Christina Hostetter or Breanna Hobson
    Wanderer/Wanda/Pet(body)- Dakota Fanning, Kirsten Prout or Anna Sophia Robb
    Seeker- Christina Ricci
    Jared- Kellan Lutz or Jensen Ackles
    Ian- Kellan Lutz,Jackson Rathbone or James Marsden(I think he’d be good for this role as well)
    Uncle Jeb- Kris Kristofferson
    Doc- James Marsden
    Aunt Maggie- Vanessa Redgrave (she’s british but I think she’d be good)
    Jaime- Logan Lerman
    Kyle- Kellan Lutz( I know he’s on here twice before, but I think he’d good for either three roles)
    Sharon- Amanda Seyfreid
    Fords Deep Waters- Keith Sutherland

  43. Raman says:

    When I read the book I pictured…
    Evangeline Lilly – Mel

  44. sandy says:

    For the role of Ian O’shea I picture Ian Harding. Thats EXACTLY how I picture Ian. Ian Somerhalder is more of a kyle

  45. sandy says:

    Ian Harding is not that well known…he is from pretty little liars, but he is a good actor

  46. Jacky says:

    I totally think that Jensen Ackles should play Jared because whenever I read the book I picture him as Jared

  47. i like movie actors that are not only good looking but can play a lot of differient roles ~”-

  48. Malia says:

    Mel/Wanda : Nina Dobrev!!!!

  49. Ellie x says:

    Mel/Wanda: Agree with above !!!! Nina Dobrev should definitley play Mel/Wanda, she is the right age, has the right looks and si a great actor

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