Quileute Nation Special

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Reelz Channel will be airing a Twilight Spotlight episode on the Quileute Nation, which airs Monday night at 10pm EST!  Check out the video and press release below to get a sneak peek at the episode!

“The ‘Twilight phenomenon’ gives the Quileute Nation the opportunity to educate the

world about their true history, traditions, culture and creation story,” said Quileute

spokesperson Jackie Jacobs. “It was very important to this Nation to partner with an

organization that we felt understood that the non-fictional Quileute story is more

complex, multi-dimensional and sacred than [the one] everyone has been exposed to. We

have been inundated with requests from various outlets to tell the story but felt that

REELZCHANNEL embodied the authentic direction we wanted to explore while keeping

it fun and interesting for the fans.”

This episode captures the sweeping landscapes of the tribal lands, giving viewers an

exclusive look at the locations recreated for the film including the beach where Jacob

tells Bella about the Cullen vampire legend, the cliffs that Bella leaps from to draw

Edward back to her, and the school that Jacob attended as described in the “ New Moon ”

book. Viewers are then transported to the celebrations of the culture through intimate

ceremonies of the drum circle and tribal dances. The sights of the Quileute Nation come

to life in the voices of its people in interviews with tribal elder and storyteller Chris

Morganroth III and Roy Black known to the tribe as “Jacob’s Grandfather.” Actress

Tinsel Korey, who portrays the character of Emily in the films, also shares her


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