Graceling Contest Winner

Oct 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Contests, Featured Articles, Site News

We wanted to say ‘Congrats’ to Ginny who won our Graceling Contest!  Here is a description of the Graceling she created…

Eva had always been different. Born with one purple eye and one red eye, she’d been graced at birth with the grace of singing. A nobleman’s daughter, she grew up as the crown jewel in her father’s house. Many referred to her as the “Golden Songbird” because of her long blond hair, and she was asked to sing for her parent’s guests every night. One night, Prince George came to hear her sing and was swept away by her song. He asked for her hand then and there and a date for the wedding was set. Eva found herself married within the fortnight.

Her sudden rise in society was a bitter one however. Not many knew the true heart of Eva’s grace, the reason her song touched so many, was because her grace opened her up to the emotions of everyone around her. In her father’s estate out in the country, there were never more than a couple guests and the servants, an easy weight to bear. In the Capital, there were more people and emotions than she could reasonably stand. Unable to stand the pressure, she locked herself in a tower.
Alone in her tower, Princess Eva sang through the hardships of her people. When the King died and Prince George was made King, the country lamented through the power of their Queen’s song which filled the castle. Upon her death at a ripe old age, Queen Eva was known to her people as the “Invisible Queen.”
– Ginny
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    WOW you are an amazing writer i could definitely picture it in my head….keep on writing ginny and congrats!

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