Reminder! Don’t forget to watch or DVR Entertainment Tonight – TONIGHT!

Oct 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Just a friendly reminder that tonight’s Entertainment Tonight will feature the very first clip from New Moon and will be available for download via iTunes shortly after the west coast broadcast! Just click here:

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3 Comments to “Reminder! Don’t forget to watch or DVR Entertainment Tonight – TONIGHT!”

  1. Stahrie Nite says:

    Okay i so watched it like more then I really should have.
    Here is a thought for anyone really how come Bella is in like a little pain after she slapped Paul – why is even hitting Paul (yeah it’s a bugging me little) I mean Bella broke her hand when she punched Jacob, I at least hope that in the movie she is in a little pain.

    Your Awesome Both of yas

  2. Candra says:

    That is EXACTLY what i was thinking!!!
    All of my friends were just like “Shut up Candra! Who cares!” and i was just like “I Do! And i know some1 else in the world does too!!!
    So….. Stahrie YOU’RE AWSOME!!!!

  3. Stahrie Nite says:

    Thanks Candra – I could have written that better lol. I guess it bugged me more then i thought. jk —- sorta I mean it’s a bit of a hole

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