New Moon/The Host ~ Week 69

Oct 26th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Podcasts

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This week there is a lot of rambling going on!  We discuss the New Moon cast members you are most excited to see in the upcoming movie, as well as the actors you would like to see in The Host.  Kassie and I are having fun, and arguing about everything… You’re gonna love it!  The song on our show this week is City of Infidels by The Quagaus.

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5 Comments to “New Moon/The Host ~ Week 69”

  1. Lyncoln says:

    Love these kinds of podcasts! 🙂 I’m actually really excited for The Host movie. I personally really enjoyed the book. I found SM’s writing to be a bit better than Twilight (though Twilight will always own my heart). I’m actually really surprised Jared Padalecki was said mostly for Jared cuz I’ve mostly seen people say they and also myself, imagined Jensen Ackles as the part (he’s the other Winchester bro in Supernatural haha). Anyway…great podcast!

  2. bella (i know its weird) says:

    OMG durring the snozzzzzze Kassie you were just like ‘hhhhhhhh well… bla bla bla ha bla bla bla
    I’m ignoring you” so funnay!

  3. Kristy Peral says:

    hey im like a big fan of this movie and stuff so give me updates on some stuff please

  4. Bhavini says:

    hi i have been listening to ur podcasts n must say u guys rock but i just wana know that why dont we indians have the access to register on the site?????

  5. kiki cullen says:

    hi, only came across ur podcast on itunes a couple of days ago, i absolutely love it!!! i think ur take on the twilight saga is awsome and sooooo funny!! it’s definately the best one out ther!!! Im on coundown for new moon!!!!! Cant wait to see it!!!
    By the way my name really is cullen!! Everyone at school was convinced i was a vampire for a whole week when they realised the connection!!!! LOL!!!
    anyways… thank u guys so much for the podcasts, i love them.
    GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!

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