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Love is the Higher Law is a fiction novel about September 11 2001. Three teenagers lives are changed dramatically were the world around them falls; all three teens’ lives begin to cross paths. None of them really knew each other before September 11, but after somehow their lives cross paths and a new friendship is born. Claire was at school as normal on 9-11-01, and Peter was outside Tower Records waiting for it to open, and Paul was sleeping in, because his parents had left the country. Both Paul and Claire could see the towers from where there locations. And when Paul will awake, all he will see is smoke outside his window. The three teens over the course of a year lives will change along will the rest of New York. David Levithan has written a story about love, death, and centered it around a even in history that we will never forget. Love is the Higher Law is a novel that gives a whole new meaning to the term Love Story. The book shows you that with love anything is possible even the biggest things that happen in life, like September 11th, can be worked through with love.

You may know David because he is the author of Nick and Norah’s indefinite Playlist.

Love is the Higher Law is in stores now!

Boy Meets Boy

Boy Meets Boy is David’s first book, and is a gay love story. A story about a boy, trying to find love in high school, and not just any high school this high school is different, very. The quarterback on the football team is also the homecoming queen. Paul, a sophomore has a large group of friends but his closest are Joni, and Tony. Joni has been Paul’s friend since kindergarten when she tried to kiss her, but he told her that he does not like girls, only boys. Tony is his other best friends who’s parents are not okay with him being gay, and think that Paul is a bad influence on Tony. Paul is just like any other high school guy, trying to find someone who understands him, someone he can love. His last boyfriend Kyle, left him because he thought he was being tricked and actually liked girls but now is coming back to Paul. But Paul has moved on. But when Paul meets Noah things start to change, Paul and Noah start to fall completely in love, until one thing that Paul does that can change everything.

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  2. Dabney says:

    I’m reading Love Is The Higher Law right now. at some points i was about to cry but i couldnt put it down

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