We Were Here

Jan 19th, 2010 | By | Category: Book News, Featured Articles

We Were Heret

We Were Here is about a teen named Miguel who did something that got him put into a group home with other teen guys who have had a criminal past. Well Miguel and two others form a strange relationship and break out of the group home with the idea of running from the U.S to Mexico. Well one of the guys that he runs away with is sick, mentally and physically. Miguel does not get along with anyone in the home. One guy is very illiterate, and the only book he has ever opened is the Bible. But he soon realizes that two of the guys, just want to escape just like him, so they do. Well once the three escape nothing they planed has gone there way. Follow the three on a journey that will lead you a long ways. This is a very moving story, and you will want to read this very fast to find out what Miguel actually did because his crime is not told until the end.


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