Breaking Up Breaking Dawn…

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This week we want to know how/where you think Breaking Dawn should be split up to make two movies… or if you think it should just be one movie!?!?!?

But if that wasn’t enough, we also want to know how you think they should cast Renesme?!?!?Β  Who do you think should play Jacob’s imprint and do you think she should age faster in the movie than in the book!?!?!?

Leave your thoughts below…

*Renesme and Jacob by Spoonful of Twilight

51 Comments to “Breaking Up Breaking Dawn…”

  1. Rosalie says:

    Okay first of all, just want to say I love the show. Where I think they should split Breaking Dawn… hmmm such a hard question. I think that it should be split after Jacob’s point of view ends. I think it would leave us all hanging and waiting for more.
    Now for how they should cast Renesmee. I have heard that they were thinking about doing a CGI Renesmee, and I totally detest the idea. Number one, its just not right, and number two, Taylor Lautner deserves at least one real thing. I mean its not like he can actually transform into a werewolf so… you can’t make his “girlfriend” fake too. I’m not quite sure who I think should play Nessie, but it should definitely be a real person. Also, she should transform at the same rate as in the book.
    Wow, I feel like I just wrote an essay. Lol, love you guys so much.

    • Mindy Hackler says:

      Summit has confirmed that it will be 2 movies. They really want a real actress & even though the book ends when Renesmee looks like 6 year old I think we should extend it at least up to where Renesmee & Jacob get married. I also hate the idea of aCGI Renesmee because don’t you think Taylor, Kristen, Rob, Elizabeth, Peter, Nikki, Ashley, Kellan & Jackson would feel a little akward talking to nothing??

  2. Aimee says:

    I think it’d be awesome if part one ended with Bella dying after giving birth to Nessie. The whole screen’d go black and you’d heart her heart beat stop … Then the screen comes back on Bella’s face as she opens her blood red eyes for the first time. Then the screen goes black again and the credits roll!

    Awesome, right?? Love you guys and this podcast soooooo much!!

  3. Brittany says:

    hola ladies, love the show. i think it is pretty obvious where to break it up between when nessie is born and when bella wakes up and its a vampire. i think she should age the same and they could do that in the movie they would just have to benjamin button it. like get an older actress and do to her like they did to brad pit in BB and it would all be good. they could even use some of james cameron stuff because, even though it wasn’t near as worthy for best movie GG as the hurt locker was the graphics were amazing. they could even get someone like emmy rossum or if they wanted younger Abby Breslin!!!!! love her!!!! or like ryan newman.

  4. sfitzg says:

    Looks like I am the first to vote for only one movie! Partly my reasoning is purely selfish – I don’t want to wait until 2012 (or whenever) for this series to all be on film! I’d happilly sit through a three hour movie and I really think there is a lot of internal dialogue in BD (primarily in Jacob’s section of the book) that could be conveyed much more quickly (or not at all) on screen.

  5. Rosalyn says:

    I agree with sfitzg, that Breaking Dawn should be only one movie. They could make it a little bit longer then the others perhaps 2 hours and 45 minutes. They can skip all the internal dialogue between jacob, steh and his sister. The part is boring. I also think they should not focus on the imprinting thing and keep Reneesee as a real baby. She can’t talk anyway but touches so that’s cool. The focus should be on wedding, honeymoon, pregnancy, vampire life, the volteri, the fight, sappy ending.

  6. Mary says:

    I totally agree with Rosalyn – there are a lot of internal werewolve-things they could shorten. And Renesmee should be a real baby. It should age like in the book and perhaps they could take 2 sisters – a younger one and the older one. IΒ΄m so looking forward to finally read concrete and official informations from Summit!

  7. switzerland says:

    So, first, I don’t care weather Breaking dawn is one or two movies, as long as they make it good, two will keep us waiting, but mabye show more of the scenes we want, and one can also work out fine.

    Second, I think they should cast Suri Cruise, but like have other actresses for when shes like smaller/older and stuff… as long as the all have red curls! (they can alway use wigs or stuff…)
    love the podcast, girls keep it up!!! <3

  8. Carmen says:

    Even though it would so cool to have two movies, I vote for one. I don’t want to have to wait 10 months to finally see the conclusion after the first film is out. I believe they could make it longer, I mean Titanic, Avatar and long movies, this one can be as well. Even though how Aimee thinks the movies should be divided is cool. As for Reneesme she should be a real person and they should stay to the age in the book. I mean they can get a 6 or 7 year old to play her towards the end and for the begining get a 18 month to play her, I think it can be pulled off. I am afraid if they make her CG it will look too fake.

    As for who should play her, well I am not too sure but below is a small list of who might be good candiates. They can also just look for a unknown face, someone new, someone who isn’t really in the business of acting. Since Reneesme won’t have many lines. Some of these choices I am placing might be too old but makeup and wardrobe can do wonders.
    Rhiannon Leigh Wryn (last mimzy)
    Abigail Breslin (sister’s keeper)
    Meggie Geisland ( a perfect day)

  9. Larissa says:

    I totally agree with Aimee, it’s how me and my best friend pictured it in my head.
    There is to much that has to be explained properly for those people who don’t read the books
    and I’m afraid that if it’s going to be one movie, a lot of those people won’t understand what the is going on…
    Besides look at it this way; 2 movies means more time to see Edward, okay we will have to wait longer to see it.
    But once it’s on DVD and we can see it whenever we want, it will be worth it…
    Come on, 2 extra hours of Edward, really, it’s worth a couple of months waiting!!!

  10. Judith Akufo says:

    I think that the movie should have one part. Frankly I don’t think there is enough material, a lot of Jacob’s book was like the Memoirs of a Werewolf, and that just focused on his life as a depressed werewolf. I don’t believe it will translate well into a movie. Also there was a lot of drifting from the action, and the book can kind of drag on, so in this book to movie translation I really think that there needs to be some serious editing done with a new screenplay writer. No offense Melissa

  11. Ammanda says:

    I think BD would be better as a one movie than two. There is a lot that they could cut. I know a lot of people are going to hate me but I think they could cut the honeymoon or fast forward through it with Bella doing a pov or something. Talking about all the things they did and about her nightmares. I think they could cut from when Bella goes into the water to when Jacob finds out that Bella is back and then you find out she is pregnant. I think it would be more of a shock for people who don’t read the books but watch the movie. There is some they could cut out also of the werewolves. But if they did make it into two movies I think it would be cool if they did stop it at where Bella becomes a vamp like Aimiee had said but the last book isn’t very big. It goes pretty fast after that so the second part might be kind of weak but that’s just my opinion. They could also stop the first movie right when Jacob finds out Bella is pregnant. Can you tell that I have thought a lot about this?
    They are really thinking of making Nessie CGI?? Bad idea. How are you suppose to hold a CGI baby? although a baby may be difficult especially trying show her getting bigger and her hair and then the walking. I guess we will see what they decide. I don’t know who would play her though so I don’t have an answer for that one.

  12. Dabney says:

    hey hey, so nessie in cgi? very very very bad idea. rapid child aging HAS been done in movies before they just have to cast more than one renesmee. and i know shes supposed to have an adult compostition and manner as a baby so why dont they just cgi her expressions. πŸ˜€

    nessie’s aging? maybe they should speed it up a little because im still left with the creepyish image of jacob like 16 but looking 20 being in love with a kid who look 3 or 4. it’s weird. as much as i like movies to stay true to the books faster aging would probably work out better. πŸ˜€

    2 movies? i think 2 movies would work best but splitting them would be difficult because the book is so sequetial. we cant leave it at the end of book 1 or 2 because bella calling rosalie for help about being pregnant wouldn’t make for a good ending and leaving us with bella almost dying, and then imprinting, and then bella’s changing, all at once would leave a lot of loose ends. so i don’t know if they can cut it in half anywhere. if they do decide to cut in half i think they should let stephenie have the final choice in where it is cut because shes knows the story and the characters best and could probably find a good way to split it without having sequence issues. however if they just make one like 3 hr movie ill just buy extra snacks at the movies so i dont have to leave! πŸ˜€

    nessie casting?
    i would say someone like a younger abigail breslin. i would say abigail breslin if she wasnt almost my age (she’s 13) but if they speed up the aging she would be awesome. for a younger nessie Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. for 6 or 7ish Ciara Bravo and Ryan Newman could pull off that young and there wicked cute. or maybe Noah Cyrus. hmmm i think Ryan and Ciara are my favs πŸ˜€
    <3 the show,

  13. Amanda says:

    I dont think they should make two movies. Breaking Dawn, while I loved it, would not have enough plot points to stretch over two movies. It definatly would have to be a LONG movie, but it should be just one. We have to remember that a movie won’t take 10 pages of a script to explain Bella’s ever-changing emotions. Things like Bella’s wedding and the werewolf drama can be shortened (but still shown) and other things like the J.Jenks subplot can be cut entirely, it wasnt all that neccessary. I would rather the story be well-told then fully told. While I love the saga, it cannot pull a Potter and split into 2 movies. For one, potter NEEDS the length, every bit of the long story is crucial. SM sometimes puts things in that are fun but it’s just fluff. There wouldnt be enough things in the second part of the movie. They would have to ADD stuff and nobody would be happy about that lol

    As for Renesmee, I think they might need to edit the character a little. Definatly speed up her growth a little but the baby doesnt have to be as alert and quiet as she is in the book. Its just silly to try and make a CGI baby.

  14. Team Jacob All the Way says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie
    Love the show!!
    I think they should keep it one movie.
    How long could it be.
    I mean lord of the rings is long.
    So what?
    Jacob should still be Taylor.
    Renesme should age quicker

  15. Shanise says:

    There should only be one movie, even though I would perfer that there wasn’t a Breaking Dawn movie at all.
    Breaking Dawn was so boring almost all of the book is people siting around talking and doing absolutly nothing.
    They also need to cut out pointless moments that were in the book. For example the scene in Jacob’s book were Carlisle is telling Jacob about how Renesme’s genetic structure is similar to a werewolves. Is this interesting ? Yes. Does it have anything to do with what’s going on at that point in time? No.

    Renesme should be a real person. A CGI baby surrounded by actual people would look really freaky!

  16. Marissa cullen says:

    Well i believe that there should be two movies for sure because there is just so much information in the books, that if it was squished together with one movie there would be toooo much info for our brains to deal with. The fans would be dissapointed with only 1 movie well i know i would be for sure. We all kinda expect 2 rite? I think that there are definitely enough plot points in breaking dawn to make a movie out of . Plus, in breaking dawn there well be so many new characters introduced which well be awesome, also in eclipse there are more characters coming in the story. If combined people will begin to be confused about the characters because there are so many of them. and one more thing what would they call the movie? eclipse/breaking dawn?
    That would be really not good. At least in my mind LOL

    i agree renessme should be a real person! Why cant they just snag a baby off the johnson’s baby lotion ad? LOL Just kidding πŸ˜› But yeah a CGI baby would not look as good, not as realistic in the moive. They can just get diffrent babys that look alike while renessme grows rite? Yeah maybe renesme should be growing just a smidge faster then in the books because we dont want the movie to drag on fore eons and eons rite?

    I just wated to finally say that i heart you awesome gals : ) <3

  17. Stahrie Nite says:

    I think that it should be split where it splits in the book – Jacob sees Renesme for the first time and it like fades to black and credits roll. It makes sense doesn’t it?

  18. Lila Mary Stacy Maher says:

    i think the most important thing to keep in mind: who cares how many movies, as long as its AWESOME!
    it has to be wicked good..its the last in the seies…

  19. Lila Mary Stacy Maher says:


  20. olivia says:

    hey love the show,
    I think It could even be a three part movie but make two of the parts one so like bellas part and jacobs could be part one and then bellas part 2 could be the second part. I hope they don’t leave to much out!

  21. Stephanie G says:

    i think it should be to movie, the first part will end when renesmee is born or when Jacod sees her for the first time, and the secont part should start when bella is waking up. and Renesmee need to be a real person , i don’t know something like a 1year-old when she is born and samebody old for the part when all the other vampires came. or like 3.Brittany said they do something like in benjamin button make the actriss look young. the person for the part of the part of Resnesmee should be Abby Breslin or it should be somebody new.

  22. Jordan and Hayley says:

    Guys your podcast is awesome! I Love It. Don’t know if I’m the only kid from UK to tell you but I enjoy listening to them πŸ™‚

    What they should do about Breaking Dawn is that they should make two movies but release them at roughly the same time. That way we’re not waiting ages for the second half to come out. And when they are released they should do it one after the other. Or Summit Entertainment should keep us guessing and then just surprise us. But whatever they do it will be AWESOME!!! πŸ™‚


    Renesmee shouldn’t be CGI. We think that it takes away the magic from her being a little girl. Taylor deserves to have someone he can actually hold when he needs to, instead of pretending to.

  23. Tara P. says:

    There has to be 2 movies!! It just wouldn’t be done right. Look at the movies now. They are already 2 hours. If they made Breaking Dawn in one movie and it was 3 1/2 hours do you think we would really get it all in there? I don’t think so. The movie would be all chopped up and scenes would be smashed together. I know no one wants to wait a long time to see the second half but wouldn’t you rather see two extremely great movies compared to one really long crappy movie. It’s the end of the series. It needs to be fantastic. We just need to be patient and let them know we are not going anywhere and we can wait. We want to see Extremely Great movies, not ones that are so quick to be thrown together.

    As far as Nessie goes…I am not sure. I like that someone mentioned using Suri Cruise. She is really cute & could be right for the part. I also think that Amanda quote 13. has a lot of valid points. I can see where she is right about only having one movie. It is a toss up. I just want a really good movie. I whole heartedly think they need to resign Chris Weitz for Breaking Dawn. He did a FANTASTIC job on New Moon.

  24. Carly "Renesmee" Cullen says:

    Hey Kassie and Kallie!

    I am torn between one movie or two. Part of me wants one movie, so we have a movie version. But, I also think that there might be too much from the book to try and put it into one movie. I also understand that Summit might do two movies to make more money. I hope that is not their only reason for making two movies, but I know that they are considering it because of that reason. If they do make two movies, I think the break should be right after Jacob thinks Bella is dead. For those who haven’t read the books, they will think she is dead and will want to see why they are making a second movie. Jacob imprinting and Bella being a vampire should start the second movie.

    If they do make two movies, I think they will release them like they are with New Moon and Eclipse. i do know that it will not happen until at least 2011. I don’t want to wait that long, but we are going to have too.

    For Renesmee, I think they need to stay with the age in the book. I think it should be part CGI and part real child. A normal child can be used for went they are holding her and she is not really moving. We at least know that they will not have to have children that look like newborns because Renesmee looks older after Bella wakes up. I think something that most people are not considering is how many children they would need for Renesmee’s aging. She ages so quickly that every scene would have to be a different child. This might be part of the reason why CGI is the best option. Either way, I know it will be AMAZING and I can’t wait!!!

    I also wanted to mention that I think they aren’t going to tell us their decision until after New Moon comes out on DVD. I know it seems like a long time, but they are really concentrating on the DVD and Eclipse. They will probably tell us halfway between the release of the New Moon DVD and Eclipse.

    Thanks for the podcast!!! Love you tons!!!

  25. Stephanie says:

    Although I wish to just watch the movie all together and them make it 5 hours, they have to split it into 2. They should split it right after renesme is born and the second half would be the battle/family reunion type thing. I DO NOT think renesme should be completely CGI she should be real, so that we twilight fans know that “someone” is playing her and not “something”. Of course some CGI must be placed for her growing up so fast, but in the movie her age should progress pretty fairly. Have her age up to like 13 or 14 toward the end and in the battle scene have her at about 6. I DO NOT think she should be cast as abigail breslin because i do not think of her as her. I would pick Ariel winter for like 5 or 6 years old.I think maybe for a teen renesme it should be Saoirse Ronan from the lovely bones. If they do go older, i would pick emmy rossum. I just think with the whole jacob part in the book will be difficult to put out. Most of his part is all internal speaking, but for jacobs imprint i really don`t know, but i think taylor lautner needs someone to look good next to.

    Hope this gets read by someone! I always hope! Love the podcast!

  26. Savanna says:

    Okay, so, I just finished re-reading Breaking Dawn, and I honestly think for the movie series to end well and have a good reception/good reviews, it NEEDS to be two movies. Just like the seventh Harry Potter book is (and the two movies), Breaking Dawn just has SO many important things that need to be in the movie(s) to make it good, understandable, and true to the novel. I think the first movie should focus on Bella’s pregnancy, her relationship with Jacob, and the Cullen family’s feelings towards Bella having a child., and the second movie should be about Bella’s life as a vampire, Renesmee, and the whole crazy Voturi thing. Also, I heard that they were considering even making it into THREE movies! I’m not sure I could handle that.

    As for Renesmee’s role in the movie, I think she should stay true to the novel and look around 6 or 7. In the novel, though, Nessie is able to speak very properly, so it might be hard to find an actress that looks that young and is able to sound older. The movie people might want to avoid any controversy about Jacob imprinting on a baby, so they might make her older. Who I imagine to play the part of Nessie is, i’ve heard from Stephanie Meyer that it would be impossible to have a real baby/toddler talk, and that they might just have to use CGI effects on Nessie, but in my imagination I can see Saorise Ronan or Abigail Breslin playing her if they decide to go older.

    love ya’ll!

  27. Karen says:

    I can’t see how there is enough action for 2 movies so I vote for one long movie. I can’t imagine any way to show the wolf conversations that’s not entirely cheesy and though it does contain interesting material (though I only appreciated it on the second read), it doesn’t move the story forward in a way that is necessary for a film. You don’t need to show every vampire visitor witnessing Renesmee’s gift: it’s enough for one group or assemble them all and have them witness altogether. The only logical break point if it were to broken into two films is after the birth, but what major action do you have in that film: Bella’s car (which I think will be cut), the wedding, the honeymoon, pregnancy discovery and pregnancy (how much action is there to see there though?) , birth: 5 major points, 2 hour film, 20 minutes for each point? Not feasible.

  28. April says:

    I do think that they should split it into two movies, it’s just so much to try to cover in only 1. The only place I think that would work to end part one though would be after Renesmee is born. Just have Jacob imprint and that’s how it would end. Of coarse it would be torture waiting for the second half to come out but it would make the movies most enjoyable in my opinion. As for Renesmee it should be a real person but with a little help from CGI. By the end I think she should look around 5 years old like she does in the book. THe closer they stay to the book the better.

  29. elizaveta says:

    they shouldn’t split it into 2 movies, it should just be one big huge long thing. i don’t like waiting!!! if they do make it 2 movies it should be split in between jacob’s book and the 2nd book of bella. thats about halfway through the book and if they’re going to leave us hanging, might as well give us a cliffhanger. πŸ™‚ xD
    as for Renesmee ….. i have a strange idea: what if Rob and Kristen actually have a baby? use the baby for the parts where Remesmee is really little and then get a little girl actress to play the rest. hopefully under 10 because otherwise it wouldn’t look right. i dont think it’s possible for it to be the same person, unless they shoot the movie during 5 or so years to give the actress time to grow up a little, which just WOULD NOT WORK.

  30. Elena says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie! Love the Podcast, you guys are awesome!
    Just to clarify my name if you happen to read this on the podcast (please please please PLEASE πŸ˜€ )
    My name is Elena and my name is pronounced uhhh-lay-nuhhh. and it is my real name I did not steal the name from Vampire Diaries! Anyway, on to the question!
    I LOVEEE this question! For the first question, if I were to split up the Breaking Dawn movie, I would probably do it just as Edward is saving Bella after she gives birth to Renesmee, giving us an awesome cliffhanger (muahahaha)! It would make alot more sense, even though alot of people wouldn’t like the cliffhanger. Because if they ended it right when Renesmee is born and Bella is turned into a vampire and everything seems perfect, people who haven’t read the books will think that’s the end of the story. They will think that the entire Twilight series ends right after Bella is turned to a vamp. without any problems from the Volturi or anyone else. I hope I’m making sense and that I haven’t confused you guys to much so far.
    As for the second question, casting Renesmee would be very VERY hard, and I’ve heard of alot about CGI babies and stuff, and MAYBE that would work, but (I hope summit doesn’t do this) they might just change the story a little (as ALL books being made into movies are) and they might just make her grow normally in the movie. I HOPE they wont, and I want them to stay as true as possible to the book as possible, but they might. But, if I could cast anyone as Renesmee, I would cast Bailee Madison. Shes always kind of reminded me of Renesmee when shes supposed to look about 8 or 9 years old. Maybe she is a little too old, but I dunno, that’s all I could think of. But sorry, i cant think of any baby actresses who are a day old and grow freakinshly fast πŸ˜€

  31. Abby(: says:

    I think the BD movie should be broken at page 524, the end of Chapter 26.
    This right after Bella and Emmett arm wrestle. The Cullens, including Bella and Renesmee, and Jacob are outside and pretty much happy, even Jacob.
    The chapter ends with “I had found my true place in the world, the place I fit, the place I shined.”
    My first time reading this I accually wrote in “END OF MOVIE PART ONE” (I always take notes when reading)

    The only thing is that this doesnt leave a big cliff hanger for the next movie which I think they will need to do, because people who havent read the books probably think nothing else is going to happen she had her baby and all is well.
    So I think that they should end with this scene, but pan to Alice and have her have a horrified look on her face (from a vision) and everyone saying “what is wrong, Alice”

    As far as Renesmee, I dont have many ideas. I think that if they get some siblings, or just three girls that look alike, then use makeup/special effects silicon masks (like from Mrs.Doubtfire) etc to age them or make them look younger. For the baby’s facials, I dont know. I am afraid that by using CGI that it wont look real.

  32. cheri says:

    I do not know, elle fanning or abigail bresilyn. Who ever it is will have to pretty, young, and look just like the way she was described in the book..

  33. Eva says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie first of all LOVE the show.
    This has to be one of the easiest questions to answer. There is no question that breaking dawn should be two movies. It is imposible to condense the book into two hours. So much happens in breaking dawn and they need to take time to tell the story. I think the best place to split it would be after Jacob’s book. However having said that I’m not sure I would be able to wait month’s for the second half.
    Another option could be that they make one movie that goes for three or four hours. Plenty of twilight fans would be happy to sit in the cinema for that long I know I would.

    As far as renesmee goes I think she would be impossible to cast. The only option I can see is having a CGI renesmee. There is no way they can find a baby as smart and as graceful as her description.

  34. Rachel says:

    Hi ladies! I love listening to your podcast and wanted to share my opinion on Breaking Dawn as a movie. I actually think it could work as a one longer movie, I mean look at Titanic and The Sound of Music–neither is heavy on action, just like BD, but they are delightful films that I’ve watched many times. If Summit decides to make two movies, I’d still go see them! And I think that the first should end with a cliffhanger, like Jacob and Edward trying to save Bella after the birth and Rosalie and Alice tending to the baby, but don’t show what the baby looks like to make us wonder. I like the idea of a CGI Renesmee, because I don’t think she should look like any other cute little girl; she’s a vampire-human hybrid! However, I think they could cast sisters to play her as she grows, like Dakota Fanning and her sister Elle looked similar enough when they were younger (just an example).
    Also, I just recently started listening to y’all, and wanted to comment on the podcast on Breaking Dawn the novel. You didn’t seem to think that Edward’s reaction to Bella’s pregnancy was appropriate, but I actually thought Stephenie wrote that part perfectly and here’s why: First, we know that Edward thinks he’s a monster and wishes he wasn’t a vampire. So when he realizes that Bella is pregnant with his baby, he is not thinking its going to be human or normal, and probably thought it would be something evil. Second, I don’t think many men make a connection with their children until after they are born, or at least until they see an ultrasound. So until Edward hears Renesmee’s thoughts and recognizes her humanity, all he’s thinking is that this monster baby is hurting Bella and is going to kill her in the end. For Bella, it happens much sooner, when she feels the baby moving, and I felt the same way about my children. That was the moment I realized that I would fight for my babies, even my husband. Okay, that’s all! Can’t wait for another great podcast!

  35. marie says:

    i think 3 movies would be cool. The book is in 3 parts so…?:’)

  36. princess katie says:

    I think it would be really good if they split it up. If they want to attract non-Twilight-reading audiences, they can’t have a 4 hour movie or try to cram that much crazy information into 2 hours. PEOPLE WILL LEAVE THE THEATER. So, to make everyone happy they should keep the movies to a decent length AND include all of the important plot points. This can only be done with 2 movies.

    Now the question is, where to split it up? This is a tough question because it has to have a bit of a cliffhanger without causing utter mayhem of anxious fans. I think it would be good to cut the first one either just before Renesmee’s birth (like when Bella drops the cup of blood and everything stops for a second) or at the end of the Book of Jacob (like he sees her and everythings stops for a second in his world). They are both scenes that split the book into 2 stories. (pregnant Bella/Renesmee and angry Jacob & human Bella/happy Jacob & vampire Bella)

    I hope my rambling made some sense =/

  37. Jenna says:

    What’s good ladies?!! LOVE the show, can’t survive work without it! :)… Now, Breaking dawn, hmm… that’s easy! 2 films for sho! ….More of Jakes abs!!!! hehe :)… okay, that was the fun part now down to business….for sure i think it should be 2 films. Reason being, soooo much info to get to and all seems so crucial in the story. 1 film is going to confuse the non readers a lot…it’s going to be too fast. Bella Edward marry, boom… Honeymoon, boom…Bella Preggers,boom…. Bella Vampire, boom, Renesmee advanced child, boom… imprinting?~!!,BIG BOOM … i’m still boggles over that one, …boom, and a war, and a gathering of a trillinon vamps… ugh, i’m exhausted! … def 2 films. πŸ™‚ OH! and also, i would love for it to be broken up at the part where Bella becomes a vamp… where she looks in the mirror and says she sounds like bells ringing everywhere…super sweet moment. Super movie hangup too…. love u girls! πŸ™‚

  38. Alex Toledo says:

    Hello Ladies!
    Let me just say you guys are amazing! and you guys are both my favorites πŸ™‚
    I am so for the making of two movies. I think they are rushing the Twilight Saga too quickly. If they were to make it into two movies, the fans will be able to enjoy the saga longer. Plus, there is a lot of information in all three books in Breaking Dawn. Bella’s third book can be a movie in itself!! Which leads me to the next question, the split should be after Bella dies. And the next movie should start with Edward turning her into a vampire. This split will give justice to Jacob’s book as well. Now about Renesme, that is a tricking situation. I believe that in baby form they need to have a CGI baby! How in the world are casters going to find a baby that can have all those facial expressions! Humanly Impossible! So, Renesme as an older child… That is even more difficult. I believe that girl from the Lovely Bones, Saorise Ronan, would be good as a preteen. But anything younger like in the 6-9 year old range, I am not too sure.

  39. Laura Cullen says:

    HI I think it should be 2 movies and the spilt should be when Jacob imprints on Renesme . Here’s how it go in my mind .
    Jacob see Renesme imprints on her it go’s black then you hear Bella scream, Or Jacob see Renesme imprints on her it go’s black for maybe 5-10 sec then you see Bella’s face eyes closed and they burst open and you see her eyes are golden and credic roll. As for Renesme I have no clue they could have a kid from 7-10 and I would not go higher then that . bye

  40. Cat Holla says:

    I think it should be in 2 parts. It should be just after nessie is born it should LOOK LIKE bella dies. Everyone should, like, gasp then edward should go “No” and get really upset. Then Carlisle should say “wait…” then Bella opens her red eyes, then the credits come on.

    I think renesmee at the age of 15/16 should be played by Lisa Fanto.

  41. Marie J. says:

    I agree that Lisa fanto should play Renesmee.

    If you don’t know who she is, she is australian and can do a fantastic, realistic American accent. she has auditioned for heaps of shows.

  42. Charlotte_G_Aussie says:

    I love ur podcast and i think that breaking dawn should be split up because at the rate that summit is pumping out these movies, in another year it will all be finished and there will be no more movies to make. but if they split it into 2 movies it will take longer, also we will get 4 hours of breaking dawn instead of 2. i also think that they should split it at the end of jacob’s book as it will then give it a dramatic ending and start part 2 withe bella’s 2nd book. the first chapter is the same as the last chapter of jacob’s book but in her pespective so it will be like a recap. then they can stretch out bellla as a vampire for longer and go into more detai about the stuff that was a bit cramed in to bella’s 2nd book. As for who should play Renesme i think a family of little girls who look a lot a like and who are not that far between in age should play Renesme. To fix up any differences between the sister’s or to age each sister slightly each day they should use the special effects that was used on The Tale of Benjamin Button. lovu your podcast heaps. you do a great job!!!! Charlotte G, from Australia. AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, OH, OH, OH. (Aussie is pronounced like OZZIE). it’s a bit weird but who isn’t weird?!!:)

  43. andrea says:

    I think that BD should be broken down into three movies, just as the book is, part one, the wedding, part two Jacob, part three when Bella awakes as a vampire. leave as much in the movie as possible. Have as much as possible of ALL of it. Renessme should be a real human being, it is possible to age the kidlet!!

  44. Melissa says:


    I know that I may be a bit late for the question of the week, but I hope you read this!! Ok, to begin, I would like to let it be known that I am both a Twilight and Harry Potter fan — not one of those love Harry Potter, hate Twilight people of vice versa. However, I really do not think that Twilight should be broken up into two movies at all. I feel as though it is just something Summit and Twilight are doing to compete with WB and the Harry Potter franchise. Here is why, it is already known that the last Harry Potter film will be split into 2 films. I am aware that this may be, like Summit, for profit, but unlike Breaking Dawn, the final book of Harry Potter has enough content to fill up two movies. Not only that, but they will probably have to spend some time tying up loose ends of facts they missed as a result of them beginning the filming of the movies before the series was over. As this is a Twilight podcast however, I will not go into detail. That is not the case with the Twilight Franchise though. The filming of the movies was not started until all the books were complete so naturally all important facts have been put into the movie. Thus, that is not a factor for the last movie. Also, as I said before, there is simply not enough content. In my opinion, while Breaking Dawn is a great book, it is not necessarily movie material. There is a lot of talking, and there is not even a fight scene. The most intense part of the movie is Bella giving birth, which many people have already expressed the fact that they do not want to see. Another thing people need to keep in mind is that more than half a book is description. In a movie however, all of that is not necessary as we will be able to see what Stephanie described without taking up any time. In my opinion, the movie can be split up as so:

    Added Intro of Volturi – 5 minutes
    Wedding/Jacob Crashing it – 30 minutes (and that seems like a lot)
    Honeymoon/Learn Bella’s pregnant – 30 minutes
    Jacob’s point of View/Period of time while Bella’s pregnant – 30 minutes + one of those cool season time passing things
    Renesme’s birth/Bella as Vampire/Some Voulturi added scenes – 30 minutes
    All Vampire’s coming together/Intense Staring contest/End – 20 minutes.

    Yes, I have thought this through many times, and I simply can not see how this needs 2 movies. I believe I covered all the important scenes, and the necessity to add more volturi scenes, and it all came out to about 2 and a half hours. That leaves Summit with about 15-20 more minutes in which they can add plenty of shirtless Jacob and Bella/Edward scenes to make it more marketable as a movie. Regardless, it is all enough for just ONE movie. Additionally, I can’t see why fans want it to be 2 movies. It’s just going to be us paying more for movies, dvds, etc. This whole “splitting up Breaking Dawn” thing is just upsetting me because all I can see it as is a desperate attempt for Summit to make more money by taking advantage of one of the most dedicated fandom out there. I know this got pretty long, but that’s pretty much what I think about it.



  45. Ashley says:

    I have a baby that would be perfect for the part. I think she should play Nessie!

  46. bwade says:

    yes i think two movies becuz if they make it in tto one movis it would be a long movie on the other that dont said bad.

  47. maria alejandra says:

    Hi! I hate the Idea that they make her CG I would love that the the movie will be just 1 part because If no I will be counting every second until seein the 2 part but if they do 2 it would be more detailed…. I would love that reenesme isBailee Madison she is aborable

  48. Evelyn Tatro says:

    I think that Jacob imprinting on a child is just wrong, and I think the screenplay should be changed. Maybe Edward could turn human, proving that he does have a soul. BYT, 2 movies is good as long as they are very good, with a lot of intense, love between Bella and Edward. If Jacob imprints on Nessie, maybe it could be after the Vulturie change her from a baby into a 17year old. Something like that maybe. Just a thought.

  49. jasmine says:

    Well I think that y’all should split it up in to movies don’t take out anything and make renesmee growth be just like the book.

  50. Erica says:

    First of all I love the movie,I absolutley thrive on twilight!!!!I think that it should be two movies if two or one were the only option.In the book at the end of Bella’s point of view she calls Rosalie for help.That last sentence in the book had me longing to go onto the next page and I think thats where the movie should break of.If I was working on the film I would have it broken up into 3.The first for Bella ending at where she calls Rosalie,the second in Jacobs point of view giving viewers a closer look into his Quileute life,what it is like for him being a werewolf and what it feels like for him as he waits for the news he imagines will come of Bella dying or dissapearing for her excuse to become a vampire,and the third about Bellas new life as a vampire and how her world seems peaceful now because she and Jacob no longer love each other so she can move on……… only to be faced with the threat of her rapidly growing half-vampire child,renesme, being taken away from her.I think they would need a whole lot of actors of different ages but who look the same to cast as renesme but thats just me.Thats all really,I am sooooooo looking forward to the movie.
    P.S I hope they make bella,s vampire powers a bit more interesting than just a shield…..maybe some sort of ivisibility thing….i dont know i just hope they give it a bit more!And I also think it should end where Jacob and Renesme get married.

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