Peter Talks “Breaking Dawn” Sex Scenes

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Peter Facinelli talked to Hollywood Life about his feelings on the Breaking Dawn love scenes, and the fine line the producers must walk.

“I have a 12-year-old daughter [Luca Bella, whose mom is Jennie Garth]. She’s a fan and I’d want her not to feel left out or awkward,” Peter, 37, explained to exclusively Jan. 16 at Lionsgate’s pre-Golden Globes party.

“Hopefully it’s a PG-13 type of situation,” he added. “I’m sure the producers and directors know what they want—and especially what they are doing—but I’m sure they don’t want to alienate fans.”

We like how Peter sees both sides here: he doesn’t want to destroy his daughter’s innocence, yet he wants the flick to remain pure for die-hard fans. His primary loyalty is to his family though, after all—family always comes first to this #1 Dad.

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22 Comments to “Peter Talks “Breaking Dawn” Sex Scenes”

  1. Dabney says:

    well even in the book it faded out there and then she woke up so the book was pg-13 the movie should be to

  2. Lila Mary Stacy Maher says:

    i agree with dabney….cute name by the way!

  3. Mary says:

    If the film remains true to the book it shouldn´t be pg-13. I can understand that the fans (the very young ones, too) are anxious to see the film but I did not allow my 12-year-old daughter to even read BD – and guess what:: she survived! She will wait until she is old enough. And in the meanwhile she will read other books and see other films more appropriate for her present age. Without intense love scenes and most of all without violent fights. Point! I understand both sides because I have a 17-year-old girl, too, and for her I wish they won´t force a childish film out of a story which is not childish. I don´t think I´m old-fashioned but really think BD is too much stuff for a 12-year-old to understand…

  4. Larissa says:

    I don’t think a intense love scene is more shocking than a violent fight were people are being torn apart…
    It’s not like it’s going to be a porno.
    Either make sure they close their eyes for a couple seconds or make them wait.
    My sister will be 13 years old for Eclipse and probally be 14 by the time Breaking Dawn come out,
    I’m taking her to both,
    They know by then how it works, why make a big deal out of it?

  5. Brandi says:

    Interesting topic… I do believe that the answer will be different for each person. Regardless of age. Granted I do believe that certain things are not for children, but then again some 12 year olds(and other ages) are more mentally mature about somethings (and know what is realistic and what isnt, what is appropriate behavior and what isnt for someone their age) than other 12 year olds… I am glad I am not the one making this decision. I do feel that they don’t have to make it visually intense to get a point across as far as sex goes. They can artistically place a ‘feeling’ without showing skin, if they try. I also don’t want to see a flim that completly ignors it either. I want this to be as tastefull as the book is written (which too has had a lot of controversy). But on the same hand, it isn’t Summit’s responsibilty to teach what is appropriate for 12 year olds(older or younger), that is the parents job. Sure we each have to watch what we do and say, whether we like it or not we do influence others, but ultimantly if the parents fail to do the right thing, its their failure, not someone elses. All very interesting!!! = )

  6. Sasha says:

    My twelve year old cousin and her best friends (who are also both twelve) read Breaking Dawn and they did not think it was too much. Nither did their parents but all parents are diffrent. I was allowed to watch Rated R movies when I was thirteen while my friend has to wait until she is seventeen to watch them. I think its okay that you are making your daughter wait, in fact I think if I had a kid I might do the same thing. But I also like Peters idea about wanting it to stay pure to the film yet be PG-13. In all actuallity if a little is left out of the film, I think that twilighters everywhere will understand.

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  8. Stephanie G says:

    i think that the movie stays PG13, but if you read that part Stephanie Meyer actually don’t decribes them doing it, she just mention when they start and when they end. so if they do the part they can make it like the book. or it can be a kind of in the darkness. and besides some 12 year-olds do see stuff that they don’t suppose to see without the parents know it.

  9. TrendHater73 says:

    Most PG-13 movies show a lot of kissing and bare shoulders, sometimes a bare back. They will be in the water the first time, so all you really have to show is them in the water together with bare shoulders/backs as they are kissing, then cut to the next morning. If Summit wanted to , they could do like so many other films and release the theatrical version and then an unrated DVD version with something more intense. I personally don’t want to see softcore porn, but am not opposed to seeing a tasteful scene that gives you the impression of what is happening. My friend’s daughter read Breaking Dawn at age 10 and it is her favorite book. By the time I was 11, I had a very clear knowledge of what sex was and how it was done (not from experience though)! You learn a lot from your friends at school, because they talk about sex. Anyway, I doubt we really have to worry about the sexual content.

  10. ME says:

    I think it would be fine. Being a teenager myself I can say from experience teens aren’t as innocent as most middle aged moms assume. The fact that Edward and Bella waited till marriage and all that is a great influence verses friends that dropped their V card at 12 and 13. E & B’s love give us who haven’t lost it yet something to wait for! It’s not like we don’t know about this stuff give me a break! We have 6 year olds singing about “disco sticks” for crying out loud. On the other hand making this R rated would be closing down the population and I don’t think Summit would ever do it they are very $$$$$ obsessed. Plus I DO NOT want to see Rob and Kristen act out this sex scene no thank you! It’s almost as bad as fan fiction about Carlisle and Esme’s intimacy gag!

  11. Helen says:

    Well… here in Europe we think all this sex-discussions might be just a tiny little bit exagerated… We all (young and old) know that nobody gets pregnant or runs out of the cinema to have sex just because he/she saw somebody kissing or hugging in a film. As a matter of fact as I remember the book, they kiss, hug and I don´t remember Steph. Meyer describing any sex-scenes, so after all we are talking about love scenes. Over here we worry more about violent scenes…

  12. Helen says:

    Maybe Renesmee should be brought by a stork…

  13. peer angelique says:

    i read the book alot (i lost count)..
    even in the book i was surprised that the “censored” part was no where to be
    found.. it’s good that Meyer didn’t write those scene Co’z most of twilight followers are teen or kid..
    and you know what they say.. monkey SEE, monkey DO (well in this case MONKEY READ)
    well you know what i mean 🙂

  14. peer angelique says:

    oh yeah.. i do agree with HELEN
    its not a bad i idea if renesmee would be brought by a mythical creature..
    but that will look funny and S—-d..

  15. Amanda says:

    I actually like the idea of a second more intense CD option.

    As for the movie. Steph wrote the stories for young adult readers now Breaking Dawn did get a bit mature but she did make sure to keep morals intact, they didn’t have sex till after the wedding. I think the love scenes can be done in a creative way sensual kissing maybe show him slip a shirt off her and keep her bra on, and his shirt being removed as well. Not like they didn’t allready show her panties in twilight. They can fade to black there then start the scene again with the sun bright and the feathers everywhere, a sheet wrapped around her. If anything the child birth scene should be the ones parents worry about, after the scene in the book it should scare girls from ever having babies. The way I see it if you were ok with your child reading BD then you should be ok with them veiwing it.

  16. kiki cullen says:

    i agree with amanda. if anything parents should be worrying over the child birth scene not a non existent sex scene. i dont know about anyone eles but i visualised that scene as pretty graphic. don’t get me wrong i think steph did a great job, but i personally think that seeing a baby rip its way out of a womans stomach is slightly more mentally disturbing that a few bare shoulders or backs.
    just a thought anyway, love the podcast. 🙂

  17. cassidy says:

    ok guys think about it.they’re talkin about making two movies. i believe that we dont need to leave out any key point but we really dont want the rating to be r?????? um like the youknowwhat scene in the book didnt describe anything so the movie should stay true 2 that. im all for pg13! no r ratings please!

  18. Team Jacob All the Way says:

    I agree with dabney.
    And also like mom loves the saga.
    And even in New Moon the kissing
    scenes I felt uncomfortable with her.
    So ya i want it to be mild.
    Go Peter

  19. jasmine says:

    ya. Im 12 and i have read the twilight more than i can remember . i lived it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anja says:

    In a few years, the girls who are 12 now will grow up and be 18 and then the movie will still be the same and they will think, where is all the sex scenes in this movie? They musn’t change the movie to fit some lame 12 year olds. They can wait to see it. This is the movie I’m waiting for the most, because finally we get too see some sexy time action. It’s not a children’s book, so why make it a children’s movie.

  21. JESSICAAA says:

    to mary”s third comment,
    u twelve year old daughter may not be able to understand it, but u shud take her to the movies anyways and u can walk her out the theatere for a few seconds and walk her back in. i think you r over parenting…when i was twelve i knew a bit to much about sex.
    (by kids At school) and im sure ur daughter does to u may not know it but she may hide it from u. even some younger kids know.
    this was probally no help but my opion.

  22. JESSICAAA says:

    the makers of breaking dawn r tring there best to keep the breaing dawn movies PG-13.
    in the book its fading in and out.

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