More New Moon DVD Details

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Home Media Magazine has a new article discussing Summit’s distribution formula for the New Moon DVD release on March 20.  Click here to read the full article!

Regarding the two-disc New Moon configuration, Summit is trying best to accommodate the franchise’s fans. About 75% of Twilight sales were comprised of its two-disc and Blu-ray premium versions. Typically, less than half of a title’s sales come from the relatively pricier versions.

“This is what the fans are looking for,” Nickerson said. “The true fans of the franchise have already seen New Moon in theaters — maybe two or three times. We need to give them more than just the film on DVD.”

The single-DVD rental-only version will carry a commentary track and a couple of other extras. In contrast, the two-disc DVD and Blu-ray each will be fully loaded, including a six-part behind-the-scenes documentary.

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  1. Shanise says:

    This will probably be the first Blu-ray I will buy since getting by Blu-ray player for Christmas.
    I really hope they give us a sneak peek at Eclpise as one of the special features.

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