Reminder:”Best Twilight Saga Collection” Contest

Jan 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Contests, Featured Articles

In honor of the ‘Awards Season’ we are going to give an award (and prizes) to the Twilighter with the “Best Twilight Saga Collection”!  We want you to send us a picture of ALL of your Twilight STUFF!  The contest will start Friday, January 15th, and it will end Friday, January 29th!  The winner will get even more Twilight STUFF!  We will announce the winner on Sunday, January 31st!  So, send you picture to

Twilight Series Theories reserves the right to choose the winners at its discretion.

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12 Comments to “Reminder:”Best Twilight Saga Collection” Contest”

  1. @love_music61 says:

    Just one picture? Because I have so much stuff lol

  2. @Robstenfan says:

    Totally going to enter this contest! 😀
    i hope you like my collection!
    (and really…one picture?! cause idk if i’ll be able to fit it all in one! …lol)

  3. Dabney says:

    I think I’m gonna cut a paste and edit a few pix together to make 1 so I have all the stuff in

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  5. Britney says:

    That’s a lot of stuff.

  6. Jasmine Bennett says:

    I want to enter too!

  7. sarah cullen says:

    wow. i cant fit my entire room of twilight stuff in ONE picture. but ill try.

  8. Dabney says:

    i entered !

  9. Jane says:

    Girl were did you get those high tops

  10. @Robstenfan says:

    I entered yesterday! :] … hope you like my collection!

  11. Dabney says:

    Jane: they’re custom made if you google twilight converse you can find people all over the place who’ll make them and their prices aren’t too bad

  12. peach says:

    where did you get them converse at? jw because they are the badest shoes I’ve seen !!!

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