And the Winner is…

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The winner of the “Best Twilight Saga Collection” Contest is…


We will be doing an interview with the winner soon!Β  But until then, take a look at ALL she has collected!

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20 Comments to “And the Winner is…”

  1. @Robstenfan says:

    OME! πŸ˜€

  2. ChenyaRain says:

    0_0 Oh my gosh… that’s pretty insane…

  3. Robssesed forever says:

    OMG that is like my bed room but most likely more but you did amazing twi-hard!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Robssesed forever says:

    I have more like wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more but I always thought that somebody had more than me but you almost did so at least I’m not the only crazy one thank god for that right/!!!!!!!

  5. Bellarived says:

    o shit!
    I’m sorry I had to say that. it’s my worst nightmare. I hate Rob P. and here he’s everywhere!!!
    Girl who have this room Is really obsessed.

  6. Carmen says:

    Wow. congrats you do have lots. You deserve it.

  7. Elena says:

    wow. and my friends call ME obssesed. Psh.

  8. Team Jacob All the Way says:

    Go girl
    I’m jealous of your room

  9. carole b says:

    remember…less is more… i have the edward new moon umbrella and my car is a 2006 silver ford focus that i call
    Bella…. and the twilight strip attatched to the back window… and the twilight saga… all four book on cd and books… and I have many copies of twilight i have given as gifts… just because everyone should experience undying love….

  10. carole b says:

    my daughters and i attended the twilight new moon convention in seattle at the weston hotel a few weeks ago… we met dr. cullen, and some of the wolf pack, and three members of the voltri…. we had a blast… bought contact lenses of the voltri and the wolf pack….. pictures of the cast and had some signed by the character… and gave as gifts to other twilight fans…. had a blast….

  11. Candra says:

    You are a TOTAL TWERD! Rock on! Thats awsome. I totally don’t even come close to having that much in MY bedroom!

  12. Courtney says:

    Hey congrads. I love all of your Twilight stuff. I would love to have that much stuff in my room.

  13. @Robstenfan says:

    Ok …so my collection got $80 more bigger bacause i just bought ore stuff….lol….
    now imagine how it’ll look like after the series is over……HAHAHA!
    anyways, glad to hear you like my collection! :]….
    i’ve worked hard to get everything , and i’m proud of my collection! …..
    thanks for all the love!

  14. Sia says:

    I took pictures of my stuff but never got it in πŸ™ ! And my collection is about as big as Daisy’s but she has so much stuff it’s great looking at ! I actually had to sell things because I had too much ! I even stopped buying all the teen magazines haha ..

  15. Sia says:

    Daisy your collections is awesome and thank you for taking pictures it’s great !

  16. rosecullen says:


  17. Jennifer says:

    OMG!!Girl you have a lot but i know this other girl she has like i cant explaine it but more than you.sorry but she does im just saying??but u do have a ton so C0NGRAtS”)

  18. @Robstenfan says:

    Just want to clarify and say that this isn’t my whole collection!…
    this is only the portion i could fit in the format. (i wasn’t able to fit everything!)
    Yes, i do have more stuff, and i have boughten more stuff…and it’s going to grow inn the next month! [that’s for sure]

  19. samantha says:

    Congrats Daisy! πŸ™‚ question where do you keep all your stuff? does it have its own little room? haha I like everything that is Edward related πŸ˜€

  20. @Robstenfan says:

    lol..thanks Samantha!…
    well, to answer your question…
    i keep most of my stuff in plastic containers which i keep under my bed and in my clloset….
    i also have somethings on my wall…and my books are at the top of my dresser.
    but i’m staring to think i’m going to need more rom cuz i know i’ll be buying more New Moon stuff.
    and the Eclipse stuff will be coming out in may (i beleive)…i got to get me some!:]…lol

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