Eclipse Trailer Talk & Wings!

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This week we really want to hear from you!  The Eclipse trailer will be out in a matter of weeks and we want to know what you want to see in it!  You know Kassie and I will be speculating about it!  We will discuss what we want to see, what we expect to see, and what you want to see!  So, without further ado…

What do you want to see in the Eclipse trailer?

In addition to the talking about the trailer, we will also be discussing our Book of the Month, Wings by Aprilynne Pike!  Let us know what you think of the book!

Let us know ALL of your thoughts below in the Comments section!

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41 Comments to “Eclipse Trailer Talk & Wings!”

  1. Jenna says:

    Hey girls!… This time around I don’t wanna see much in the trailer! I’m doing a good job with breathing techniques and nerve exercises and think i’ll remain successfully sane until the summer release. Ha!! 🙂 no really, all seriousness aside now…hehe, I think that since New Moon is my fav book in the series , I’m kinda still holding on to it in a way, but…. … if i had to pick a scene i’m excited for, it’s when Bellz and Edward tell Charlie that they are engaged 🙂 Billy Burke rocks! … and so do u guys 🙂 one love!

  2. Jasmine says:

    I hope they show the scene when Bella trys to make love to Edward.

  3. samantha says:

    I hope they show a lot of Edward and Bella 🙂

  4. Laurie (TimeStandStill) says:

    After seeing the “leaked pictures” I think we will get the seen where Bella tries to push the limits in the movie and maybe a tad in the trailer. Yay!! I think they should make just one really good trailer and save all the rest for the movie. I would love to see Jake and Bella in the sleeping bag just to stir things up for those less fortunate people who have not read the books.
    WINGS – This book is a fast read because it is enticing and enjoyable. The plot moved steadily and sucks you in to Laurels plight of discovery. I wish I could have gleaned a little better sense of who Tamani is but I guess that will bring me back when the second book comes out. Loved David in this book, wish more boys were like him. (He reminded me a little of Ethan from Beautiful Creatures) I would probably have Chelsea’s reaction if his heart should ever break. The spin on faerie anatomy is quite ingenious and was a joy to discover. I will definitely be in line to get the next instalment (Spells) as soon as I can.

  5. Emma says:

    Hi I totally think it would be LOL to show when bella breaks her hand and emmet is laughing at her I also think it would be awsome to see Edward fighting the new borns and jasper rolling up his shirt to show vampire bites and a great shot of Dakota and bree I also think they should put in the wolfs bonfire edward kissing bella and Taylor shirtless woof woof no pun intended love your show

    🙂 emma

  6. Dabney says:

    hey guys <3 the show,
    i hope they don’t realease TOO much of the eclipse trailer because i don’t want them to give it all away but i do want it to have something good. so maybe like a clip of the newborn fight. but keeping out the scene in the cave. and maybe some of the training and alliance with the wolves. enough to tell people who haven’t read the books about the story, without giving away the long awaited details that the twi-hards wanna see.

    I also loved loved loved Wings. at first I thought it was a little weird but it turned out to be great and i have a new love of fairys, or fairies, or faeries, i really don’t know how its spelt.

  7. Elena says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie! Love the podcast! You guys are awesome! I could go on about how awesome you guys are, but I think Ill just move on to the question!
    For the Eclipse Trailer: In the trailer I don’t want them to give TOO much away, but just enough so that all us die hards dont die of impatience! Sort of what they did with New Moon for the trailers. NOT the previews. In the trailers for New Moon they revealed just enough, but then they also sent out the extra little clips from the movie, and those revealed too much! Am I making sense? I hope so. Anyway, as for whats actually going to be IN the trailer, I think they should DEFINITELY put in a shot of them in the tent scene and perhaps even when Jacob kisses Bella(not that I liked that part in the book, I HATED it) but it’ll be good for dramatic effect , and perhaps a few shots of fight scenes between Victoria and Edward.
    As for Wings, (gosh people are gonna hate me for this), but Overall, I thought it was Ok. Pretty Good, but Im not sure I’d recommend it. I’d give it 3.5 stars out of 5. Before people start trying to hunt me down and kill me, let me explain myself! I really loved the whole approach there was towards fairies, and the first half of the book I LOVED. I was even casting characters in my head throughout the first half. Then when that annoying guy Tamani came into the story, I got really annoyed. He just was obnoctious!! I loved David! Not this creepy Tamani guy. And then Laurel gets herself involved in the whole love triangle, which I hated. Now you’re probably wondering why I’m even complaining about love triangles, because for goodness sakes, Twilight has a love triangle! But Twilight was different because Bella wasn’t so eager to go making out with Jacob while she knew she was in love with Edward. Laurel does. Although shes not completely sure shes “in love” with David or Tamani, She’s still not hesitant at all about it. It really bugged me! Perhaps I’ve gotten WAY too used to Twilight, but that’s just what I thought. Overall I really did think it was a good book though. Hopefully I’ll like it better after I read spells though.

  8. emi says:

    hey guys love your show, i would just like to day that i would really like to see more character from bella (kristen stauart) I no you guys might get angry at me but i think that in the books bella has WAAAAYYYY more personality and more emotion in the way she feels to edward. In the twilight movie bella was so akward towards edward and if he (edward) felt the same as i do thats a good thing for kassie. the second one got better but not really lol. i would also like to see some sassyness from jacob (but in a man way).
    anyway please read this on your show coz i listen to it every day. thanks for caring so much about twilight for me.emi!!! australia

  9. Yesiel B says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie! just wanted to start by saying that I Love the podcast!

    With regards of the question of the week, I would love to see alot of newborn vampire footage on the trailer, it’s such a big part of the book, they need to put that in. Summit needs to show more of the cullens (more Jasper) because in Eclipse you see the Cullen family so determined and are more present in the story.
    Of course there has to be a glimpse of the tent scene, that will totally generate some “ahhh” and gasps from the viewers (incluing myself).

    I know that they can’t put so much in the trailer the most is probably 2 minutes but summit has been very quiet about Eclipse that they should give us the ULTIMATE TRAILER, don’t you think.

    Love the podcast, keep up the great work, your loyal listener,

    Yesiel B

  10. Chloe says:

    I wolud like to see in Eclipse trailer everything from the new borns, Bella and Edward also Jake.

  11. Sylvie says:

    Hi ladies,

    I cannot wait to see footage of Eclipse. I would like to see the triangle brought forward. Jacob kissing Bella, Edward and Jacob snarling and growling when they wake up on the morning after the tent scene; Bella trying to seduce Edward; maybe some of the kissing scene in the meadow at the end. *swoon* And a bit of the epic battle of course. I hope they do not show Victoria because for people who have not read the books, it’s supposed to be a big mystery until Bella puts it all together. A few flashbacks would be awsome (Jasper or Rosalie’s backstory and the Quileute legends) Oh who am I kidding… I want to see everything.

  12. Karen says:

    They need to play up the love triangle by showing a Bella/Jacob and Bella/Edward kiss and highlight the vampire action maybe with a focus on Jasper and a bit of a creation of a newborn without making it clear that it’s Victoria’s doing. I think the non reader fans will be expecting a wedding and its omission will say volumes.

  13. Karen says:

    Oh and a smiling, funny Edward PLEASE! Let him relax and be the fun guy he is in Eclipse.

  14. sarah cullen says:

    In the Eclipse trailer I want to see some more bad vampires!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  15. Carly "Renesmee" Cullen says:

    Hey Ladies!!

    Trailer – I don’t want them to give much away because there are certain things that should not be said. I know that I do not want to see anything about Edward and Bella’s engagement. Since we don’t know until the end of the book, we shouldn’t know that they are engaged until the end of the movie. I think that the trailer should have some of the newborn battle. The action will help bring in the people who don’t understand our obsession with Twilight. The battle part should include the tent scene or part of the tent scene. Maybe some of the lines from when Jacob is pickiing Edward’s brain. I would also like to see some of Victoria and Riley’s story. I don’t think there should be too much, but just enough.

    I have not read Wings, but I will add it to my To Do List of Books.

    Love the Podcast!!!


  16. Savanna says:

    Hey ya’ll! It’s hard to choose what I want to see in the Eclipse trailer because I’d much rather just see the whole movie right now! But, I really hope to see a little more wolf pack, a preview of the crazy fight that’s going to happen, a glimpse at some new vamps, and indication of more extensive interaction from some of the minor Cullen characters! I’m especially excited because Jasper is my favorite by far and he gets a much, much bigger role in this movie, as the guy who knows how to fight newborns. I have read Wings, and loved it so much! I am so excited for you girls to be covering this book. I do know that the Wings movie will be coming out, and to my ultimate demise and annoyance, Miley Cyrus, of all people, will be playing the main character, Laurel. It’s just not who I pictured to play Laurel, AT ALL. I don’t care for Miley too much. What do you guys think about her playing this role?

    I absolutely adore you girls! 🙂

  17. Raven Lightwood says:

    Hey chicky’s! Well, I saw this on your website and at frist I was kinda excited, but then…I felt alittle sad. This is near the end of the movie saga, and at the end of New Moon he proposes so I was sad that I dont get to see that in this film/trailer. The parts I want to see would have to be some hint to the massive battle and the struggles Bella has between Jacob and Edward. That I think sums up the whole movie in the trailer. (As for a question you asked a few weekls ago I think Breaking Dawn should be two movies just because it’s too much information for one movie and I think that the first movie should end as Bella going into labor or they have a black out seen as she begins labor and then when she wakes up as a vampire, when she does they should have like a first person type of view and then show her looking into the mirror and gasping then end the movie. [by firdt person i mean she wakes up sees the family, sees her hands, stand up and walks to the mirror before seeing herself])

  18. Boston says:

    I’d like to see what they do with Boo Boo Stewart. He’s such a cutie and Seth is a pretty vital character in the end there. I’d definitely like to see more of the wolfpack, what with Leah, Sam, and the truce and all. I am expecting lots of action and scary stuff. The filmmakers have already hooked Twihards, so I think they don’t need to pander so much with the lovey-dovey footage. I think the goal of the trailer will be to pique the interest of people who are more into sci-fi. The new-born army, Victoria vs. Edward and Seth, the battle in the forest, and Graduation should definitely be in there. Gotta give a shout out to the rest of the humans, after all!

  19. Lily Alice Cullen says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie!
    In the Eclipse trailer, I would really like to see A LOT of Edward and Bella together and maybe for the Team Jacob fans out there they could show when Bella and Jacob kiss. As much as I HATE that part, and it is my least favorite part in the WHOLE series, they might show that so it will hook the non-readers out there to see what happens and who she chooses. Also I think they have to show Victoria and Riley and the newborns in the trailer. They should also through something with the rest of the Cullens in there like something about Jasper and maybe Rosalie’s stories. That’s my input on what the trailer should be like and I cannot WAIT to see it! Love the podcast!!!!! <3

  20. Ashlea says:

    hey hey girls,
    in the trailer i think that they should contrast with the love parts and the fight parts because i flet that in the new moon it seemed dark soo i would like to see more of the relation ships of bella and edwars etc.
    i realy would like to see more of bella and alices strong sister bond and of cousre rob topless and taylor (:
    also in the trailer i think we should see a glimse of victoria and riley.

    looove the podcast and you girls
    love from england xx

  21. Ashlea says:

    oops i meant felt* lol
    i was tired when i wrote this

  22. princess katie says:

    anything from the tent scene. jacob. bella. edward. even just the empty tent. i need assurance that the tent scene will be in eclipse!

    yeah, i kept it short and sweet
    love you girls!

  23. laura h says:

    Hi guys from the UK (you don’t have to do an accent if u don’t want)

    as for the Eclipse trailer, at the moment all I wanna see is the trailer!!!! waiting for it is killing me. I kinda hope that we don’t see too much of the romance stuff because any fan of the series knows how the love triangle plays out; plus if i have to see anymore ‘so in love’ stills i may have to switch off my laptop. What I really wanna see is the action stuff mainly because that was the main reason I loved Eclipse but also because I think it’ll get more male attention and they might MIGHT give it a look instead of writing it off as ‘oh-my-gosh-more-vampire-romance-stuff’.

    though my mind might explode if we see some of the ‘tent’ scene…..even it’s a few second flash. lol.

    I shall have to wait til it comes online (because we Brits often have to wait longer to see it in the cinemas. boooo).

    lots of love


    btw much love to the lovely Krystal on ur team because she is awesome because she keeps chatting to me about Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy books and making me broke by telling me about more great books to go and buy. hahaha we are too cool

  24. indra says:

    i would really love to see some fighting in the trailer! NOT all of it but just an idea of how they decided to do it!

  25. Bethat!! says:

    i am soooo excited about the trailers!! what i really want to see it taylor shirtless!!! Team Taylor!! as much of taylor as we can get!! i also want to see all the new cast like seth and leah. i am really looking forward to seeing if they have improved the werewolf transformation effect since new moon because although it was quite good i think the wolf face wasnt too realistic though this is just my opinion and i know that many people did like it!! i also am looking for ward to seeing how the new director has changed it to see if he changes the theme colours like chris weitz did for new moon!!!! love the podcast girlies!!

  26. Stephanie says:

    I will do anything to do the eclipse trailer! I may have to just see remember me for the trailer and see it over and over again because of it

  27. Clare says:

    hey kallie and kassie!!! i am totally lovin ur podcast and cant wait 4 the next one!! Now, in the eclipes trailer i am really hoping to see some newborn vamps and some more jacob and bella!!! GO TEAM JACOB!!!
    xoxoxo clareee

  28. Megan says:

    Hey girls, I love the podcast! I listen to your podcasts on my 4 hour drive from school to Dallas when I go home to visit and it makes the drive much more enjoyable. I definitely want to see the scene where Jacob, Edward, and Bella are in the tent together. That part made me crack up when I read the book, and I want a little taste of what it will be like in the movie. I also want to see the part where Bella punches Jacob and breaks her hand. I was literally laughing out loud when I read that part in Eclipse, and it’s one of my favorite parts in the book.

  29. Josiah says:

    Hey! Wow, I guess I’m probably the only guy on this site…
    I’m just really looking forward to see the actors in character. We only have TWO official photos (one being a poster, and the other the meadow), and two leaked pics (both of which look almost identical to the official photo). I’m especially looking for Bryce Dallas Howard as the new Victoria. I want this trailer to be epic, but not too epic to where you have to pause it just to look at each scene. Some fighting with the wolves would definitely be nice, and possible even some images of newborns. What would also look fantastic would be a flashback with Rosalie dying in her wedding gown, then having it show her getting revenge would be pretty cool. A few things I DON’T want in the trailer. I want Leah to grow on moviegoers who haven’t read the books, and then later be surprised *gasp* that she’s one of the wolves. Like I said, SOME fighting, because any more than that might just be too much. And the last thing I don’t want is specifically aimed towards Summit and whoever made the trailer: DO NOT PUT ANY SPOILERS IN THE TRAILER LIKE YOU DID WITH THE NEW MOON TRAILER. When I watched the New Moon trailer last year, I was shocked that they showed Jacob transforming, and Bella jumping off the cliff. Those were the two huge surprises of that book.
    Keep up the great work with the site and the podcast!

    -Josiah 🙂

  30. Danylle says:

    I want to see more Mike,Eric, Jessica, and Angela. We never get enough Humans in these movies! I hope Bella’s scene of telling Charlie she is a Virgin is in the movie somehow I doubt Kristen can pull that off though.

    I also want to see Jasper with a decent hairdo. I hope there’s a confederate flashback of him and all his scars. I want to see a LOT OF Edward and Jacob scenes teased in the trailers for sure.

    Oh and enjoyed the book WINGS by Ms Pike. She has one of the best sexual innuendo’s I’ve ever read. Something about knowing who’s blossom Tad can put his hands into. LOL!

  31. Stephanie G says:

    hey chicas, well, first i have to say the Eclipse is my favorite book of the saga.
    i think that the trailer should show Jacod and bella kisses, the tent scene for sure, the new borns, maybe Jasper’s flash backs because somehow i like him better them Rosalie, when bella and edward tell Charlie about the engagement. and end the very end they could show victorya and Riley.

    by the way love the pobcast, i have almost all of them in my itunes.

  32. Stephanie G says:

    oh before i forget, if any of you make or have interview with robert pattinson ask him why can’t he comb his hair? i mean i was watching and interview he make for acces hollywood and in the beginning his hair was comb or better say no the way he normaly use it, like he just wake up.
    the get me wrong he IS really cute but it wouldn’t be so bad if comd his hair a little.

  33. Karen Gervais says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie,

    Eclipse mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, how about they just skip the trailers and give us the full monty. Just kidding. My hope would be to see a little bit of the tent scene with Bella and Jacob,a sneak peak at some newborns and Bella giving Jacob a knuckle sandwich. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and definitely lots of Edward!!!!!

    Keep up the good work!
    Obsessed in Canada

  34. Christie says:

    is her shirt supposed to be so high or….. 😉

  35. Christie says:

    and is he going to grab her butt?

  36. Sally says:

    i really want to see the newborns in the trailers because i feel like that is the main reason for the story anyways and i wouldnt mind seeing the tent scene between Jacob, Edward and Bella…. That should be very interesting to watch

  37. Angie says:

    I hope they don’t show too much, but I would love to see some of the newborns and a little bit of the battle maybe. Honestly, I’m really anxious to see Kristen’s hair because I cringed at the pics I saw from the set. As a Kristen fan, I hope the wig looks better in the trailer. I also hope they make the trailer more for people who aren’t familiar with the books because we, as fans, already know what happens and how it ends. Having a trailer that teases at more action will probably get a lot more non-Twilight fans to the theater, and I’d like to see Eclipse do as well as if not better than New Moon.

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