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This next week, we are planning to do a commentary with the Eclipse trailer, and then debate which directors we would like to see direct Breaking Dawn!  So for our Question of the Week we want to know…

What did you think of the Eclipse trailer? And, what director should work on Breaking Dawn?

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25 Comments to “Director Debate!”

  1. Erin (Team Jake/Emmett) says:

    Eclipse trailer so far….. I’m disappointed. Visually, it is nowhere near as beautiful as New Moon (but at the same time, nowhere near as badly done as Twilight). I’m a very visual person and aspiring filmmaker so it’s just depressing to see Eclipse look like a bad tv movie visually after seeing how gorgeous New Moon was. However, the performances looked really good so far. There was so weird blinking, stuttering or accents leaking through. Instead, you really saw what the characters were thinking throughout the whole movie, just in 10 seconds! Edward is concerned, Jacob is pleading and fighting for Bella to stay alive and to be with him and Bella is torn. I think it was a great portrayal of the characters by Kristen, Taylor and Rob.

    I think Chris Weitz was the best director we’ve had so far and I wish he was doing Breaking Dawn, just so he could make the movie(s) somewhat tolerable. I’d prefer David to come back than Catherine if we were supposed to choose between previous Twilight directors.

    PS. Bella’s wig is awful. I wish they could’ve done a better job with it.

  2. Josiah says:

    Well… I liked the trailer the first time I saw it today, mostly because I was just excited to finally be seeing it. But when I watched it again, I really noticed how SLOW it was. I understand why they were attempting to show more of that whole love triangle, but it didn’t come off as romantic, epic, or any other emotion I felt with the New Moon teaser, rather it came off a tad boring. When we finally see the Volturi, I notice how strange Jane looks (was I the only one?). I really like that they showed Bella with Charlie and then Renee so we can see what Edward means by the “consequences” of the choice she’s making. I was very dissatisfied with Victoria. Bryce Dallas Howard is very pretty because she has very distinct, unique features. I was hoping she would looked good as Victoria, but she looked a little weird. I’m definitely waiting to see what she can do with this role. Jacob’s line about fighting for Bella seemed a little cheesy and forced, and came off much better in the book. And finally: the wig. Bella’s wig looks good in some scenes (like the meadow) and terrible in others (like with Jake). If you didn’t know she had a wig, you might have just thought she didn’t use conditioner or something, because it was so frizzy 🙂

  3. Dabney says:

    Trailer Thoughts:
    I totally <3 the Summit logo at the beginning. I like how much they emphasized the love triangle and Bella’s decision to become a vampire. (and Taylor w/out a shirt was great). Also the way her costume was done I think Bryce Dallas Howard (I originally was unhappy about the recasting) looks a lot like Rachelle Lefevre, so when the amazing time come when we can watch them all on DVD they should fit together great.

    Directorial Debate: Okay well I like it so far taking into consideration that they haven’t edited yet. However I still think Chris Weitz is the best director they’ve had yet. I didn’t love how Catherine did Twilight but I’ve only found one of her movies that I DID like so. However since Chris Weitz isn’t coming back for Breaking Dawn, I think it has to be a new director (depending on how well David Slade does) For new directors I think Paul McGuigan may be good because he directed the action movie Push (with Dakota Fanning, and also by Summit, trailer on Twilight DVD) However I think they may need a really strong director (if its one movie) but I’m not rly a film person so I don’t know a lot of directors. and now im rambling.

    Team Edward- Because dog food is gross.

  4. Boston says:

    Why so much lovey stuff!?! I guess if this trailor is going to be shown before Remember Me, the people in the theaters will be the ones who love the romance, and well, RPatz. But I felt it was very slow and tiresome. I’m pretty annoyed with Bella for this book anyway – I find the wolves’ legend stuff much more interesting, as well as Rosalie and Jasper’s stories. And not one flash of graduation! Where is the context in all of this? All of this crazy stuff is still happening, through 2/3 of the book, in high school. But, considering where the trailer will be shown, it shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m just tired of the love triangle, I guess.

    David Slade would probably be an appropriate choice for BD. Catherine Hardwicke wouldn’t know what to do with that kind of budget.

  5. lydz says:

    to be completely honest, I didn’t like the trailer. It made the move look a bit cheesy. Don’t worry, I’m still gonna go see it tho!!!! Hopefully another trailer will come out soon 🙂

  6. Stephanie G says:

    I like better the Summit logo at the beginning then the other. I like how much they emphasized the love triangle and Bella’s decision to become a vampire. Also I think Bryce Dallas Howard (i’m unhappy about the recasting) doesn’t look right or looks weird with red hair. Rachelle Lefevre is a better Victoria well in looks, so when the amazing time (june 30)come when we can watch them all. And about directos, Okay well I like it so far taking into consideration that they haven’t edited yet. However I still think Chris Weitz is the best director they’ve had yet. I didn’t love how Catherine did Twilight, i mean it was ok but not great. However since Chris Weitz isn’t coming back for Breaking Dawn, I think it has to be a new director (depending on how well David Slade does) However I think they may need a really strong director (if it’s one movie or two)

  7. hey girlies love the podcast!!
    I would just like to say they trailer look BEAUTIFULL. i loved how the made the medow (which was previosly dead in new moon) look so vibrant and fool of flowers i think it sybolises edwards return and how much better it is with him there for bella (and for everbody hehe) and i also love how it doesn’t show too much but show how equal bella and edward and bella jacobs relationship is ,which makes people think (if they haven’t read the books) “which one is she going to chose?”
    AS for directed i thing crish weitz has done a great job and would be fine at directing breaking dawn but tim burton who has done EDWARD sizzer hands and alice in wonderland how put a personal dark twist into the romance movie.
    great job ladies keep up the good work. love love.emi chiba ps we do like it when we are read out on the show!! hint hint

  8. Charlotte says:

    I loved the Eclipse trailer :O totally awesome!
    I think Adam Sandler should direct it( sorry I’m totally addicted to Adam Sandelr at the moment:))
    Although it would be a comedy if he directed it.
    But that would accutly be a pretty good idea:L

  9. Josiah says:

    Oops.. I noticed I wrote two things on the Eclipse trailer 🙂
    I would like to see Peter Jackson take a swing at Breaking Dawn… If not him, maybe a different horror film director (other than David Slade) for part one. I say horror director for part one because of the big split between parts where Bella gives birth. I want this to be as disgustingly bloody as possible 😀

  10. Carly "Renesmee" Cullen says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie,

    I just rewatched the trailer, so I could remember what my thoughts were. The first time I watched it I was so excited about it that I was disappointed with what it had. I was expecting more of the battle with Victoria. But now that I have watched it a few times, I am really starting to like it more. One thing I know for sure is that I love the meadow so much more than the meadow in Twilight. Kassie don’t hate me, but I think there are some great lines by Jacob/Taylor. I think it is great that they are playing up the love triangle since it is the part of the story girls will love. One thing I was really surprised by was that a difference could not be seen with Victoria without looking really hard. I know the moment went by really fast, but I think that helps. It makes me really excited to see how Bryce Dallas Howard did with the role.

    Catherine was a good director, but I just don’t know. Chris was great with the directing and taking the project seriously, but his placement of music was not the best. I love most the music he chose, but there were only a few songs that I feel were placed really well. I think Catherine did a better job with music placement and I love all the music she chose. For what I have seen in the Eclipse trailer, I am really looking forward to what David Slade is capable of.

    For Breaking Dawn, I am not completely sure who should be director. I think they should pick someone new since they have had different directors for the each of others. The director should have a good combination of action and dramatic films and show the same level of passion as the previous directors. Josiah, from #10, mentions Peter Jackson and I actually agree. I am a huge fan of Lord the Rings and think he did a great job. If they do break the book into two movies, the director should direct both movies.

    Love the podcast!! Thanks ladies!!


  11. Elena says:

    Hey Guys! Love the podcast! Thanks so much for reading my answer in the show last week! And this is not Kassie!! Hahaha, anyway….
    Now that I look back on it I’m a little let down that they showed NOTHING of the newborns and NOTHING of the EPIC TENT SCENE either, and we only got to see one second of Bryce Dallas Howard! I felt like it was just the end of New Moon all over again. But hopefully we will see more of that in the next trailer. But I will say that I was VERY impressed with the screen shots! They were just GORGEOUS! David Slade has such an amazing eye for photography! And I don’t usually pay attention to that stuff all that much, but this really stood out to me! I feel like Eclipse is going to be a a lot darker but in a very beautiful way.
    I’m also wondering if anyone noticed the whole “Fire and Ice” tint they’re using for Eclipse? I think it’s cool that for Twilight they had blue (for cold, like the Vampires), for New Moon they had a brownish yellowish tint (for warmth like the werewolves) and now they have the mixture, causing a silvery blackish tint. Perhaps I’m over thinking it a bit, but I just thought that was really cool.
    It’s hard for me to pick a “favorite director” since we’ve only seen a little bit from David Slade, so for right now I’m going to have to say that so far my favorite Director would probably have to be Chris Weitz. His adaption of New Moon was pretty close to the book. I still have my own little qualms about it, but I have many more about Twilight, so I’m going to have to go with Chris Weitz. I wish he could director for Breaking Dawn, but sadly he has said that he doesn’t want to take that on 🙁

    Thanks so much for all that you guys do you’re both awesome!!!!

  12. stephanie says:

    For the Eclipse trailer, I was hoping to maybe see a glimpse of Rosalie or Jasper telling their stories. Not just the whole love triangle. I thought the trailer was OK, nothing more, nothing less. It didn’t live up to my expectations, but oh well. I hope they’ll put out a lot scenes and clips like they did with New Moon.

  13. Emaly Rite says:

    I liked the trailer. Perhaps had the wait for it not been so long it would have been LOVED the trailer. It will be hard to cover everything from the book in a movie time frame. There is of course the conflict of the love triangle as it is called, Rosalie and Jasper’s stories, the issues with Bella’s humanity coming to an end, the battle and of course the beginning of Bella’s good byes so even though some will be lost it will be great.
    From the trailer it is clear that the scenery will be FABULOUS and the movie overall will look great but I could not say much more based on what this trailer shows. So far though I would have to say I would prefer David Slade in the Director’s chair ,but the same editor from New Moon, for Breaking Dawn but only if it were for the movie or movies should there be two. Primarily because there is so much emphasis on the background from the wedding, to the honey moon, to the field for the confrontation with the Volturri. Using the editor from New Moon may allow for a happy medium of what we loved of New Moon and hopefully what will thrill us in Eclipse.

    That said it bears mentioning that Twilight seems to be an entirely different entity unto itself in comparison to New Moon from the coloring to the theatrics. Everyone seems intent on faulting Catherine Hardwick from cinematic enthusiast to novice who may have trouble discerning the difference between Director and Editor but it was what it was. It was the introduction to a saga that has taken off. At the time some outlets even classified it as an indie type film. In all fairness had she had the budget that the subsequent films had I wonder what would have been different.

  14. Chloe says:

    Hi girls!
    Love the podcast!

    Eclipse trailer was great though I wasn’t really watching it properly the first time because I was distracted by Taylor’s abs!

    I wish that Chris Weitz would do Breaking Dawn but he isn’t. Poop! I haven’t seen Eclipse yet though so maybe I might like what David Slade does with it. I can’t really think of any other directors that might make a great Breaking Dawn.

  15. Princessali says:

    All through the series I was team Edward fan… And then I read eclipse. I actually like Jacob in eclipse and I guess u could say I was team Jacob 🙂 that’s why I hope this movie is amazing just like the book was. I hate who is playing Edward so itshard to feel… I Dont know… Compassion? I hope his acting is better and I can feel that. Same with crackhead Kristen(love her!)
    When I first saw the trailer I was expecting it to be amazing and full of action and suspence because of how long we had to wait for it, but this trailer didn’t have any of that 🙁 I love that we will hear about the different stories and that the newborns will come but peiple who havent read the books dont know that so to to help draw in people who havent read them they should have put more action in. Ok now to victoria i might have liked her in the part but i know how good rachelle was as her and it ruins everything. When i was watching the trailer and they started talking about victoria my mom was like “is that the same girl” and I was like “don’t even get me started!” so if a 43 year old woman who has seen each movie once and wasn’t really paying attention in the first one could spot the difference… She doesn’t look like Rachelle. 🙁 I wnt her back waaahhhhh!! Yes I have the trailer on my iPod and yes I have seen it a million times but I’m still saying bad things about it but it’s kind of all I have. On the last podcast where the girl said she’s as ex fan I think that will be me soon. 🙁 I don’t really want to read the books anymore and I was more excited for the newmoon trailer than I am for this movie 🙁 I just hope they finish breaking dawn well even start it before everything wears off 🙁 so sad! Uh I ended this on a bad note… Yay the e lipse trailer is here!!

  16. Nicole says:

    Honestly I liked it…but I was disappointed at the same time. My first impression was excited because it was the only peak I got to see of it. Again after watching it a million times, I was like where’s the battle, wheres the teaser with that? Then I watched the sneak peak from the New Moon DVD and got super excited, I am really excited for this movie now but not because of the teaser it was the sneak peak which is cheating lol Anyway the scenic shots were amazing…I loved the Bella and Edward lovin. Jacob looks less buff which was disappointing lol The new Victoria is fine but it threw me off a bit because Rachelle was fierce and I am used to her so I am sure Bryce will grow on me. Bella’s wig was frizzy but it wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. Overall I give it an B could have been better but was above average 😛

  17. Carly "Renesmee" Cullen says:

    Hey ladies,

    I wanted to add to my previous comment since I saw the trailer in the theater. It was so much better!!! It was still missing the things I said before, but it was amazing. I saw it infront of Remember Me. So, I am also plugging Remember Me. Go at see it if you haven’t. It was amazing, but definitely had some sad moments and a twist ending.

  18. Team Jacob All the Way says:

    I loved the trailer.
    It felt much more darker to me.
    I think Kristen finally understands the role of bella
    She looks more mature and ready to step it up a
    Rob looks okay.
    Taylor is going to be even better.
    He looks like he also has grown up
    as in Jacob perspective.
    Taylor always added more to the movie
    both physical and personalty.
    The lines the taylor says has lots
    of impact to it.
    The director I’m not sure.
    I don’t know what David Slade has filmed.
    I really wish Cris Weiz would do the rest of the movies.
    I write more later.

  19. Team Jacob All the Way says:

    No offense to anyone but
    stop judging taylor with the physical part
    there is more to him that meets the six pack.
    He is a great actor

  20. Abby! says:

    Hey Ladies!
    First of all, I just want to let you know that I was very worried that the podcasts were getting worse and worse, but this last week you girls made a wonderful podcasts. Of couse I ALWAYS love TST podcasts, but they have been kind of dull. But this week was back up! I know it is because when there is big news/events, you have more to discuss. GOOD JOB!
    Okay the trailer. I woke up at 6am to see the trailer, and was disappointed when I couldnt find it, but during my lunch at school, I went to the library and watched it with my friend who is a movie fan, but hasnt gotten into the books.. At first I was like ‘huh-what? that is it, it looks awful!’ My friend loved it. We then watched it 3 or 4 more times and I got even more and more excited!
    Starting from the beginning:

    1. Robs voice sounded and still sound very weird to be at the beginning.
    2. Them changing the meadow is giving me whiplash.
    3.It is kind of (the good kind of) midleading when the Vultori come out. I was like “WHAT? thats not right!” but then I realized that it will draw in the non-book readers who watched New Moon.
    4. I love how it is very much about how Bella will feel after she changes.
    5. Bella looks at Jacob more lovingly than Edward….? and she has more chemistry.
    6. LOVE the love triangle stuff.
    7.I think that yes, the love triangle is the MOST important part of Eclipse, but I think that Victoria was put a little too far back on the back burner in the trailer and I hope this is not the case in the movie.
    8. LOVE Taylor Lautner Shirtless (: mmmmhm, but who doesnt enjoy that? Right Kassie!?

    I am very excited to see the other trailer that will be released and even more excited to see the movie!
    Love the podcast!
    love, Abbyy!

  21. Savanna says:

    To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the trailer. I was surprised that a movie theater trailer would be so short. I was really looking forward to seeing more characters in the trailer. I guess they’ll come out with more trailers soon, though! Who do I think should direct BD? Well, it’s not like it’d ever happen in a million kabillion years, but I think James Cameron should do it. After seeing what he did with Avatar, he’d be amazing at all the CG needed in BD! Especially with the whole issue on Nessie. I think he could make it look very real and beautiful.

    Love you guys!

  22. Vivian says:

    Hola Ladies,

    Loved the trailer and the scenery! My biggest issue with the trailer are the wigs!!!! Really? Kristen’s wig in some scenes is not good and as for Bryce Dallas Howard She Looks like Shirly Temple with red hair. The point being of a red head being cast to minimize the differences between her and Rachelle Lefavre. Love The series Love The Podcast!

  23. Maggie says:

    Well, at first I was super excited about the trailer (because I’ve been waiting MONTHS to see it), so I saw nothing wrong with it at first. When I watched it again I realized I was disappointed. It was no where near as epic as the first New Moon trailer. Seeing the wolf pop out literally had me out of my seat and screaming with excitement. There was nothing in the Eclipse trailer that had that kind of impact. Furthermore, we didn’t see any of the Cullens other than Edward. Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOVE Edward, but it would’ve been nice to see the other Cullens, since a lot of Eclipse deals with their backstories. Also, there was no action. Most of the trailer consisted of Edward and Jacob professing their undying love to Bella. Oh, and I hated Bryce Dallas Howard.
    Hearing about how dark and edgier David Slade was supposed to be taking the movie, I was excited to see something of real power in the trailer. No such luck, it was pretty much a total snooze.

    Now, for Breaking Dawn directors…. I’ve read articles about three supposed candidates for the position, and I have to say that out of the three I’m gunning for Sofia Coppola. In an article that MTV did, I read that she would definitely be able to get the emotional side of the story down, but may slack a little on the action. Honestly, I think that the real backbone of the Twilight series is in the emotional side, and its the part I love reading about. Also, I would LOVE to see a woman director return to the Twilight films. Not that I think Chris Weitz and David Slade have been bad, in fact I really enjoyed New Moon and I think it would be great for Chirs Weitz to do Breaking Dawn, but I think the girl power needs to come back :-).

    Love your podcast,
    Maggie 🙂

  24. Great site, where did you come up with the info in this posting? Im happy I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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