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This week Kassie and I are going to put together a commentary that you can listen to while watching New Moon!ย ย  Tell us what your favorite thing to watch on your DVD is… Go on… Leave your thoughts below!

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15 Comments to “New Moon Commentary”

  1. Elena says:

    Well, my favorite thing to watch on the DVD is the MOVIE. hahhaa I loved the 6 part documentary! I thought it was so funny when all the actors were talking about Chris Weitz and how he wore his socks over his pants and how he is also like a vampire/werewolf! I just thought that was hilarious and Im gonna go rewatch it SOON :)))
    Love the podcast you guys ROCK!!!!

  2. Stephanie G says:

    i agree with with elena it was so funny when the actors were talking about how Chris Weitz look like a vampire/werewolf.
    the music videos are good (Satellite Heart and Meet Me On The Equinox are two favorite songs in the Soundtrack), well the video for by Mutemath (spotlight) that one was weird (and no in a good way). i already see the DVD 3 times.
    i don’t know about you but i think the some song are not in the right place, but love the movie anyways

    P.S Do anybody now if/when is the Soundtrack for Eclipce came out?

  3. hey guys,
    my favorite bit to watch on the dvd is the MOVIE ITSELF! my favorite bit in the movies is when the months are passing that edward is not there, i thought it was a great way to portray that part of the book and you turn those pages and it just says the month and it just makes you cry that there is nothing interrenting or good to right about when edward is not there. also the song that plays in the backround is so beautifull for that articular sence, so unique and different. But the sence is kinda a copy of Pride and Predudice (the one with keira knighnightly) then the seasons go past and she is spining about in a swing sooooooo yeah. but thats okay!!!
    love you ladies

  4. LAURA says:

    Hi Kallie and Kassie, first I wanna tell you two that I LOVE the podcast! I love this Question of the week. I just got my new moom DVD (24th of March) because I live in Ireland and we got it a few days later.
    My favourite part of the New Moon DVD…mmmm thats hard. It is packed with so many cool features that its hard to choose, but I guess it would have to be the 6 part documentary. I loved how much information there was. I liked watching Chris work. He seems like a really cool guy! I never knew that people had been working on the editing six weeks before shooting. It really shows how little time there was to make New Moon. Anyways I thought you might be interested in my opinion. And one more thing, I felt most of the deleted scenes were pretty random and the dream scene REALLY freaked me out!!! I liked when Mike was at the theatre with Bella after Jacob left and he said things like ” I need a ride,” when Bella was gone. I thought it was really funny.
    Thanks for reading, keep up the excellent work!

  5. Savanna :D says:

    Hey girls! Well, I just bought the DVD at Borders and besides the obvious answer, THE MOVIE, I love the interviews! I saw some from people I rarely see give interviews and I was very excited. I also love that my DVD came with a gold medallion with the wolf pack tattoo and Cullen crest. I’m wearing it right now, haha. I also thoroughly enjoyed the audio commentary from Chris Weitz and Peter Lambert. It’s always interesting to hear what the Director has to say. Oh, and one of my all time favorite features was the documentary. I’m always wondering what really goes on behind the scenes and this totally captivated me. The DVD pack was seriously awesome. I got my money’s worth. Love ya’ll!! <3

  6. Francesca says:

    If you guys did a podcast on the movie, the bit I would love beyond life after death itself is Kassie’s reaction to all of Jacob’s topless scenes, which their are more than many of! That’s all I would need to make my day! Xox

  7. Josiah says:

    Hmmm. Maybe you could mention the lack of cool features like deleted scenes? ๐Ÿ™‚
    I actually am enjoying the commentary with Weitz and Lambert right now… It’s nice to see how the movie was done

  8. Elena Z. says:

    I like, no, I love the deleted scenes and the extended scenes! I will never understand why they aren’t in the movie…

  9. Deb says:

    My favorite scene is still the very end when Edward pops the question, Bella gasps and the scene goes black! What a cool way to end the movie, and still surprise all of us who read the books!

    A few other favorites are:
    The scene with Alice, Jacob and Bella, when Alice says she’ll be back after Bella puts the dog out.
    The scene at Emily’s. There is such a warm, family feeling in that scene.
    The Volturi scene. Michael Sheen’s subtle expressions were amazing!

    Love the show!

  10. Jenna says:

    hey ladies! :)… so, loving so new moon dvd!… i guess my fav part would have to be the movie, it was my fav book in the series so i’m wicked excited i didnt have to wait forever to see it on film!… anyways, there is 1 thing that kind of bothered me of the dvd….. y the heck so many diff versions? i’m not gonna go out and buy 5-6 dvds just to see all the footage! that’s crazy, i think that it was :poorly” spread throught all these chains (walmart, bordes, target etc…) and really just… not fair. i went with the target one just cuz i’d rather have extra gfootage of new moon but, still think it was a weird way to go. anyways, with that said, one scene i loved that didnt make it in the film was the drive home with beledward after her bday party… loved how edward was so frustrated with himself and i thought showed a great acting side of RPattz ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Rosie says:

    I kind of loved the movie theater scenes with Jacob, Bella and Mike. And that part on the steps while they were waiting for Mike to come out of the bathroom from puking…that was romantic. Not the puking part–the Jacob and Bella part. I really don’t like Edward in this movie. He makes me so angry when he leaves. So through most of it, I am Team Jacob. I know, Kassie will get loooveee that. haha. Anyway, I kind of went on a ramble there. Soorryy….I also really liked the extra scenes on the bonus DVD that showed different versions of the end of the movie theater scene. Mike says funny stuff like, “Oh, I need a ride.” after Bella goes off with Jacob. ๐Ÿ™‚ Loooooovveee the podcast. Thanks for all of the laughs in the middle of the night. My husband probably doesn’t realize I’m wearing my headphones and thinks I’ve just gone Schizo!

  12. Lily Alice Cullen says:

    Hey Kallie and Kassie
    Like most everyone else, my favorite part of the DVD is the movie itself. I got the Target 3-disc edition one and I watched all of the Deleted/ Extended scenes and I am not disappointed that they took those scenes out of the movie. They really weren’t critical pieces of the book so they weren’t really needed. Some of them were kind of weird actually. I really didn’t get the one with Victoria driving with those two humans and stuff. Also the Bella’s Nightmare one was really weird. All of the driving scenes had really bad green screen effects, even if those scenes may not have been completely edited yet, so I am glad they took those out.

    Love the Podcast!

  13. Jade R. Cullen says:

    hey Kallie& Kassie!
    my favorite thing to watch on the DVD is the special features of the movie! Its my favorite thing to watch because its like a movie shows how they made it,interviews,and they just give you the information!its…its awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dabney says:

    I love my own being annoyed by Rob’s right nipple. It bothers me. I loved the deleted scenes. I loved the moive. I love Taylor Lautner shirtless in the rain. And most of all I <3 all of the bonus features.

  15. Lora says:

    I really love the hunting scene and the song hearing damage. It’s usually when I wake up from my nap during the Jacob parts.

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