New Moon Commentary

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It is up!  Kassie and I stayed up late and watched New Moon together last week, and while we watched we recorded our conversation!  You will have to excuse Kassie’s coughing, and my constant distractions.  We hope you find them funny!  WARNING: The first try to push PLAY is FAIL!  So wait for the second attempt! LOL!  We aslo talk a lot about what happens in future movies, so there are some SPOILERS!

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6 Comments to “New Moon Commentary”

  1. Stephanie says:


  2. Chloe Marie says:

    You made a mistake when it came to Edward age just like the movie did, he is 108 years old not 107, he was born on June 20, 1901but was Transformation 1918 when he was 17, this year he will be 109.

    Love the show.

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    Hi girls, Thanks for a great commentary… I felt like I was watching the film with a couple of girlfriends and I sighed, giggled, and flicked at Bella right along with you! I hope you do a commentary for every film. I did want to say something about your continued comments about Rob’s……”wierd nipple”. I wish you would stop… isn’t something he can change, like improving his acting, or american accent. We don’t even know, he may have a perfectly perfect chest, but the camera angle, or CGI effects, maybe make it look like that on screen. The first few times you mentioned it were funny I guess, but then I thought, if you said “Kristen has a wierd nose” or “that shot is okay because we don’t see her nose” that would NOT be okay. It just seems like a too personal attack, I guess, and I know you don’t mean it to come off that way.

    Okay, glad I got that off my chest…(ha ha, no pun intended!). You guys are great and keep up the awesome podcasts.

  4. Deb says:

    I loved the commentary! And I’ve watched New Moon so many times now myself, that I could visualize what you were seeing as you were commenting! Love the show!

  5. Lora says:

    I loved it. I ‘ll have to find your Twilight one. you do have one, right?

  6. Jenni says:

    While I’m with Deb in being able to visualize the whole movie due to seeing it so much, I opted to actually pop that DVD in and listen. It really was like having the girls over – loved it! Thanks for doing that for us 🙂

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