Listen To The Eclipse Soundtrack Now!

Jun 2nd, 2010 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Merchandise, Movie News, Music

Until noon EST tomorrow (June 3) you can preview the entire Eclipse soundtrack at the official soundtrack page!  Be sure to pick up your copy of the soundtrack when it goes on sale June 8.

Click here to begin listening!

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4 Comments to “Listen To The Eclipse Soundtrack Now!”

  1. Jade - England says:

    TST i worship and actually LOVE you admins for giving this to me 😀

  2. Marisa says:

    Yay! This soundtrack doesn’t suck, unlike the Twilight soundtrack. I love Florence and the Machine, the Black Keys and the Dead Weather so much! They’re brilliant.

  3. TrendHater73 says:

    Much better than the New Moon soundtrack, which I only liked two songs off of. This one made me smile as each track clicked by, though there were some I didn’t like much. However, I didn’t absolutely loathe any of them like I did with New Moon. XD Thanks for sharing this link with us!

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