TST’s Eclipse Chapter Countdown

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Day 22

Chapter 8:  Temper

At the end of chapter 8 Bella gets jealous of Tanya’s interest in Edward.  Edward calms her insecurities and lulls her to sleep by humming her lullaby.  So my question is this: what song would you like Edward (or Jacob, I guess) to sing you to sleep to?

Krystal’s answer: Edward is supposed to have the voice of an angel so he could probably sing anything.  I think I would like to hear him do “Corpus Christi Carol” by Jeff Buckley or something similar.

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  1. Ratheka says:

    I would like Jacob to either sing to me My Heart by Paramore, Or maybe Superhuman by Chris & Keri Hilson Or Closer by Neyo 😀

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