A Glimpse from Your Gals… Week #81

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We know there was a lotta luck involved with us getting invited to interview Stephenie Meyer, and we felt privileged to take your questions and get answers!  Kassie and I (Kallie) want to send a sincere Texan “Thank Y’all!” to Stephenie Meyer, and the phenomenal women she surrounds herself with!  We also could not have done this without the other sites involved, TwilightSource.com (Matt & Elysa), TwiFans.com (Kim & Alison), LetterstoTwilight.com (Bekah &  Nikki).

We are waiting to release all the ‘GOODS’, but definitely have some teasers for you!  You can listen to this week’s show to get some juicy bits, as well as read below to get an idea of a few of the questions WE asked!  We were able to spend 4 HOURS talking to Stephenie (Yes, I feel comfy with the first-name-basis) and have loads to dish out… just remember we will be serving them in bite-sized portions!


In the final few minutes of our time with Stephenie, she graciously signed some of our books.  When I (Kallie) told Stephenie that I would have a completed set of all of her books autographed she told me that I was the FIRST PERSON IN THE WORLD to have them ALL autographed!

*Note: Matt (Twilight Source) jumped right behind me so he could be second!  LOL!

Here is a look at our trip… we will have more pics WITH Stephenie coming soon!

Now, a look at SOME of the questions WE asked…

*Spoiler ALERT*

Bree Tanner Teasers:

What is the timeline for when Victoria created Riley, Diego and Fred?

When the Volturi went to visit Victoria, did Jane see Bree and Diego in the tree watching?

What exactly happened to Diego?

What quality did Fred has have a human that allowed him to repel others as a vampire?

Did Jane have an ulterior motive for killing Bree?

Don’t worry… There is a whole lot more to come…

The music on our podcast this week is Ordinary Girl by Helen Austin.

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  2. jody lynn says:

    What did she say about Mindnight sun? Knowing that that is what every one wanted you all to ask we were kinda waiting on her answer yeah she got the elephant out of the room by bringing it up but because you said she mentioned it today on your podcast you should have said something i wonder if Matt and Elisa did on imprint but for some reason i don’t think the u stream worked

    • Linda says:

      yeahh imprint does mention Midnight Sun. Its the first thing mentioned in the Teaser of the interview but i wont blow it for ya.

  3. TrendHater73 says:

    You gys are too cute 🙂

  4. TrendHater73 says:

    Haha, I meant guys. The battery in my keyboard is dying and if I don’t hit the keys extra hard it doesn’t register. SO, you guys are too cute! XD

  5. Ashley says:

    Looks like a really fun trip and the chance of a lifetime to interview such an extraordinary woman. hope you had lots of fun and i can’t wait to hear everything you talked about with Stephenie 😀

  6. wynee says:

    here are some of your questions answered
    if you have a myspace its always good to have different twilight sources if you’re a fan, they all have different things and some post sooner than others 🙂


  7. jazz says:

    y dont u all give us all the questions u asked her and the answers she gave so WE can be informed like you all did. You all r sooo lucky none of my books r sighned. I dont even have a technical full series. new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn r hard cover while my twilight is soft cover so it sucks!

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