Vampire Academy: Spirit Bound WINNER!

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Congrats go to Michelle!  She is the winner of our Cast Contest!

Here is her Cast for Vampire Academy…

Ian Somerhalder from “Vampire Diaries”  for Adrian

Olivier Martinez from “Unfaithful” for Dimitri  OR…
Henry Cavill from “Tudors” for Dimitri  OR…
Ben Barnes for Dimitri

Natalie Dormer
from ” Tudors” for Rose

Sara Paxton for Lissa

A lucky reader/listener will win a copy of the recently released Vampire Academy book, Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead.   All you have to do to win is send in your ideas for a “Cast”.  You can send in your ideas for who should play any of the characters to  EACH character you ‘cast’ is an entry into the contest, and it increases your chances of winning!  So, pick a character, or 4 characters from the Vampire Academy!

The contest will begin Tuesday, June 1st, and will run through Sunday, June 20th!

Twilight Series Theories reserves the right to choose the winners at its discretion.  We will pick a winner at random, and mail the book to you… ANYWHERE!  So, what are you waiting for?

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8 Comments to “Vampire Academy: Spirit Bound WINNER!”

  1. jessdavies says:

    i LOVE these books rose is halerious i have only read the 1st one and i’m half way through the second but i soo want dimitri to get with rose! so unlucky they can’t :'(
    me and my friends are obsessed with V.A and twilight and other vampire bookss! love the podcast,
    jess xxxxx

  2. Chloe says:

    I L – O – V – E Vampire Academy!!!!!!! I really want Spirit Bound haven’t got it yet ={

  3. Melissa says:

    Loved it! Thanks for doing this contest. Crossing my fingers to get some luck 😀

  4. Marie says:

    I already have Spirit Bound, so I probably won’t enter in the contest even though it’s a really great one!

    I mentioned this contest in a post on my website, and it struck me that it would be very interesting to see what the contest entries look like, which choices people have made. Are you going to publish any of the entries? 🙂

  5. shauya says:

    I love the vampire academy series can’t wait for December.

  6. Eden says:

    I think Taylor Kitsch would make a better Dimitri than Ben Barnes.

    • FallenAngel_15 says:

      Agree Ben Barnes is alright but i didnt pictured dimitri like that i pictured him like Taylor Kitsch hopefully Taylor will play Dimirtri instead of Ben Barnes *crossing my fingers* if they make a movie which i hope they will 🙂

  7. AmberLove says:

    H*LL NAW!! TAYLOR LOOKS TOO OLD!! BEN iS PERFECT!!!!!!!!! iVE READ ALL the books and BB would look PERFECT!! PLuS he’s the EXACT same age as Dimitri!! h*ll yess!!! BB over TK to be Dimitri ANY DAY!

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