The Ultimate ‘Twilight’ Trivia Quiz

Jun 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Fandom, Featured Articles, Movie News

‘Twilight’ fansite owners and Moviefone‘s own ‘Twilight’ expert came together to create the best ‘Twilight’ test of knowledge to tide over the Twi-hards until the big day.

Here is a taste of a few of the questions…

2. Where is Isle Esme located?
A: Off the coast of Rio de Janeiro
B: Nearby Madagascar
C: In the Gulf of Mexico

3. What is Bella’s first meal as a vampire?
A: Deer
B: Mountain Lion
C: Bear Cub

4. Who was the first great Quileute Chief spirit warrior?
A: Godric
B: Vuzuella
C: Kaheleha


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  2. jane says:

    i think they made an error on question 11.
    i can’t find the right answer, it doesnt fit.

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