Volvo’s Lost in Forks Campaign

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Volvo has a new game called “Lost in Forks” on their website.ย  By trying to reach the Cullen’s house in the shortest number of forks in the road, you can be entered to win a Volvo like the one Edward drives in Eclipse (Volvo XC60)!ย  Click here to play!

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  1. Tammy says:

    I know there are some people who will think I’m being a witch, but I figured ALL this stuff out myself. I wasn’t sitting around, waiting for someone else to give me the answers so that I could cheat and know ahead of time what to do. It will probably be someone who didn’t even bother to try to figure out the route on their own, they just copied other people’s work, that will win. And it’s because there are always people who are stupid enough to share the answers. This is for a $46,000 CAR. I don’t know about you, but there are SOME of us (myself included) that want to win. When we play by the rules, it REALLY SUCKS when someone else comes on and pretty much tells people the answer. Way to screw everyone else. Let’s just give the car to whoever is LAZY ENOUGH to surf around until some idiot gives them the answer. Then they can go in and plow through it. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

    • winit10 says:

      I could’nt agree with you more Tammy. That is exactly the way I have played it, all on my own. Win or lose, I know I played with integrity. Thanks for your comment, at lease there are two of us out there. Also let me add, now that I have played the second phase, I am researching every post that gives away any information at all as to how to giving away the answers and copying those e-mail addresses and forwarding them to the Volvo company. So beware, if you cant keep your mouth shut, you may have screwed yourself out of a win, because you will be disqualified.

      • teamvolvo says:

        Nice! It makes me mad that people go on there and post the answers. I really don’t understand the benefit of doing something like that? But wouldn’t it have been funny if the questions changed and were random ones so there was no set 3 questions. That would have most definitely punked the cheaters. Welp, perhaps next time.

    • kellanbabe says:

      … you are right morally, but that is not the smart way to play. If you are playing to play that’s fine, but i am playing to play and win. I did the first phase by myself and mapped it out and everything. So if im lazy okay whatever, but a little research is not being lazy lol. But i do congragulate you on morals…

    • whistlin4dixie says:

      Couldn’t agree more! I don’t mind losing that’s the game but I don’t want to lose to someone who hasn’t even tried. Of course I guess if you got to the final phase by cheating….you’d want the answers again.

      I hope someone does send all the posts to Volvo that gives the answers, if you cheated or gave answers you should be disqualified.

      Good luck to all of us that are the “real” competitors! You know who you are!

    • Anna says:

      I feel the same way, it took me pretty much a whole day to do it,
      Has anyone got better than 11 forks?

  2. Jaycee says:

    I got all the questions right, but I don’t think I got it in the fastest time :[ oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

    There should have been a third round, those making it would be only those who got the questions all right on one try.

  3. Answers says:

    the answers are green, closed, and 6.

  4. Team Switzerland says:

    I’m extraordinarily p.o.’d. I got the Cullen’s fine, I answered the questions fine, but my connection between each scene (each fork) was abysmally slow. Since it was a timed contest, I kinda got screwed. Ah well.

  5. Lauren says:

    Good luck to everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Megan says:

    I know you can only enter once and I know if you enter more then once it voids eachother out. But a friend of mine had to enter her stuff more then once. Since it wouldn’t take her name and e-mail address. At first she had to hit the submit like 3 different times. So if it went in 3 different times. Does that mean her stuff gets voided out all the way? Like did she mess up her chance? Or what? I have no clue myself. lol

    • Angela says:

      If any one of the 3 attempts went through, then one of them will count and the other 2 will be voided.. So if you do it 10 times, only one will count and the other 9 will be voided.. Hope that helps..

  7. Dawn S says:

    Not sure if everyone read the official rules. But giving the answers is a form of cheating, even if they are the wrong answers. And I do believe there is something in there about moral turpitude and dishonesty. Maybe I am taking it out of context…but I imagine that is one reason why it takes until July 26th to notify potential winner.

  8. jordan says:

    i just did the final phase of the contest and i finished in around 1 minute

    • Angela says:

      We will see Jordan. with the 30 sec for the pic, theres no way you did it in that time, or someone else in a minute and fifteen secs. We used a timer and just to get to the pic with all the pages that load for the forks takes a minute, then 30 secs for the pic. So in that respect, a minute and thirty seconds is the best anybody can do. So who ever wins will be between a minute and thirty sedcond up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Anyone who did it in longer then that are out of it already..

      • No One says:

        Not to say you’re wrong, Angela, but I think your computer might just be slow. It only took me about 15 seconds to get through the route to the Cullen’s house. As soon as you click on one route, the next one appears and so on and so forth. My computer is fairly new so it was running quickly but it definitely didn’t take a whole minute just to get through the route.

        I won’t win anyway because I took too long to answer the questions and I got the first one wrong. (I’m kicking myself because I KNEW the right answer, but my brother thought it was the other one so I went with him. Don’t you hate that feeling of regret? Oh well… it’s over now…)

        Good luck to everyone who played FAIRLY. Unfortunately, anyone could come on here or any other sight and give away the whole game and there’s nothing we can do about it. Even if the Official Rules do say it’s against the rules to cheat, they have no way of tracking the perps down. That’s life, sadly.

  9. jordan says:

    for some reason my hearts still beating these contests are intense

  10. Angela says:

    Way cool, I finally got in to play… I only did it once. Not gonna say my time but my daughter sat next to me with a timer and started the timer at the same time I hit start, she clicked it off when I hit submit.. Probably not the fastest, and wasnt expecting to win anyways.. But it was fun trying.. LOL..
    To Jaycee- in response to your post- Everything from the time you hit the Start Game button, to the time you clicked Submit IS counted in your time.. Including the 30 seconds for the picture. Everyone has to do all the same things, from all the forks, and viewing the picture to putting in your info and clicking submit.. Wish there would have been a way to close the picture sooner than having to wait the 30 seconds, but there wasnt. Anyway, Good Luck to everyone..

  11. Alyssa says:

    I did it in around 2 minutes give or take. I forgot to time myself, unfortunately, but I looked at the clock on my computer, and I started at 12:31 and finished at 12:33.

    I think I have a good shot, but if I don’t win, at least it was fun playing!

    Good luck to everyone! And may the best one win. (:

  12. mary says:

    Who cares tammy

  13. Lucille says:

    Well good luck to all. Frankly I’m not good at these things but would love to see how it’s reasoned out. Maybe someone can put that up on the web after the contest closes. It would be interesting to see. Thanx

  14. wvguy says:

    What kind of answers were those? Green closed and 6. Those weren’t even close to answers for the questions I got. Did everyone get different questions?

  15. bobo2000 says:

    If you try again for fun is your whole entry voided?

  16. Jesse says:

    I got there in 30 seconds.

  17. Dera says:

    Everyone needs to relax. Stop lying. Even I answered a question wrong and my heart sank but this game shouldn’t occupy your hopes and dreams. We all are given chances that we deserve. I’m just thankful I got into the last round!! HAHA.
    It is just a game and the company is using this for the sake of themselves and the movie. Wouldn’t we all love this new Volvo!? I think so! It would be a dream come true because being young and having to pay for your first car on your childhood earnings and go through high school in a dumpy car and work hard to get good grades and money for college is hard enough. I think this opportunity Volvo is giving fans of Eclipse is amazing and a chance of a lifetime. May the true winner be shown and all we can do is hope that the winner is well deserving. Eclipse ROCKS!! Peace.

  18. rosalie365 says:

    the answers are green, closed, and 6!!!!!

    • Answers says:

      I know right? people said I was lieing because they don’t want the people who try to cheat to have a chance when they made it through. I already lost so why not give away the answers. I don’t see this as cheating anyways, it’s using your resources. and FYI. You cant win what you’ve already lost so who cares if I’m cheating according to the rules. The rules don’t apply to the losers

      I guess it would make sense though. Why they said I was lieing. I worked hard the first time around only to find out that people were giving away the answer. It just kinda took away from my hard work and that of other people who actually earned their way into the second round. So they have a point. Those who try to look up the answers to get ahead, they deserve to lose. But like I said, I already lost, so I don’t care >: }

  19. Mo:] says:

    I just finished it, I am a little nervous, I wanna win so bad!! I made my sister time me, and I got 1 min. and about 42 seconds give or take a couple of seconds. Did it count typing in your name and stuff as time on your clock?

    • Answers says:

      No idea actually. Nobody exactly knows. Volvo may ‘say’ they’re counting time, but could totally disqualify anyone for any reason. We don’t know exactly what they’re counting and what they’re not counting so it can all be up to them since they don’t even tell us our times. They could give the prize to the person with the second fastest time…and no one would ever know but themselves.

  20. JJ says:

    It does seem odd that a winner will be determined on the speed of their Intenet connection. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. RB says:

    Okay, so I woke up this morning thinking I had until 10:00 PM PST to complete it. I decided to read through the rules again and found out that the deadline was 10:00 AM…so I’m happy I checked. Just finished. Got all the questions right, but my hands are still shaking. Because I didn’t know for sure if the submitting your information part was part of the time, I typed really fast there too. I know I got my e-mail right, but I spelled my first name wrong! Oh well. I doubt I got the fastest time. It probably took me a little over a minute including the 30 second eclipse, but it was fun anyway! I hope everyone else had fun too!

  22. twilightmama says:

    For those leaving the answers to the multi choice: I do not believe we all got the same questions- I can tell you now that what you are posting would not have fit my questions in any way.

    It would make sense that the design of the contest would be a) to confuse people like friends who wanted to help friends with answers and b) mislead dishonest people looking to cheat.

    I don’t understand why anyone would want to compromise their eligibility by posting any answers…

    One thing I will say for the Volvo Eclipse contest vs the New Moon one: it was SOOOO much easier. No matter what I had more fun with this one!

  23. Alice says:

    Rules state the time runs from when you click start to the time you hit submit, so yes it does include the time it takes to type your name and email address.

  24. Emmy says:

    When will they let someone know who the winner is? I hope that as someone else said that someone deserving wins the car. I had a blast playing the game..I love playing contest like this…Hope they have 2 more to come with the Breaking Dawn Movies!! Can’t wait for them!! Good Luck to everyone who played!

  25. Rai says:

    Not that it matters now … but just curious … what was the shortest number of forks in the 1st round (didn’t get an email so obviously I didn’t qualify for the second round)

  26. Rai says:

    sorry everyone …. ignor my last comment … found it on another page … 11 (I did do it in 11 but must not have completed the final page incorrectly because I didn’t receive an email). Good luck to all who completed phase 2.

  27. lala says:

    so does any1 think theyre going 2 win the car?

  28. idrivelikeacullen says:

    I am already making room in the garage for it…lol not really i just cleaned out the garage, but it would fit now!!

    • idrivelikeacullen says:

      i do wonder though, if there was a tie, if we would know before the 26th.

      • lala says:

        probably not i read the rules and if theres a tie volvo tells the people and they have to right some kinda essay and volvo decices which 1 they like better and who ever wins gets the car.

        • Sarah says:

          ya, im already starting to think about what to write cuz i think that there is a big chance of a tie. it would just make it get there sooner if the people that think that they did get through the 2nd phase really fast wrote an essay, it may make the dissison get there sooner.

          oh, and i wonder if most people read the entire rules. It says that if you win the car you pay all the taxes, and the dealership fee. and i know that were i live thats over $3500. and thats a lot.

          • idrivelikeacullen says:

            Yeah most people dont know that vehicles over 45,000.00 have a luxury tax also. In my state its an additional 7.5%

  29. kimsmum says:

    Congratulations to Allyson T of Florence. Hope you really enjoy the car.

  30. Gwynneth says:

    Congrats, Allyson T.
    Florence, OR!!!! I want a ride! lol

  31. lala says:

    does any1 kno what her time was?

  32. PaddyM says:

    Congratulations Allyson T! Way to go!

  33. shimmer says:

    I didnt get into the final phase : ( what did you have to do in it in the end…?? I heard same route as phase 1?

  34. Steve says:

    Congrats to the US winner Allyson T.
    (In Europe, the UK at least, round 2 of this competition doesn’t close until 1st Sept)

    A number of contributors have commented about the unfairness of ‘lazy’ entrants copying answers. Whereas I agree with this sentiment in principal, (I do a hell of a lot of competitions online and off, including promotions which require slogans to be composed), ask yourselves for a moment just how fair are the promoters are being with this type of competition?

    As far as I recall these Volvo competitions started with the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. 10 out of 10 for initiative by creating clever websites that include video content, etc, but for ‘Pirates’ the time to load pages for all of the hunt took simply ages on some computers. Even this latest twilight hunt would have been much slower for some competitors than others, (some comments reflect timing issues for processing and submission of answers were different for individual entrants).

    Not surprising then that some people would have taken the easier option given that a) somebody has posted the turn sequence on the internet and b) they may have tried to do the hunt themsleves and been frustrated.

    Seeing that Round 2 is against the clock, that’s automatically unfair for any competitor who doesn’t have the fastest internet connection, browser or computer.

    So don’t judge the ‘cheaters’ too harshly, if all conditions were equal the point would be valid. Unfortunately though, the promoters have devised a great competition which is fatally flawed. By not thinking the end game through, or not caring about it, they’ve significantly stacked the odds against many people having an honest crack at winning the prize.

    Given those facts, I think that anyone who ‘cheats’ the final answer could be viewed as merely trying to redress their chances.

    I have no idea what the final answer(s) is supposed to be and haven’t researched it, but I do think some posters here need to take a measured approach and ask why didn’t Volvo work harder at creating a level playing field ?

  35. shimmer says:

    I agree… some of us don’t have fast computers so would have no chance, but still game was fun and different!

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