“Welcome to the Rileys” Trailer & Release Date

Jul 8th, 2010 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Kristen’s upcoming flick, “Welcome to the Rileys,” will be released in theaters on November 5, and here is the new trailer for the film!

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12 Comments to ““Welcome to the Rileys” Trailer & Release Date”

  1. AWWWW yay!!! First comment anddddd AMAZING!!! I went to go see some at Film festival aw-mazing lemme tell u:)

  2. Josiah says:

    I’m glad for Kristen Stewart, what with being popular in and out of The Twilight Saga, but I’m also very disappointed in her. I know I’m not her father (especially since I’m a few years younger) but it’s extremely disheartening to see young stars like her (and Dakota Fanning in the Runaways) starring in roles in which they lose any and all innocence about them. Some peoples’ claim might be that they’re “just actors” and they’re “not really like that/doing that stuff”, but like I said earlier, they’re losing their innocence about them. Sure this movie might have good morals and stuff at the end, but in reality, isn’t the good stuff outweighed by all the sex, drugs, and profanities in the movie? One of my main beefs with young actors in bad movies is the fact that they’re role models to their young fans, who, in many cases, hang on to every word and action that their heroes say and do. If you must perform in roles such as these, you should have done them before you actually got noticed and had younger fans.

    • Rae says:

      This movie was actually made before Kristen did the Twilight series. In fact it is the success of that series that is allowing this movie to be distributed and released. Kristen has a long career of doing indie movies, which are usually stories that tackle tough emotional issues.

    • Cassidy says:

      You are so right! I was really sad when I heard that Dakota Fanning was, like, doing all that junk in The Runaways. I’ve seen her in The Cat in the Hat, Dreamer, and Charlotte’s Web and I never imagined that she’d be doing something like The Runaways. I was really disapointed in her…I always thought that she was a good role model…but some of the movies that she’s working on are not a testimony to that. Some of these sixteen-year-olds are trying to grow up too fast and doing it the wrong way….

      • Quiana says:

        Why would you be disappointed in Krsiten or Dakota they makes movies that they believes in. Kristen is an adult and very soon so will Dakota be. Both are entitled to make their own choices concerning thier career. People cannot stay kids forever. Also, if someone wants tot make a celebrity their role mode that’s fine but as the celebrity they have no responsibility to that person that they don’t even know. Their only responsibility is to themselves. If you don’t like the movies that they make then don’t watch them.

        • Claire says:

          As Dakota and Kristen grow up so will their roles; all child actors lose their ‘innocence’ at some stage because otherwise their acting wouldn’t develop and they wouldn’t be able to play appropriate roles as adults. No-one wants to see a movie where an actor is limited in that way because it would be terrible- just imagine how bad it would have been if Daniel Radcliffe portrayed his character in Equus the same as he did in Harry Potter! It would have ruined the entire production and made an otherwise controversial but critically acclaimed and respected piece into a joke! I personally think that they both did great jobs in The Runaways and I’m looking forward to seeing WTTR; it’s in these types of roles that involve a bit of grit that you can tell whether an actor is really worth his salt. Both of the girls talk about being compelled to play these roles because whilst they know it will be a challenge, they also see them as being important, challenging, and a great way to raise awareness of an issue like Kristen did when she played a rape victim in Speak. Younger fans shouldn’t watch the films anyway seeing as they’re age restricted but if they do, they won’t be persuaded to join a rock band, take drugs or become a prostitute as a result, they’ll just see a great movie with a bit of depth and a darker storyline.

  3. Marisa says:

    I must admit that the only reason I bother to even watch the Twilight films (I still haven’t even seen Eclipse) is because Kristen and Rob are in them, and I’m a fan of their independent work (i.e. How to Be & The Runaways). This movie – for me, anyway – is a must see. Plus, I effin’ loved James Gandolfini in Where the Whild Things Are as the voice of Carol. So. . . yeah, I’m gonna see this movie.

  4. Mary says:

    I agree with the importance of taking on independent films for its contributions to the industry and I appreciate actors who do….its not just about the money and doing big block-buster mainstream films. Trailer looks good and worth checking out. I’m a fan of Gandolfini too. Its a shame more fans and Fansite Hosts don’t take the time to see Twilight Cast in their other films…..Performances in Remember Me were incredible (saw it 3 times in the theater and bought the DVD)….

  5. Quiana says:

    I personally think that Kristen and Dakota make great decisions about the movies they choose to involve themselves in.

  6. Team Jacob All the Way says:

    This is going to be kristen’s best acting.
    I can’t wait to see this.
    i love kristen’s acting so far.

  7. eeennnnaaaa says:

    this is defintly going to be a movie to watch ….. kristens acting is soooo good …. + i ly the twilight series

  8. Team switzerland says:

    So when is this going to come out in regular theaters like AMC?…..

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