Melissa Rosenberg Discusses “Breaking Dawn” Rewrites

Aug 4th, 2010 | By | Category: Featured Articles, Movie News

Clevver TV takes a look at screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and some controversial Breaking Dawn scene rewrites in their latest video, which you can check out below!

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  1. Melissa (melissaturkey) says:

    I’m so nervous about breaking dawn becoming a movie. there are just so many ways that it could go so horribly wrong. so far all the “twilight” movies have been getting better with each one, i dont want the breaking dawns to ruin that streak :/

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  3. Dodie says:

    In some of the older, classic films, there was the suggestion of an event, without explicitly showing it. Sometimes it came off cheesy, but cinematography has improved so much, I’m sure this could be accomplished without all the gory details. I can picture Edward with his teeth bared, ever-so-gently biting Bella, but with the appearance of a kiss…very sensual and tense, but not explicit. Same with the birth, no placenta or gore; just the PG version, please! Thanks!!!

  4. Amanda says:

    Im scared to see whats going to happen with this. It was akward to read it let alone see it. I can only imagine how it’s going to be for Kristen to act it! WEIRD! I think maybe have it happen “behind doors” focus on the people outside the room with only the noises from in the room being heard. Maybe Jacob pacing the floor or somebody trying to hold him back from going in while bella screams or what not. Have fast flashes of what Bella is seing. like the ceiling and bright lights and the camera being like what she is seing with her eyes squinting shut tight and blackness with the voices as she changes with the sound of her heart racing to a stop. Just some ideas of how I might be able to sit through it less weirded out anyway. (chill with blood dont need gallons of it to get the point lol)

    I know the movies get better and better with a lot less cheese in them so to speak the vampire killing in Eclipse was cheesy, the glass shatering sound . It looked like a glass bulb breaking easily when they are suposed to be cold and hard I would think maybe more the sound of rock breaking and not hollow that was odd lol! People actually laughed when Victoria was killed, you got a great movie with one cheesy part that kinda messed it all up.

    • April says:

      I really like your idea Amanda about hearing the noises from outside the room and then going back into the room to see some part of it from Bella’s eyes.
      I have one too kinda like your’s, they could just show the reaction on Jacob’s, Edward’s and Bella’s face and then there is a sound from Renesme coming out. They could switch, like see the reactions from the people inside and outside the room and then show glimpeses of the birth but not for that long so its not that gruesome .

    • julia says:

      I think that they should do it because i believe that they should do all of the scenes from Breaking Dawn from the time that Edward and Bella get married to the time that she becomes a vampire and all of it and don’t leave anything out at all 🙂

  5. Kristin M says:

    I agree the book is sooo captivating and I want the movie to display that fear, anticippation and emotion of all of them. If there is a little blood and what not, it’s abirth, let be realistic. I am also curious about the bedroom scene:) lol

  6. MrsW says:

    * Spoiler * I wouldn’t mind an edited-down scene. I could do without the blood and gore. The book actually takes up a lot of time on this and I think by editing it down, they could spend so much more time on everything else…which I think is really important. I also think they could probably cut some time down on the back and forth, back and forth of Jacob talking with Seth and Leah and his pack mates. I would keep it in, but maybe not so much of it. I have to say, that when I read the book, the middle kind of drug on a bit much for me. I knew what was coming and that was the part I was most interested in. It was like, “come on already”. If I remember correctly, I think I even skimmed past a few pages the first time I read it. I just hope most of the focus is on the wedding, the honeymoon and Bella’s experience as a new vampire. I could even do without lengthy scenes of the Volturi in the end. I know, of course, it is pivotal, but it doesn’t need to take up the whole entire fifth movie or anything. Just an opinion.

  7. Jess S. says:

    as sick as it sounds i want to see the entire birth scene but through bellas POV i am currently rereading breaking dawn and think the birth scene is incredible. to actually see that and not just have a watered down pg version would be incredible!

  8. Shaylin M. says:

    The thing is… there’s fear in most everyone’s heart when Bells rips her placenta. Who’s would you choose to leave out? It will have to be somewhat watered down to cover all the “involved” characters and give proper dues to Bella and Edward as they are the central characters. Rose and Jake have to be involved a lot as well due to their commitment to Bella/Renesmee. I have had issues with some of the movie interpretation to date but hopefully they will give MAJOR thought to these rewrites and not give in ot the writer’s vision. She’s been way off here and there. Bring Stephanie in.. Let her help write this pivotal scene!

  9. Michele S says:

    I think they should stick as close to the book as they can!!! I think Stephanie should write the scene!!!

  10. Rosa M says:

    I want to see the entire honeymoon,with details.
    Iagree with Michele comment,Stephanie shoul write the scene.I am in love with the entire zaga,more the books.
    Las peliculas,aunque magnificas, no les hacen honor a los libros.

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