Jacob-Love, Angry-Edward, Tent Scene Re-Shoots, and KNITTING?

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Jacob-Love, Angry-Edward, Tent Scene Re-Shoots, and KNITTING? Yes, you read that right!  You can listen to the audio, or read the transcript below!  We hope you enjoy this portion of the Stephenie Meyer Fan Junket!

[audio:https://twilightseriestheories.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Release-4.mp3|titles=Release 4]

LT: I hate when people say they don’t…like, they read New Moon but they don’t read it in like a second reading because they hate when he’s [Edward] gone.  And I’m like, “Second time through is when you get it!”  You have to go through…


Kassie: I read it again and I still didn’t like it!

(laughter & chatter)

SM: Well, you have to have a small part of your heart open for the best friend.  If you give him a chance, which not everyone did…

Kallie: When they cast Taylor Lautner it gave her [Kassie] a little bit bigger…

Kassie: It made him (Jacob) a little bit better.

SM: See, and I love Taylor.  He’s really sweet.  He brought kinda that element that I feel like Jacob needed where you see the nice kid who’s really trying.  You know he screws up because he’s a dumb teenage boy, but he’s trying.  He wants good things.  His motivations are very good all along.

Kallie: I did have to…I had to confess to her [Kassie] after re-reading Eclipse that she [Kassie] was right in some ways about Jacob! I love Jacob, but after reading Eclipse


SM: And he’s someone…And there’s something that I think rarely comes across, which is that, you know we all love the vampires, right?  We know the Cullens.  We know they’re good people.  We know that they’re not what Jacob thinks and so we don’t give him any credit.  We think that he’s being…[That he’s] hating them even knowing the good in them, and that’s not true.  He really feels like they are the way that we kind of feel about um…My brain is so messed up…

Kallie: Victoria and Riley…

SM: Riley.  How do we feel about Riley now?  He is a bad guy.  He does horrible things and you wouldn’t want your best friend hanging out with him.  You know?  And he sees Edward in a really similar light.  This is a monster, and he’s trying everything he can think of to save her from this horrible, horrible fate.  It’s the same fate we’re rooting for!  So that makes us not have a lot of patience with him, but in his mind his intentions are totally pure.  He is not being a jerk to be a jerk.  He’s being a jerk ‘cause he’s trying to save her.

Kallie: There are those of us though that do love that wolf pack, so…You know?


SM: They’re so much fun for me, you know, being so exposed to boys as I am. I love the way guys interact with each other. They fight, but they have each other’s back.  They’re just so much fun, and they’re sweet.  They’re fun.

TF: Ok, we have a question about “angry Edward” and how hot he is!


TF: When he gets angry he pulls up and he’s like: “If you ever touch her against her will again!”…

SM: Don’t give me that look Meg.

TF: And everybody, all the fans just love it.  We all love it and everybody went crazy.  Our members, we all wanna know about “angry Edward.”

TF: Why do you think that the fandom thinks “angry Edward” is so hot?

SM: You know what’s funny about this scene, and Megan’s giving me the eye, that’s the one I walked out on in the trailer on the dailies because in my head that scene was so much different and the movie Edward is quite separate motivationally from the book Edward.  At this point in the film, in the story for me, he’s gotten past this.  Like he’s realized: “I can’t act like a teenage boy anymore.  I have to give her her space.  I have to be the mature one here.” And in that scene in the book he has icy calm control.  He is very gentle.  He is very soft-spoken.  He is very mature.  And so when I see him…and plus you know the movies are unable to bring to life some of the elements of the mythology.  If Edward had in anger grabbed Jacob by the shoulder his arm would have come off, and the fact that Taylor is uninjured and that he [Edward] just kind of shakes him bothered me!  ‘Cause I’m like: “Wait, if we’re gonna tear his arm off!  Let’s do it!”  You know?  And it’s hard for them [the filmmakers] because blood puts you over the limits and stuff, and so they would not tear off Jacob’s arm and I’m like: “If we want ‘angry Edward’ I wanna see some blood.”  And they’d already filmed that day, we couldn’t redo it.  But people have responded really well to it, and it’s grown on me.

TF: It is different than the book…


TF: It’s as close to a vampire as we’ve seen him because he’s been so restrained…

SM:  And restraint is pretty much his middle name.  And we don’t have the scenes early in the book where she [Bella] comes back from La Push and he’s like: “Are you trying to make me insane?!” And he’s really lost it.  We don’t have that evolution where he goes overboard.  We have a little bit.  We have the battery disabling, which is really over the line.  But then, he’s supposed to learn and he’s supposed to stop.  And by that point we’re so far in it’s like: “Why is he still acting like this?!”  But okay it is hot, I’ll give you that.  If the arm had come off I would have liked it better.

TF: It turned out well considering it was a deviation from the book, you know?  And anyway, we liked it.

(chatter and laughter)

Kassie: I don’t wanna hear it.  I didn’t know about that!

SM: Well that one’s been released in clips.  That one’s already out there.

Kassie: Yeah, I just haven’t watched it.

SM: Yeah.  You’re a good girl.

Kassie: I know.

(more chatter)

LT: So this like plays perfectly into this: When do you choose your battles in seeing the movie and the book?  Like you have the book, they have a vision and they throw in a line and you’re like: “They would’ve never said that.”

TF: ‘Cause it bothers us so I can’t imagine what [?]…


SM: It’s really difficult because you do have to choose which ones you want to throw down on, and I know that even when I really say, “Ok, I cannot live with this”,  it’s still 1 out of 10 I’ll get it when I really throw a fit which is rare.  It is really rare for me ‘cause I realize you know they’re making the movie.  When they come to me for advice I’m happy to say things.  There are very few things that I will…and it’s things where it just feels so wrong that there’s no other way, and some of them are such small little things but it’s just like this…Um, you know like with the reshoots that we were talking about?  A lot of that was wig-related.  Um, it’s harder than you would think!  A lot harder!  You know it’s funny, some things you just take for granted in movies and it’s amazing how difficult some things are to do.  But one of the reasons we were back there was because there was one blocking issue I had, and it was not…and nobody else cared, but for me this was such a key blocking thing that this physically had to look this way.  That one I really was like: “I have to have this.  I can’t, I can’t see this like this.”  And everyone’s like: “Really?  This?”

TF: All the fans would’ve cared.


SM: The fans would care about this one.  The fans would care.  And I think…

Fansite: Is that with the tent scene or what?

SM: It is.  It is.

Fansite: I heard he [Jacob] was sitting up and now he’s laying down.

SM: It’s not sitting up and laying down.  That’s not it.  It’s… you know, when they’re in the sleeping bag together how do you visualize that?

Fansite: Spooning!

Fansite: Sexy hot!

SM: Enveloping her.  He’s wrapped all around her, and in the original…

Fansite: Don’t ruin the surprise!


SM: But see, and that’s the expectation…


SM: I would have had more envelopy actually even than we have, but… The one thing I scheduled my whole schedule around with Eclipse was I had to be there for the tent scene.  That was number 1.  So that was on the calendar and I had the other scenes in order of priority and I had those days booked.  I was already going to Vancouver, and they had a weather problem and they filmed it while I wasn’t there.  And so I’m like: “Ok, you’re not gonna panic!”  But in the original version, Jacob gets into the sleeping bag and doesn’t touch her.

Fansite: What?!

Fansite: No way!


SM: Even if he were human, you know to keep someone warm you would do that.  And then you have the extra added thing you know this is the girl he’s in love with.  He’s in a sleeping bag with her.  I mean, come on!  And it just…I was like: “What? What? Why isn’t he touching her?  Why isn’t he touching her?!”  Oh, it was so…

Fansite: Team Jacob’s gonna freak out!

Fansite: Everybody would’ve freaked out.


SM: It doesn’t make sense that he wouldn’t do that and you’d sit there and say, “Why?  He’s supposed to be warming her up, right?” Even if you had no baggage from reading the books you would still have the same [reaction]: “What are they doing?”


Fansite: Were the actors not like: “This is awkward.  We’re just like popsicles in the bag.”

SM: Yeah, I wasn’t there.  I don’t know what happened.  But it was…

Fansite: It’s great now!


Fansite: The reshoot worked.  It was great!

SM: Oh I was really happy with how that turned out.

Fansite: It was exactly…I mean the emotion that was in the book was in that scene.

SM: Well and it was interesting because, um, the original script for it I was fine with but then they tweaked the script because they felt like one part of the conversation that got a lot more in depth than the original we kind of already knew.  You know you had the whole rehash when Edward’s talking about: “When I first met her.”  And they pulled that instead and went with the later part of the scene where Jacob’s like: “How did you cope?”  And I think the emotionality of it just went through the roof with that tweak.  So it was really…It really was nicely done.


Fansite: But it was so long.  I loved how long it was.

SM:  Yeah, I love that they just let it happen which was fantastic and I think that was Rob’s best day of shooting.  Oh it’s so funny! Did you guys see all the rumors about like there are problems and stuff?  Rob was only supposed to be there for the last day.  The first two were Jacob and Bella scenes where the wig had been a problem.  The last day was the tent.  That was it, and it was a pretty easy shoot.  The only problem for that day was that Kristen had the stomach flu and luckily, she was supposed to lay there but between every like scene…oh, she was so sick.  And Taylor, like he was over digging around grabbing a garbage can.  I’m like: “Why is Taylor taking the garbage?”  And he brought it over there for her so she could puke in it if she needed to.  And it was so sweet. Everybody was taking care of her and everything, but it was a hard day.  You know you look at actors you know and a lot of people are like: “Oh I want to be an actor.”  It’s so hard and they have to sit there and she’s wanting to puke and she’s all feverish and she’s having to do the shivering.  I was just like…

Fansite: Trooper.

SM: She was.  She, oh, she just…She was a workhorse that day.  But that was our only drama was that poor Kristen got sick and I think it was food poisoning.  Poor Kristen.  But it was a great shoot, wasn’t it?


SM: It was one of those days where at the end you’re like: “We really killed it today!  This is gonna be great!”  It was a great day!

(chatter and laughter)

Fansite: So do you see the dailies, like on that [tent scene]?  Did you see the dailies when the original shoot, when you’re like…

SM: Um, yeah.  But I came up…When I came up the next time I was up there I always go through all the dailies and everything that I missed while I was gone.  And so…and then it’s too late which is the problem, because reshoots are hideously expensive and you know problematical because Rob’s doing a movie somewhere else and Kristen’s doing a movie.  And their schedules…We had to do the reshoots really close to the release date because you know Rob was doing Bel Ami and so it was, you know,…It’s difficult to do reshoots so you wanna get it in the day and that’s when you have things like Rob not tearing his arm off.  Um, you can’t really do much about it because…


SM: Also, they had dismantled Bella’s house at that point and that scene takes place in front of the house that no longer was there.  And that’s a problem.

Fansite: We’d like it there just as a…so we could visit it all the time.

SM: I know they should just…

Fansite: Why’d they take it down?

SM: They took it down so that it wouldn’t get vandalized in between shoots.  And then they have it all stored away like a puzzle that they can put back together. Same with the Cullen house.

Kassie: Well and you have to get all these inspections done and all that kind of stuff if you leave the house there, don’t you?

SM: Oh really?

Kassie: There’s all these technical things that go along with it.

Matt: Well yeah ‘cause they can’t keep it up because it’s not a fully-functioning house.

Kassie:  [It] would get vandalized?  Who would vandalize…

SM: People steal pieces.


SM: The gas cap from Bella’s truck.


SM: This is siding from Bella’s house, look!

(chatter and laughter)

Fansite: I wanna steal the entire car.


SM: The Cullen house you know they built all indoors which was really cool.  That was…to walk into that soundstage with the gravel driveway, and the forest, and the house.  And to walk through the whole house and it’s all just a set; it was really an amazing construction.  Bill Bannerman does that and we were all…He’s a really fun guy and we’re like: “Bill, well done! Can I have one?  Can you build this for me?”

Fansite: And it’s all real? Like an actual driveway?

SM: Yeah, and it’s like totally solid and you’re kind of stepping on the steps gingerly like: “Maybe this is paper.”  And it’s all very solid.


SM: Night shoots. We reenacted some scenes.  You know Wyck [Godfrey] the producer?  Like he and Megan did the tree climb.  I was the cameraman on the cell phone.  Good times.

(chatter and laughter)

SM: When you’re…There is so much time in between takes.  Especially when they’re resetting you spend a lot of time sitting there.  Most of the people on the set picked up knitting, including her [Meghan].  Kristen taught her how to purl ‘cause like Gina, the hair lady, taught everybody to knit.  She taught Kristen to knit and they all just sit around knitting.  It’s really cute.

Fansite: Everybody wanted to know what those…what Kristen was doing knitting.  We’re like: “What?  Is she knitting?  Is that in the movie?”

SM: It’s very calming, right?  So you just kind of sit there and you don’t…You can think while your hands work.  It’s a very popular thing.  She [Meghan] makes really good scarves now, and she learned it on Eclipse.

Kallie: Favorite color’s green.

SM: I’ll be right on it.

(chatter and laughter)

SM: She [Meghan] has like a backorder of two or three that she’s supposed to do for me so yeah, you’re gonna have to wait.

Meghan: There was this little thing I had to put together first before I could get to your knitting.  I’m just kidding!


Fansite: You could be doing it now, while we talk.


SM: I have a couple. I get her yarn that I…I’m like: “I want this.”

(chatter and laughter)


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    I want to know what Stephanie thought of Bella getting on the motor bike with Jacob at the school and Edward just standing there (movie). I just cant see Bella doing that, let alone Edward allowing it at this point in the book.

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      same, i mean in the book Bella’s more sneaky and , Edward would never really let Bella on that motor bike after only a little while before forbidding her near werewolves, it just wasn’t right none of that scene worked in my opinion there making Edward out to be soft and a pushover but in this movie he was angry most of it, and it just didnt show it,

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    Look at it this way Stephenie, if it had been a normal person that Angry Edward grabbed by the arm, the arm WOULD have come off…but Jacob, he’s a werewolf. He can take it!
    I agree with you, that scene was much more effective with Icy Calm Angry Edward the way you did it in the book but Rob DOES look hot as Angry Edward in the movie.

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    The saga has been the best …. also the scene of the sleeping bag was amused by the conversation of Edwar and jacob.

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