Stephenie Meyers’ Breaking Down?

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The school year has begun… I am exhausted, and I’m afraid the website has suffered the consequences!  I bet you are thinking that I’m ‘Breaking Down’, and I am, but for this week we are bringing you a portion of our interview with Stephenie Meyer where we discuss potential names for the two Breaking Dawn movies that will be released in the next two year!  If you want to listen, click play… If you’d rather read, the transcript is below!


SM: This one she says may not be answerable.

Kallie: It may not be legal and that’s okay. If it’s not, okay.  I feel like a rebel right now.
Kassie: You are.  I told her not to ask it.
Kallie: I’m the straight-laced one.  Okay, so Breaking Dawn the book is being made into two movies.
SM: Yeah.
Kallie: Breaking Dawn I, Breaking Dawn II?
SM: Oh the names?
Kallie: Yes, for the movies.
SM: Oh I don’t know.  I don’t know.
Kallie: Do you have any ideas or anything?
SM: I don’t have anything.  I was thinking about that one because Breaking Dawn I and Breaking Dawn II is really flat, but then what else are you gonna do?
Kallie: I think we should look towards the Alien movies and what they’ve called them ‘cause I always think that the baby scene…
Matt: “Breaking Dawns”?
Fansite:  You know how it’s like breaking out?
Kallie: Yeah, “Breaking Out” is number one and Breaking Dawn can be number two.  No, not really.  But you know—
SM: “Breaking Down”.
Matt: “Breaking Down Again”.
SM: “Breaking Down” was actually a project for awhile.  There was awhile where you get burned out.  We came up with an alternate Breaking Dawn called “Breaking Down”.
Fansite: Nice.
SM: It was awesome.
?: There was a lot of really good stuff.
SM: Spiraling downward into the destruction of Bella Swan’s life and everyone around her.  Charlie ended up being a meth addict.  It was cool.
(chatter and laughter)
SM: No, no it was awesome!  Okay, so it starts out with Bella on the same cliff, right?  But this time she’s taking her life and she’s going back over like everything that’s happened to get to this point, and it all kind of got started because there was trouble and Alice and Jacob…I forget how it works.  Jacob killed Alice right?  And it was somewhat Bella’s fault.
Fansite: What?!
SM: No, no.  It was “Breaking Down.”  So Alice is dead and Edward is horrified because this is Bella’s fault and he like backhands Bella and disappears.  He’s gone.  All the Cullens are gone.  Alice is dead.  The Cullens are gone.  So Bella’s in the hospital on heavy pain meds which is how Charlie got addicted, and she ends up marrying Mike because you know she settles and she marries Mike.  And so she’s stuck with Mike and it’s really depressing and then he leaves her for Eric Yorkie.
(chatter and laughter)
?: You’re forgetting Lauren what’s her name on America’s Next Top Model.
SM: Oh and Lauren Mallory wins America’s Next Top Model.  Um and then Charlie ends up getting killed by drug dealers and so …I think her mom died in a car accident somewhere.  And so she ends up…there’s nothing so she’s gonna kill herself and then she thinks at the very edge at the cliff at the end: “You know?  This is stupid.  I’m not gonna kill myself.  I’m gonna rebound.  I’m gonna forge a new life.”  She turns around; she trips and falls over anyway.
(chatter and laughter)
Elysa: This needs to be made.
Matt: It needs to be a graphic novel too.
SM: Well I…you know there were so many expectations for Breaking Dawn that were like: “If this doesn’t happen I’m going to hate it.”  And then the exact opposite: “If the exact opposite doesn’t happen I’m going to hate it.”  I’m like: “I’m gonna write something that everybody hates!”  And then I wanted to leak it you know?  And just like have little pieces of it and people be like: “Oh my gosh!”  It was gonna be great.  We have a lot of fun when coming up with these horrific ideas.
Kallie: It sounds like it.
SM: You know the thing is that Billy Burke would kill Charlie on drugs.  He’d be so good at that.
SM: I’m just surprised that he hasn’t been…He’s an amazing talent.  Like where are people in picking him up?  ‘Cause he is amazing.  I want to see him in more things.

Kallie: We think he’s very funny.
SM: His timing is excellent.
LT: All his scenes are the best.
SM: And Anna Kendrick?
SM: It’s so exciting when she has…when it’s her day on set because you know you’re gonna be laughing all day.  She is—
Laura: Is she funny like outside the film?
SM: Oh yeah. Yeah. She just was monologuing in New Moon, like she was just coming up with that stuff.
Matt: Oh yeah I heard about that.
SM: She is great.
Matt: The whole thing with him [Charlie] and Bella talking about you know “the talk”.  It was so funny.  I was laughing out loud.
SM: That was one of those things, talking about protection, that I really didn’t want to get out before the movie.  And so far so good because that scene is just something that needs to be seen in its entirety and enjoyed ‘cause it’s well done.
Matt: It was really good.
SM: He owns it.  He’s so great. Okay.
Fansite: Okay, we might need you to … on this one Jodi.  Would you ever put that “Breaking Down” on Twilighted and what do you think of fan fiction?
SM: Oh okay Twilighted is not something…
Fansite: it’s like—
TF: It’s like but it’s a different one.
SM: Okay, um, I mean if I wrote it I would put it on my website as a joke.  I wouldn’t put you know…I have a venue to do these things.  Um fan fiction has kind of become sort of a mixed thing for me.  Like in the beginning I hadn’t heard of it and there were some that were um, I couldn’t read any that had the characters in character because it was kind of…it freaked me out.  Um, but I liked…there was one about Harry Potter and Twilight was hilarious.  And then there was one about a girl who was starring as Bella in the movie and like got to meet Henry Cavill, this is really early in, that was funny.  But then I hear so many people like arguing about fan fiction and “this one is better!”  It seems very contentious and it seems like some of it’s not as much fun anymore so I don’t know.
Fansite: We’re having lots of fun with it but…
SM: Well that’s good.  That’s good.  Although sometimes I worry because people pour out so much energy and talent into these things and then they can’t…I mean I guess it’s practice, but it makes me frustrated like go write your story ‘cause you’ve got something.  Put them out there and get them published!  That’s what you should be doing.  You should be working on your own book right now.
Fansite: Some of them they can just change the names and they could be books.
TF: The ones that I like to read are the ones that aren’t anything to do that are similar.  I don’t like anything similar to the book.  I like the ones where Edward is a banker or Edward’s in the mafia or whatever.  I like the totally different ones ‘cause I like my characters to just stay the pure characters that you write.
SM: Well I mean and I just—
Fansite: But a lot of people love it.
SM: As long as they view the writers of it like move on from it and write their own stuff because I think it’s sad to spend so much energy on something that you can’t own and that makes me a little bit sad because all these talented kids should be you know…Get your story out under the bed and get it out there.
Fansite: Right.
SM: We need more books.
Fansite: If you won’t write it we have to have something!
(chatter and laughter)
TF: The ones that I love are the ones where they are so good they could be a novel like if they would just change the names ‘cause it’s nothing like the plot.  You know it’s not like the Twilight plot.
SM: Well and that means it’s their own story and maybe they want to have a venue to try their stories out and that’s something too.  But you know you do have to kind of worry I mean the whole Midnight Sun mess came about because when you first get started you really want people to read your book/work and give you feedback.  And no one’s ever gonna care, like you don’t have to worry about leaks.  That’s such a crazy idea and with Midnight Sun you know I had a readers’ group and we all read each others’ stuff and that’s very normal and I saw a lot of feedback you know like: “Well she shouldn’t be giving her stuff out” and everything.  It’s like ten years ago before anybody knew that had ever read Twilight did you ever think anyone was gonna care and look for this crap?  Absolutely not.  And you know that’s how, as a writer, that’s how you work.  You show your stuff.  You get feedback from people and you learn from it.  Um and I think that the fan fiction can do that in a nice way.  It…you at least get to hear some people’s thoughts also but there’s a lot of negativity online.  If your face isn’t attached you’re not…When you’re in person with someone I think it’s really hard to be like: “I hate you! You suck!”
(chatter and laughter)
LT: Yeah they would rather twitter something about you in the same room. I’ve had that happen.
SM: Really?
LT: When they vent and they’ll say something mean about me in the same room and you’re like I’m right here!  Come to me.
SM: I worry about that evolution.  Like if we all are all mean on the internet and nasty all the time is that going to cross over into real life?  That’s kind of scary.  Are we gonna lose that common courtesy element ‘cause online it’s completely gone.  And so that’s a hard thing.  If you have a writers’ group and you’re talking about your work people are at least gonna have some courtesy [and] be like: “Well this part maybe didn’t work for me so well.”  But they’re not gonna be like: “You’re the biggest loser in the world!”  Which is what you’re gonna get online and that might discourage some writers who are really good and shouldn’t be that discouraged you know?  That’s kind of scary. Yeah, sometimes online it’s…
Matt: Anyone can have a voice on the internet that’s why it’s…
SM: Well some people seem to take delight.  It’s like the Harry Potter shouters.  People who take delight in just kicking people down and it’s like why?
Matt: I don’t know who…Oh no it was Nikki Reed who was telling me, who told me that’s why she doesn’t go on the internet and hear about people talk about her character and how her portrayal is.  It’s because it could be anybody that talks…that can just hit you right in the gut and it could be just some ten-year-old kid from, I don’t know, the Netherlands talking about you.
SM: And they might even believe it.  They might just be saying—
Elysa: It’s always those ten-year-olds.
Fansite: Those stupid ten-year-olds!
SM: But you know they do they massacre people.  And I’m hoping that people see her performance in this one and like have a better appreciation for what she can do.  She hasn’t really had a chance you know.  A lot of them haven’t and it’s great that she gets her moment in this one.  Short but it’s there at least.
Fansite: Your bridezilla.
Fansite: So we love to talk about merch[andise].  We love to purchase weird merch things and like do embarrassing things with it ‘cause it’s just awesome to do that.  Um, so what have you seen that you’ve been like: “Oh okay that’s interesting.”  Or have?
LT: What is the weirdest thing you own?
SM: What’s the weirdest thing that I’ve been given?  I’ve been given some really amazing stuff.  It’s weird because it’s so much time.  The quilts that I was made that, I mean I don’t have words.  It’s amazing.  Each square was made by someone different and so they depict scenes from different scenes from the book, and it’s lovely.  I had…someone knitted a giant Twilight book cover with the hands and the apple.  It’s a bed-sized blanket, and it’s amazing but it also makes you feel a little weird like that’s a lot of effort and you’re just giving it away to someone you don’t know!  I mean it’s kind of…I’m trying to think if I have anything really weird.  People send me a lot of music; like self-made music.
?: We get it too: “Can you pass this on to Stephenie?”
SM: People at my old house used to slide it through the gate and there would be stuff out there in the morning.
?: The drum.  I’m just helping you remember things.
SM: Oh the drum was…That was amazing.  That’s one of my favorite things.  From the Quileute Nation they sent me a drum, and I guess part of the passage on is [that] you have to make your first drum and it was somebody’s first drum that they made.  It’s really beautiful. There’s one very similar to it hanging in Emily’s house and they used the same thing, so that was really cool.  But they want things that are funny that I’ve gotten.
?: The Christian t-shirts.
SM: I’m trying to remember. It was something like “Edward would wait.” And it had like a picture of Edward on it.  I have [stuff] like that. And those are like, aw man, talk about secondhand embarrassment.  I get a lot of that.  The tattoos make me cry.
LT: Those are my favorite.
SM: But they make me cry—
LT: They’re so great.
Kallie: There’s somebody doing a contest I think right now about you.
SM: I know and they’re encouraging them!  Ten years are gonna pass and your gonna read another book and your tattoo is gonna spread and you’re gonna be really unhappy you did that!
Kallie: It’s different if it’s like a spray and tack on your body kind of tattoo.
SM: Oh do it! Temporary tattoos are great. Go for it.
Kallie: I remember last year, I guess at the premiere there was a girl that had Twilight but then you turned it around and it said “vampire”?
Fansites: “Werewolves.”
SM: I mean you gotta give her points for it being kind of cool.
LT: But what about the one that’s like Edward’s head but it’s like sort of Rob but he’s got a wonky eye.
(chatter and laughter)
SM: I just don’t want people having big regrets in ten years because of Twilight that makes me kind of sad.
SM: “Why did she do this to me?!”
Fansite:  But there’s like the um, what do they call it, the Edward pillow have you seen that?
SM: You know what that always…Did you see the 30 Rock with um, oh what’s his name?
SM: James Franco.  Where he’s in love with the body pillow?
Fansite: And he takes it [on] dates.
SM: And like he’s dating a body pillow and so he hires Jenna to be his fake girlfriend to cover up the scandal.  And every time I see that I think of the Rob pillow.  Yeah, there’s some stuff out there, and especially the non-sanctioned stuff and everything…Awww.
Fansite: Do you have a room that you put all of this stuff in or—
SM: I have a Twilight storage shed.  We have three storage sheds.  I mean they give me all the official merchandise too and you know you kind of think there are people who want this you know I’ll save this and give it to someone, and then the boxes pile up.  Thought it’s kinda…Like for—
?: You guys are getting some of it.
SM: Yeah you are!  For Christmas last year, we always do a “white elephant” exchange in my family it’s kind of like a good joke at who can get the best thing right, and so I you know because I have a lot of brothers so I got the extra-large Jacob with no shirt on [t-shirts] so they could wear those around.  It was pretty good.
(chatter and laughter)
Kallie:  We have a traveling wedding CD that one of our cousins did for her wedding, like a CD of their favorite songs, and it’s always the “white elephant” gift.  It gets given to somebody every year.
SM: It’s the sauna suit at our house. It’s like a metal bag thing.  That one makes the rounds.
Fansite: I’m right there with you.


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