Rob & Kristen’s Stunt Doubles at Work Today

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Meet Raphael and Roberta.  These two are Rob and Kristen’s stunt doubles/stand-ins while they’re in Brazil. Go here to read more!  (via


                                                            ——————————Spoiler Alert!——————————

Here you can see Raphael and Roberta while the crew are setting up a scene on Isle Esme earlier today!  And as pointed out, you can see what looks like a chess board sitting in between the doubles, so it seems as if Bella and Edward might be playing some chess while on their honeymoon–among other things ;). 


Because my brain must’ve shut off or something when I posted this earlier, I just realized the significance of the chess board.  Earlier I was just like, “Oh okay, I guess it’s cool that they’re playing chess…on their honeymoon.” Geez louise. 🙂


According to Sérgio Sá Leitão, the president of Rio Filme, tomorrow is the last day of filming in Brazil.  It’s been a fun week keeping tabs on Breaking Dawn in Brazil, but unfortunately, it looks as though it’s going to be slim pickings once the cast and crew head back to Baton Rouge, where shooting is scheduled to start back up on Tuesday.  The studio in Baton Rouge where BD will shoot is a secure facility, and according to @SceneToday the surrounding streets have already been closed off.  

Don’t hate me for saying this, but part of me is glad that for this one, of all the movies, it’s going to be harder to catch a glimpse at filming–I don’t want to be too spoiled before seeing the actual movie! 

Photo Credit: 1-Capricho, 2-Marcio Marques at IG Gente

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