Twilight Vs. Harry Potter: The Ultimate Fan Debate

Nov 18th, 2010 | By | Category: Fandom, Featured Articles

Moviefone hosted a debate on one of the ongoing questions in the fan universe: Twilight or Harry Potter!  Laura from Twilight Lexicon and Andrew from Mugglenet battled it out to see who has the ultimate fandom and a winner was named!  Click here to find out who is victorious. 🙂

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8 Comments to “Twilight Vs. Harry Potter: The Ultimate Fan Debate”

  1. Bella Cullen says:


  2. Mary says:

    Laura Bryne and the Producer were “spot-on”…..Twilight Rules!

  3. Donna says:

    Uhm.. No. Sorry. I love twilight, but Harry Potter is WAY better than twilight. You kids are just stuck on the whole glittery vampire love mess. xP

  4. shannon says:

    This whole “who is better” is crap. They are two totally different stories. I like both, but I will have to say that Harry Potter holds a special place in my heart. I think the movies are so much better todate and the books were much better written. Why does it have to be a compitition? Just doesn’t make sence to me!

  5. Arianne says:

    I love both the movies. But I’m curiouse can someone tell me who won I can’t watch the video

  6. Samantha says:

    I LOVE HARRY POTTTER!!!!! It will beet TWILIGHT!!!!

  7. Emeline says:

    Harry Potter is by far the better series. The characters are complex, and in Twilight the characters are all one dimensional Sues/Stus.
    HP is written in a range of genres- horror, supernatural, fairy tale, romance, action, mystery- and all Twilight has is romance that’s not really even love- its lust.
    I could come up with a thousand reasons why HP is better than Twilight, but I’d prefer not to bore everyone. Harry Potter will always beat Twilight…

    Also, the avada kedavra curse totally pwns vampire strength!

  8. isabel1 says:

    Twilight is definitely better although both books and film that grew up with HP never caught my attention! I saw the first and super boring hiso jajajaja. Twilight the book incleible incredible writer draws on many real things that you identify with the things that happen to the characters by removing the vampires and wolves! is still a great novel …. who like what happened to your best friend fall in love with you? or your boyfriend leave you? or you have to choose for one of the two?, many girls with isabella swan is not the typical girl cheerleader, blonde team captain, who walks with the most popular guy … is an ordinary girl in a box not with stereotypes typical! I think that’s why many feel identify with any character in the book because they are stories that people pass daily … .. SPECIAL PH has ???????

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