Moviefone’s “The Making of a Twi-Hard…?”

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So it looks like we’ve got another Twi-newbie.  Over at Moviefone, Gabrielle Dunn has set herself a challenge: to watch all 3 Twilight films.  She says she’s never read the books but has a couple of family members who are Twi-hards:

 So why have I avoided ‘Twilight’? One big reason is that I grew up with ‘Harry Potter,’ and my loyalty to that franchise has always reigned supreme. I know it is possible to like both (What?!) and that the two have very little in common, aside from Pattinson. Plus, author Stephenie Meyer seems like a wacked-out version of the queen of kids’ fiction, Jo Rowling. (I know, I know, shun the non-believer.)

Another reason I’ve avoided the series, truthfully, is that I’ve heard ‘Twilight’ is … well, stupid. I’ve heard that the books are poorly written, that the female character, Bella, is a mockery of modern feminism, that the love story sets a bad example for teenagers and that the acting in the films is as wooden as a ‘Potter’ broomstick. But I’ve never taken the time to see for myself.

The thing is, ‘Twilight’ is maddeningly intriguing. The fan base is so devoted and rabid that it makes me wonder why. My mother is a smart, college-educated lawyer — not some gullible, love-starved housewife or tween I’d assumed this series was written for. If she likes ‘Twilight,’ the series must have merit, right?

She lists 10 things she thinks she knows about Twilight and my favorite one is #8:

8. Edward does a lot of crazy stuff like take the engine out of Bella’s car and make her jump off a cliff.

I think this is all in the name of love, for some insane reason.

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I love hearing what people outside the fandom think about Twilight.  It’s hilarious how often things get lost in translation–see #5 on her list.  Gabrielle will be posting her thoughts on Twilight and New Moon on Thursday, and Friday you can chat with her live on the Moviefone blog while she watches Eclipse for the first time!

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  1. Sade says:

    I love twilight and i’m definitely not a tween. I’m a health professional, happily married, with children the eldest of which is already 19 years old. I love twilight and is a devoted team edward. I accidentally watched the movie while waiting for my dinner at a restaurant. I liked what i saw of it, looked up the cds and books, read all four books, looked up the story in utube. Saw a lot of Pattinsons interview, really liked him as a funny, quirky character who’s also a nice ‘eye candy’. Follows the twilight updates in my sparetime and is rooting for Rob to succeed as i liked him, as a star and a person.

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