Cryers Cross By: Lisa Mcmann

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Lisa has done it again! Cryers Cross is a paranormal thriller, with just the right amount of romance.

In this small town of just 212 people everyone is close and the town feels like a family.  But when a local teenager goes missing without a trace the town goes crazy trying to find where Tiffany may be.  Kendell was  friendly but not a real friend to Tiffany and it didn’t really effect her OCD life.

But what happens when another student very close, and very special to Kendell vanishes just months after Tiffany? How do the two teens vanish in such a small town? Is there a connection?  How will Kendell handle everything happening now to the small 210 people town.

Then it happens. Voices. Voices Kendell starts hearing, telling her things. She sees things on a desk in her classroom, and her brain goes into over drive trying to piece everything together.  Will another student go missing? The choices are up to Kendell.

Lisa Mcmann, author of WAKE, FADE, and GONE, writes this fast pace stand alone novel as a thriller.  This novel was as scary to read as it would be to watch.  She tells the story with such detail I felt as if I was watching it.  The anticipation and anxiety that ran through my veins as I flipped the pages devouring this book as fast as I could.  Cryers Cross is addicting, and a great blend of romance, thrilling plots, and paranormal activity to keep you up at night. A must read!

Look for it in bookstores February 8th 2011!

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  1. Carrie Marie says:

    Sounds really interesting!

  2. Alex says:

    It really is! And VERY ENJOYABLE!(:

  3. Lex! R0s@ says:

    My teacher told us about it! its sound sooooo cool! I cant wait to read it!

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