TST’s Eclipse DVD Commentary

Dec 24th, 2010 | By | Category: Fandom, Featured Articles, Movie News, Podcasts, Site News

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This month Kassie and I took the time to make a commentary for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD!  We hope you enjoy the silly banter, and overly dramatic discussion about everything in the movie… From wigs to boy/men you know we’ve got something to say!

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One Comment to “TST’s Eclipse DVD Commentary”

  1. JESS says:

    I loved Eclipse! Jacob finally kissed Bella. I hope that the next movie would be different from the book in hopes that Jacob and Bella stay together. (No, i haven’t read the book I’m just going off of want others have said about it. I heard it was great.) But i think that these are both good guys. Since Edward ended up with Bella in the book, Jacob should end up with Bella in the moive. Don’t get me wrong I was all for Edward in the first movie even though Jacob had a crush on her. When Edward left, even though it was for her own good, I just couldn’t believe he did that to her. Jacob was there for her. He’s perfect for her. I’m weird, i think too much into it. Lol. I have a lot more to say but i’ll kepp it to myself. Eclipse was very good.

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