MTV’s Favorite “Twilight” Moments of 2010

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MTV has compiled some of their video interviews that make up their favorite Twilight moments of the year.  The first video, which is of Rob talking about the weirdest Twi merch he’s come across, is posted below and the 7 others should automatically play afterward, if not visit MTV’s site


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Which is your favorite Twilight moment? I love the video of Kristen and Taylor talking about her culinary skillz. Yeah, “skillz” not “skills”. 😉  I think the moment, from the MTV Movie Awards, pictured above of Rob & Taylor sportin’ the ‘staches and aviators should’ve been on the list. That was by far one of my favorite things this year! In fact, let’s revisit it, shall we? (Forewarning for those that haven’t seen it: there’s some harsh language)


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