Vampire Academy: Last Sacrifice

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This month we are so excited to talk about the last book in the Vampire Academy series, by Richelle Mead!  To celebrate we are giving away a signed copy of Last Sacrifice, to go along with VA being our Book of the Month! You have most of the month to enter, because we want you to read the book and give us your Supporter’s Speculations below, in the comments!  Tell us what you think will happen next, or what you think the spin-off series will be about… We will randomly select a winner from the comments section on Saturday, January 22, 2011!  Everyone andd anyone is eligible!    The winner will also be invited to talk with us on the show!

In addition, we will be posting a chat with the author, Richelle Mead!  You won’t want to miss this month’s fun with our Book of the Month!

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17 Comments to “Vampire Academy: Last Sacrifice”

  1. Courtney says:

    This is great. I am a huge Richelle Mead fan. I read the new book in about a day and a half. I won’t spoil the story but it was the best in the whole series. I think that Richelle could have done a few more books. But the next series is something I can’t wait for. It comes out August 23, 2011. The one thing I was mad about was the ending. That’s all I have to say.

  2. Krystal says:

    I’m so excited for this! There are so many great YA sequels and spin-offs coming out this year. We’re off to a great 2011 🙂

  3. Laura H says:

    I am IN LOVE with these books. I literally can’t bear putting them down when I’m reading them. I read Last Sacrifice over Xmas and all I can say is ‘it made my Christmas’ I’d been really busy at work in the run up to the holidays and i’m so glad I waited til I had time off to read it cause it would have driven me nuts if i’d started it and couldn’t have read more because of working LONG hours.

    I wrote huge email to my friend Krystal about the book and basically it was me gushing about how amazing it was so i’ll just skip that bit because I know you probably already know how amazing it is and get to the nitty gritty of my SUPPORTER SPECULATIONS

    I thin kthe next book will be about the history of Lissa’s family more and it’ll be Sydney investigating it all with the help of Jill who wants to know more about her past. I think there is more to it than just Lissa’s dad having an affair and we’ll learn more about the secret world of the Alchemists too. We know that Eddie and Adrian will be big players in the book and I think that Eddie will be Jill’s guardian and Adrian will be a sort of mentor to Jill on life at Court and generally growing up but I’m not sure if he’s the best role model unless it’s learning how to mix a drink when your drunk already. HA HA

    I think that we will see more from the other Dashkov brother who was dumped in the bushes by Dimitri (not the best solution i might add!) and i’m hoping we see more of the ‘old ways’ tribe that were in the middle of the desert because that seemed like it could be than just a hidden life in the middle of no where and I bet that Rose’s “fiance” will pop up once again. So the next book will probably look more into the parts of the moroi world we don’t know, the alchemists and possibly more about Spirit too because we really don’t know all about it yet!

    oh and i hope we see more of Dimitri in every way possible. i’m just saying!


    • Courtney says:


      I totally agree I think that Rose’s fiance will show up somewhere along the line. Or maybe his sister will show up to help. I want to know more about Lissa’s family and see if Adrian could change Rose’s mind. I don’t like that Rose and Dimitri got together. I would rather Rose and Adrian be together.


      • emiily says:

        i completely agree that Rose and Adrian are much better for each other than she and Dimitri, because i love Adrian xx

  4. Melissa says:

    I loved Last Sacrifice in every way! It was great kickass fun like usual. All our favorite characters were in prime form, and we finally got to see some more of the great Rose-Dimitri dynamics that we havent really got to see a lot of since the third book. Its always been clear they’re perfect for eachother, but now we see them finally as equals and partners in a very real way.

    I loved all the amazing twists and turns the book took. I loved who the mystery sibling turned out to be. I was completely clueless as well about who killed the queen at the end of the last book, but by the time Rose came out and told us, I knew. That person had the political motivation, the means to sneak into her chambers, and the personal grudge against Rose to justify (in her mind) framing her.

    Rose has by far come so far as a character since the first book. She’s still kept her amasing smartass, kickbut, impossible logic/situation personality, but she is so much more mature and sure of herself and what she wants. She has developed so much; coming from a ball of red-hot raw engergy and potential into a much wiser, more controlled realization of that potential.

    Everything about this book was perfect and yet it didnt end completely satisfied. You still have questions, and characters with unresolved issues in the end (Lissa and her sibling, Adrian, Sydney) but to me thats perfect. Because in real life there is never an end to the story, but this came to a great solid, realistic satisfying end.


    I dont think the spin off will have much to do with Rose or Dimitri. Their great story is told. I do think that if we were to see any familiar characters, then they would probably be some of the characters we didnt get a complete ending from.

    Lissa could be a character we see more of, maybe something to follow the relationship of her and her sibling (I’m trying not to give too much away), or maybe Adrian.

    Though neither of those dont seem as likely as following a character like Sydney who we do have a lot of unanswered questions about and who is still a mystery. I personally want to know more about what Abe did besides getting her to Louisiana and what could happen between her and that young alchemist dude.

    Another possibility is that we would delve more into the world of the Keepers, with Joshua and Angeline and all them. I dont think authors introduce new characters at the end of a series without a good reason. This could be it.

    OR maybe we’ll get a little of all, but I really do think the most likely choice would be Sydney. I really hope so anyway, I really like her character.

    🙂 melissaturkey
    p.s. I’m SO glad you guys are still around even if all the twilight books are all out, its still a really nice website to chat about other books and movies and actors and such! Keep up the good work! its an amazing site!

  5. emiily says:

    hey guys, i just want to say how in love i am with this series, my favourite character is, of course Rose as i love her attitude and character. however i have to say i felt so so bad for Adrian and hated Rose when she dumped him, and how he was like “you destroyed my heart” :'( that like tore me apart because i am in love with him. and i really liked them together, even though i have to accept that Rose and Dimitri were literally made for each other. but he cant give her a child – not that she would want one, but she is always saying how there are so few dhampirs left and more should be born – Adrian could give her one. even though that would be weird.
    i love Adrian and felt that we needed to be told more about what happened to him, but that means that we will get to hear about him in the spin-off series, and i’m really excited about them and hearing about Sydney and Jill and the Keepers and of course Queen LISSA and Lord CHRISTIAN lol. i agree with what Adrian said about the whole “you complicated everyone’s life” thing, because she actually did, what is going to happen to Sydney? also she gave false hope to that boy ffrom the keepers, which was funny and she shouldn’t have said like “maybe theres a chance (of getting together)”. and that poor keeper girl, all she wanted to do was go with them to experience the outside world. i know it would have been really bad, but she could have said she would go back fo her.
    i dont like the ending of it though, i like the way Richelle described Rose getting shot, and the whole forgiveness thing with Dimitri, but she continued too quickly after it happened. maybe if she held the anticipation a bit longer it would have seemed better, but then the whole series is from Rose’s opinion so what can she say i guess.
    this is completely unrelated to the Last Sacrifice but i cried when Mason died in Frostbite, i know most people probably did, it was really awful and so sad, and other than that when Adrian saw Rose and Dimitri together, were the only time i cried through these books oh and some parts in blood promise, like when Dimitri “died” even though i dont really like him with Rose, it was still sad.
    i am glad that Daniella Ivashkov didnt kill Tatiana because i quite like her. i always had a hunch about Tasha Ozera because she was always really opionionated and there was something about her thaat i didnt like. but i love Christian, just because he is so antagonistic and sarky towards Rose, and in the Last Sacrifice, he was so funny to Adrian like he was with Rose, and you could just see the smoke coming out of Adrian’s ears when christian takes the piss out of him.

    overall i love the whole series and everyone in it, and i love you two, and your podcasts, you are so funny

  6. Erica says:

    The whole series is pure genius. Ms. Mead turned something that was so popular(vampires) to something to unique and special.I can’t think of a better heroine than Rose. She is imaptient and stubborn but that only makes us love her more. The way she cares for her best friend is out of this world. She would die to save her. The love intrest, Dimitri, is caring and protective. Which makes a really hot boyfriend. All together the series has everything. Love, Action, and Sadness. I haven’t read The Last Sacrifice but I’m dying to.
    Thanks for the chancing of wining.

  7. Courtney says:

    When will the winner be announced?

  8. Rebekah says:

    Happy Mardi Gras! It’s Fat Tuesday here, but the rainy weather kept me away from parades today. Instead I was inside finishing up Last Sacrifice. All I can say is WOW! Thank you so much for this and your other book recomendations. Y’all have gotten me to be an avid reader now! I think I read this entire series in the last 2 weeks. I couldn’t put them down. The only problem I had was the cursing — I feel like I’m cursing when I read it, but obviously not bad enough because I couldn’t put the books down.

    Anywhose, I just finished the book and I just have a really, really, really eerie feeling that Adrian is going to go mental and start making things really bad. I think he’ll try to control Jill and therefore hurt Lissa and therefore Rose. I really came to love Adrian (although not as much as Dimitri — there’s just no comparison there), but I just have this really bad feeling about him losing control with that spirit power. Somehow I think Robert Dashkov will get a hold on Adrian and use him to seek revenge against Rose too for killing his brother.

    Love love the podcast and the website. Thanks to you both and your great volunteers!

  9. Krystal says:

    We’re so happy that you enjoy the same books as us, Rebekah! If you want to read more of our book recommendations, check out our other project,

  10. Courtney says:

    In January when the announcement of the Vampire Academy book winner was listed I won. Does anyone know when I should be receiving my book.

  11. Courtney says:

    Hey Kallie I don’t know if you got my address last month if not please email me at


  12. Courtney says:

    Thanks Kallie I got my book in the mail yesterday. I was so happy with it.

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