Parks & Recreation Upcoming “Twilight” Episode

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Aziz Ansari, who you may remember as the host of last year’s MTV Movie Awards, talked with BuzzSugar about Parks and Recreation‘s upcoming Twilight episode. 

BuzzSugar: The third episode of the season revolves around the Twilight books, and a few months ago, you live-tweeted the Twilight movies rather passionately. Did you have anything to do with making the storyline happen on the show?
Aziz Ansari: No, but it did help that it was still pretty fresh in my mind, that I knew the movies, I knew all these details. I haven’t seen [the episode] yet so I don’t know what made it in, but there’s a lot of scenes where we improvise stuff, and I remembered real things from Twilight, and I had real questions. That was the funny thing, because Donna is in the Twilight group and she’s read all the books and knows everything, and I’d read a little bit and had a discussion with her for real, so it actually worked out really well for the arc of the story.

Buzz: Have you actually read any of the books?
AA: I haven’t read any of them, I just saw the first two movies. When I did the [MTV] Movie Awards, those were obviously the big movies, so I watched those two movies for research for that, so I knew a little bit about the Twilight world.

Buzz: So you were kind of a consultant for Parks and Rec.
AA: Yeah, I’m a consultant I guess!

Because the characters on Parks and Rec are all pretty much insane, there’s major potential for comedy gold in the Twilight episode.  If you’re not already a fan of Parks and Rec make sure you check it out!  The show, which stars Amy Poehler, is hi-larious, and the new season starts back January 20 on NBC.


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