Quileute Wolf Pack Fansite Interview with Mariel Belanger, the Third Wife

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The folks over at Quileute Wolf Pack got the chance to interview Mariel Belanger, who played the Third Wife in Eclipse.  She answered questions about how she got into acting, what it was like on the set of Eclipse, and more!  This interview is pretty cool because Mariel gets to the bare bones of what it’s like being on a movie set.  It’s nice to hear what life was like on set for the actors who aren’t part of the main cast.

QWP: What was filming on the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse like? Was it different from other projects you’ve worked on?
MB: It was very different. TSE was much bigger than anything I had worked on. I’ve been on some T.V. sets but it was definitely different. There is so much going on all the time in many different places. The daily call sheets were quite long and laid out the going ons of every actor/ key person needed that day, what they were supposed to be doing etc. It opens your eyes as to the level of multi-tasking skills needed by key crewmembers. 

QWP: What was it like to work under the direction of David Slade?
MB: I only got to work with him 2 days, but my time in front of the camera was nice. He wasn’t condescending or impatient. He made me feel important and after we shot my last scene he congratulated me on now being a ‘star’. 

QWP: Were there any memorable moments on the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse that you can share with the fans?
MB: I spent as much time as I could on set and not in my trailer just so I could take in the whole experience. I got to watch Kristen Stewart as she mimicked my performance for the morphing into Third Wife part. She was nice, introduced herself to me. I felt welcomed by pretty much everyone I got to meet. I really enjoyed watching the stunts, it happens so fast, but when you’re on set – you know exactly how many falls and hits they take. 

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Photo: Mariel Belanger’s website

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