More from Peter Facinelli on ‘Breaking Dawn’: the End, Dance Numbers, & Long Hours

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MTV has posted two more portions of their interview with Peter Facinelli at the Golden Globes.  In the first video he talks about shooting the ending sequence of Breaking Dawn:


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Here Peter jokes that there will be “lots of dance numbers” in Breaking Dawn and he says that Bill Condon is “a joy to work with”:


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E!’s Marc Malkin spoke with Peter on the red carpet as well, and Peter had even more nice things to say about Bill Condon:

‘He’s got the task and pressure of having the final two movies,’ he said. ‘[But] he never lets you see him sweat. He’s always relaxed and he always takes the time to work with actors and he’s always open to ideas.
To read the rest of the interview, where Peter talks about how the cast hasn’t had much downtime lately because of the jam-packed shooting schedule and more (including talk about that honeymoon picture), visit E!.
Here’s another interview, this time Peter’s talking to Hollyscoop (via Twilight Lexicon):


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2 Comments to “More from Peter Facinelli on ‘Breaking Dawn’: the End, Dance Numbers, & Long Hours”

  1. ocd56 says:

    When I heard Peter say that they were filming the ending of the last movie with lots of vampire I was concerned because my favorite scene in all of the books was the ending of Breaking Dawn. I will absolutely have a fit it they do not include this in the last movie. Stepanie Myers also said that this scene was her favorite scene in the books. I hope that she insists that they end the last movie with this scene!

  2. Stefanie says:

    I don’t think he meant the battle sequence was the last scene in the movie. I think it’s just the last big sequence of Part II, which will then be followed by that sweet scene at the end of the book. It’s the big climactic build followed by the calm, sweet payoff. 🙂

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