Not Everyone Wants to Sell Out the Twilight Cast for a Good Story

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The ladies over at the Twilight Lexicon have posted a pretty thought-provoking article about the relative lack of Breaking Dawn coverage that’s come out of Baton Rouge. Here’s some of what they had to say: 

The running joke among the Lexicon staffers is that they are filming Breaking Dawn in the Stalag 17 set. If you have ever seen the movie you’ll understand why. The complex where they are shooting at the Celtic Media Center in Baton Rouge is surrounded by a big fence and has lots of cinder-block type buildings with no windows.  The grounds are patrolled by a top notch security team. Seriously, all they are missing is the roaming searchlights and a couple of snarling German shepherds. You need ID and authorized clearance just to get on the property.

So the long and short of it is, other than for one brief instance when they prepped the Volturi outside and another brief instance when they shot at a local public park(which only yielded photos of shrubs and a giant green screen), no one has been able to see anything in Louisiana, because nothing has been in public view. The only shots we’ve seen are those out of Brazil that were taken by the flotilla off shore in public waters or by those residents in Rio who observed filming from their apartments or on public land by the marina district.

They continue on by talking about the relative privacy the actors have had during their stay in Baton Rouge, and mention an article that E!’s Ted Casablanca posted about his attempt to get info on the cast’s recent visit to a local restaurant.  Here’s what the spokesperson for the restaurant told E!: 

“No, sorry but we have bigger things to worry about than them…like the economy.”

Check out the rest of the Lexicon’s article here.

As far as the lack of pictures from the set goes, personally it helps me with my lack of self-control.  If there are no set pictures to look at then I’m not tempted!  And as for the overall feel of how this shoot is going, I think it’s a nice reprieve from what the cast had to deal with in Vancouver.  Speaking as an outsider of course I don’t know for sure but it seems as though in Baton Rouge they’re closer to the amount of anonymity that they had while filming Twilight in the Portland area.  

In reference to the E! article, it’s refreshing to see someone who hasn’t sold out the cast, and with the help of some sarcasm were able to thwart the gossip rag’s attempt at a story.  Goodness knows it’d be easy to say, “Why yes! The cast of the absurdly popular Twilight movies did dine here!” knowing you could drum up some extra business from the fans who will inevitably pop by in hopes of catching a glimpse of the actors.  But then you could lose your job because you squealed, lose potential business from any other well-known clientele, not to mention the fact that the Twilight cast is more than likely going to black list the restaurant in favor of eating at a place that respects their privacy. Respecting the privacy of paying customers? What a novel idea! (note heavy sarcasm) If you’ve blabbed about other well-known people who frequent your establishment, who’s to say you’re not going to rat someone else out?

It’s a bit sad to think about the insanity that surely awaits the cast when they return to Vancouver to finish up the shoot next month.  Or maybe during their time in Baton Rouge the cast, along with the production team, have honed their aversion skills to the point that they’ll be good enough to avoid the Vancouver stalkerazzi. 

Who knows exactly why the atmosphere surrounding the filming in Baton Rouge has been drastically different thus far.  I’d like to think that maybe there’s some Southern hospitality that’s played into this; but then again, I might be a bit biased seeing as I’m a Southerner myself. 😉

Now that I’ve thrown my 2 cents in, or maybe it was more like $1, what is your take?  Do you wish we had more pictures coming from the set?  Or are you happy there’s not been too much so that you don’t have to worry about being tempted by spoilers? Or are you one of those rare creatures who’s a bit spoiler-phobic and are glad you don’t have to worry about stumbling upon anything spoilery?


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  2. rhonda says:

    I would like to see a bit more on how things are progressing……BUT I understand they are people too and they need their privacy…just grateful to see the stories brought to life…..just wish they would have film just ONE scene or something in Forks and La Push they are GREAT places……after all those are the places where the stories take place. I don’t live there but I did go there and seen how great it was. Also a BIG thanks to Stephanie, Robert, Kristen, Taylor and EVERYONE who made it come to life…really and truly hate to see it end…:(

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