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Is the name Noel Fisher familiar to you yet? It’s hard to keep track of all the new cast members!  He’s playing Vladimir in Breaking’s movie blog recently spoke with Noel about his upcoming role in the Twilight franchise. 

I know you’re not allowed to say much about Breaking Dawn, but have you shot your scenes yet?

Noel Fisher: ‘Yes, actually. I’m back in Los Angeles because I have a two week break. We are done with the Louisiana portion – we’re all done with that. The biggest part of my character stuff is done. We have some more stuff; I get to go back home to Vancouver for the first time to work. That will be kind of fun – it’s a nice way to go back home. So, we’re going to go up and shoot a couple more things up there. That’s been a lot of fun. Everyone’s really cool.’…

Did you get more of a backstory on Vladimir? Did you get any notes from Stephenie Meyer that include info we didn’t learn in the book?

Noel Fisher: ‘I had a sit-down with Bill Condon, but no. It’s kind of like you just want to make sure that you’ve read the book – or at least I did. I wanted to make sure that I read the book and that I knew anything. I also did a little bit of online searching. One of the great things is that there’s so many [sites], this big world that you get to explore online. All these other people have done all this research and know all these things, and have spent a lot of time. You Google ‘Vladimir’ and a bunch of stuff’s going to come up, and you get to have the backstory.’…

Are you ready for the PR tour? It’s going to be crazy.

Noel Fisher: ‘Yeah. I enjoy PR. You know, I like meeting people who are excited about the projects that I’m in because I’m excited about the projects I’m in. I love to get to talk about them. So, yeah, I’m excited for all of it.’

Check out the rest of the interview here where he talks more in depth about his being welcomed into the Twilight world by the cast, working with his cohort Guri Weinberg, whether or not Breaking Dawn sticks close to the book, and much more!

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    I LOVE HIM! He voiced one of my FAV characters on this old X-Men cartoon, and I LOVE HIM! AH! lol

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