Pics Galore: All Kinds of “Breaking Dawn” Sets Being Prepped

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                                              ————————————-SPOILER ALERT—————————————-

The production team has been hard at work in British Columbia, and here’s the proof!  Below are pictures of Jacob’s house being prepped for filming, stunt rehearsals at the Swan house and a new set where it is believed that a fight training scene will be shot.  There are tons of pictures of the sets, so be sure to click through to the sources so you can see the rest of them! 

Jacob’s house:


(Anybody have any guesses as to what the steeple-looking things at the bottom of the pic could be?  They look like   they could fit on the gable of a roof. Or maybe the wolfpack got new hats! Haha)


                                        (As you can see, during filming there isn’t really anything to, um, see. Heh)

See more over at Newsflic (@OLTV) here and here.

Stunt rehearsals at the Swan house, and to see more pics visit Newsflic:


Even better, here’s a video of the guys rehearsing!  @OLTV believes that this could be the scene where Emmett and Jasper pick up Edward from Bella’s house the night of his bachelor party, after watching the video I think I have to agree!


And lastly, Mandy’s Mind has some pictures of the fight training set:


I love seeing all the prep work that goes into making these films! It’s insane how the prep work oftentimes takes longer than the actual filming does!  Two weeks of prep can sometimes be for just one day of filming.  So kudos Breaking Dawn crew!   

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  1. ashleejee says:

    I was wondering what this video is all about until i read the title repeatedly,and i was like looking something to buy and suddenly i find what i am looking for,since Twilight is one of my fave,i guess i am lucky enought to find this vid.Its really nice to watch the actual place where your favorite movie took place.

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