What is it about Bella? Week #87

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This week Kassie and I take a look at Bella, and we attempt to figure out what it is that everyone loves about her!  You know it’s gonna be entertaining since Kassie has very little patience for the girl!  LOL!  There are so many ideas that you’ve shared, and we loved reading them all.  Make sure to comment on the next Question of the Week, and we just might read your comments.


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6 Comments to “What is it about Bella? Week #87”

  1. Sia says:

    Hugely disagree with Kassie and what she has to say about Bella.

  2. Tesi says:

    I also disagree with Kassie about Bella being weak. Bella is a human with no fight training but the girl was mentally strong and held strong through four books with vampires. I think Kassie was too harsh and yes it’s her opinion but there’s more to Bella. She made her seem like a nobody that was just a name. Love you Kassie but I disagree but your entitled to your opinion still love you.

  3. Lara says:

    Hi TST,
    I’m fairly new to your ‘cast — been listening to it for a few months now, but truly enjoy your lighthearted senses of humor and fun analysis and recommendations. But I have to say that I disagree with Kassie on this discussion of Bella. While I DO agree that the boys of Forks High like her because she is cute, and the “shiny, new toy” and that Jacob is probably attracted to her because she’s an older girl and it may be case of puppy love that intensifies when he transforms, I have a different opinion when it comes to Edward and his reasons. Of course, their are the obvious attractions of her blood and the fact that he cannot read her mind, which intrigues and attracts him initially, but I also believe that Bella, for one, possesses an old soul…it’s even mentioned in the book about how she acts much older than she is. I think that she has old fashioned characteristics which Edward would find attractive as someone born in the early 1900s. She is modest, intelligent, shy, and unassuming, yet strongly stubborn when it comes to those she loves. She doesn’t seem interested in things that her peers would be into…TV, gossiping, shopping, dressing up and partying. Her hobbies are reading and cooking. Yes…petty old fashioned stuff, but I believe that’s what Edward loves about her. (And yes I’m Team Edward, can you tell??). Also, I do agree that with Jacob that sense of competition and “saving” Bella from a “fate worse than death” kind of intensified his feelings for her. And I would say that in some places (several in New Moon) I was annoyed with Bella. But if I were to compare her to modern teens (as a mother of one) I find her quiet, introspective personality MUCH more favorable than a girl who has to Tweet and text every little detail of their life to the world. Now I’M sounding old fashioned, right?!! Thanks for the discussion though! It’s always great fun to listen to!!

    • ocd56 says:

      I totally agree with Lara! If you read Midnight Sun on Stephanie Myers website you get a lot of insight into what Edward sees in Bella. And I think that the fact that she accepts him for what he is and she is not scared of him means a lot to him.

  4. The Last Mumsy says:

    Loved loved the music at the end of the podcast this week who is it and what’s the song? Thank you Kassie and Kallie I really enjoy the podcasts – I plug in when my husband starts snoring. A new podcast is always a treat : D @Lara – spot on with your comments Lara!

  5. eva says:

    LOVED the ovaries comment!! I LOL at the office!! and haunting song! who is it???

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