Twilight Examiner Interviews Judi Shekoni

Apr 6th, 2011 | By | Category: Fandom, Featured Articles, Movie News

Twilight Examiner got the chance to interview Judi Shekoni, who plays Zafrina in Breaking Dawn.  Here’s an excerpt from the interview where Judi talks about what working with Bill Condon has been like:

  • How has your experience been working with Bill Condon?

He is so amazing, such a kind, considerate, and intelligent man. I have learned so much from him, and it has been one of the highlights of working on this film. His attention to detail is incredible and I am lucky to have him working on this film as he has such a strong vision for the Amazons so we had a lot to play and got to take some risks. He also has a great sense of humor and is not easily stressed so it was a really fun set to work on – laughing was permitted – so we took advantage of it! 

Continue reading the interview over at Twilight Examiner including info on what the casting process was like for Judi, who was a fan of the series before she auditioned.  Can you imagine getting to audition for something you’re already such a huge fan of? It’s a Twihard’s dream come true!

Photo: Judi Shekoni’s Facebook page

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