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Day 3- What has officially been puzzling you about… Jacob?

The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide hits store shelves in less than a week, and in honor of the highly-anticipated release we have decided to hold an Official Guide countdown.  We’ve heard that many Twilight-related questions will be answered in the book, and we want to know what YOU want to find out from the guide!


Kallie – I would love to know more about Jacob’s family… His sisters, mom… But more than anything I want to know about his FUTURE!  WILL HE END UP WITH RENESME?

Krystal – Ditto, Kallie.  I want to know more about his family life, especially these sisters we never see.  And maybe who he liked before Bella came along.

Stefanie- Same here. I want to know about his and Renesmee’s future.


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2 Comments to “Day 3: What is OFFICIALLY PUZZLING you… COUNTDOWN!”

  1. Christle says:

    I want to know mor about everything the Cullens the wolf pack the future.

  2. Chloe says:

    Oh! I love what Krystal said! What other girls held Jacob’s attention before Miss Swan came along? LOL

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