Lisa Howard on Her Role in “Breaking Dawn”

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Lisa Howard, who plays Siobhan in Breaking Dawn: Part II, tweeted a fantastic interview she did with Broadway World.  The interview covers all sorts of info on Lisa’s experiences on the set of Breaking Dawn: from what her audition was like, working with Bill Condon, what scenes she’s in, to a nice mention of Renesmee’s Lullaby–which as y’all know Rob will be performing in Breaking Dawn: Part II. Here’s an excerpt and go to Broadway World to read the rest of the interview. It’s a good read so be sure to check it out!

PC: Moving to movies: you are making your feature film debut in one  of the most hotly anticipated films of all time, TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN,  yes?

LH: Yes, yes, I am! (Laughs.) Isn’t that crazy!

PC: What an accomplishment! And to work with Bill Condon – he’s a  real Broadway baby; plus, he directed DREAMGIRLS!

LH: I think that’s probably why he even considered hiring me – because I am a  Broadway gal and he understands our world, you know?

PC: Precisely.

LH: I think that may have even been the reason I was even considered.

PC: The theatre connection. What was the audition like? How did it  come about?

LH: Jen, my manager, got me the audition. Of course, I was a huge TWILIGHT  fan and I had read all the books and seen the movies. You know, I was like, “Oh,  that sounds fun! Great!” never thinking that I would get it – even though I fit  the character description perfectly, and that doesn’t happen all the time for a  gal like me!

PC: Where did you audition?

LH: We went in and I put myself on tape and we sent it in. The next week, I  got the call that I got the job.

PC: Wow.

LH: I know! It was kind of surreal. I was like, “What. Is. Happening?!” I was  so excited.

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