New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Stills from People Magazine

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I love all this new news we’re getting today! has just posted the still seen above.  The picture is one of 5 that will be featured in their latest issue. Go to to check out the still of Jacob and pick up a copy of the magazine to see the other pics! Here’s the info from People’s site:

The Twilight teens are finally growing up.

In the next installment of the saga, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Edward and Bella (played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart) take their relationship to the next level.

“They make love for the first time, they get married and pregnant,” says director Bill Condon.

Much of the vampire honeymoon was shot just outside of the Brazilian town of Paraty. “There’s this incredibly sensual vibe down there,” says Condon.

While Jacob, the werewolf played by Taylor Lautner doesn’t get the girl in this one, he does manage to get over her, and in doing so “becomes a man,” says Condon. At least he gets to ride a cool motorcycle.

Back in November we saw set pictures of this chess playing scene but the set up was different. I wonder if the still above means that this is the set up they’ll use in the film!


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5 Comments to “New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Stills from People Magazine”

  1. Sia says:

    I want this movie so bad !

  2. Arianne says:

    Does anyone else reckon that it looks like Rob and Kristen in this shot rather than Edward and Bella. I bet this is a set up shot not an actual still- just a promo to tease us…its workin’

  3. JaspersGIrl says:

    i thought bella didnt like to dress all fancy. hmmm, idc. i cant wait for this movie, parts one and two to come out!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LoveTwilightgirl says:

    I love all of twilight, the books, but can’t help wondering if any of the actors/actresses actually read any of the books to understand the characters they’re playing? I’m sorry but I’m disappointed how disconnected and awkward they seem to be with each other, esp. edward and bella characters. Even in “Eclipse” when they’re relationships have gone beyond deep and commited, they still look awkward like they’re just on first date or something. Bella and alice too…where’s the connection between them as presented in the book? Oh well…hope breaking dawn is whole lot different. I wish that they would dig deeper into the characters and understand the depth as described in the book. thanks

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