Michael Sheen on Aro, Bill Condon, and the Battle Scene in ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’

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Collider asked Michael Sheen about his character in Breaking Dawn and what it was like working with Bill Condon. Here’s an excerpt:

Was there anything you got to discover in playing him this time around, that you hadn’t learned the last time you played him?

SHEEN: He’s more of a presence in these films than he was in New Moon, so I got to explore the character a bit more and probably fleshed it out a bit more. I don’t think that there’s anything that I learned. I just was able to go into the insanity of the character a bit more. I got to show what’s under the surface a bit more this time, which was fun.

How was Bill Condon to work with, as a director?

SHEEN: Bill was wonderful. He was terrific. He’s a very, very friendly, warm person. He obviously has a very varied and interesting body of work, and brought that to bear. He made everyone feel very comfortable. It must be quite hard, coming onto a film where people have already been together for a long time. Each film is a different director and you think, “What’s this one going to be like?” But, everyone really warmed to him and thought he was terrific. I think he did a really good job. It was a huge organizational thing. We had something like 40 new characters being introduced in this film, and the big battle scene took about four or five weeks to film. It was a huge undertaking, and he handled it brilliantly.

Even more praise for Bill Condon! It’s nice to know that the actors liked who they worked with for about 6 months, no? 🙂  As with anything, one person’s excitement–especially if that person is the one that’s leader–can rub off on everyone else, and I definitely think that a director sets the tone, if he’s all jovial and excited about his work, then everyone else will be too!  The more I read or hear about Bill, the more eager I am to hear from him! Hopefully, he, along with the rest of the cast, will be at Comic Con and we’ll get lots of interviews from him!

Lastly, MTV chatted with Michael about the supposedly epic battle scene that happens in the second part of Breaking Dawn.


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