Cassandra Clare Confirms Jace Casting

Jun 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Book News, Featured Articles, Movie News

It seems the little (well, HUGE) internet rumor that was going around about Jace being cast is true. Cassandra Clare has just confirmed that Jamie Campbell Bower will play Jace in the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments series. This will be another highly-anticipated book-to-film adaption for Jamie, who has had roles in other franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight.

So, now that the news has finally been revealed, what do you think of the choice for Jace? I know it’s always hard to reconcile the actor with our internal image of the book character.

Pic from Vogue Italia.

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7 Comments to “Cassandra Clare Confirms Jace Casting”

  1. ash says:

    i dont realy agree with jamie being jace
    i imagend jace being buff and hot and lets face it
    jamie is not buff (skinny) and not hot

  2. wendy says:

    I think he is perfect! He play brooding and understated perfectly. And I think his natural charm will add to the ‘ladies man Jace scenes’ . And just like Taylor Lautner did for New Moon, I am sure he can find a good trainer and a high tech gym to get him into that buff shape that so many will be looking for. So excited for this movie!!

  3. Melissa says:

    Well at least we already know he has a thing for red-heads! (he’s engaged to Bonnie Wright-aka Ginny Weasley!)

  4. Roz says:

    Nope dont see it.

  5. Kitkat says:

    OK he’s acceptable i guess, but the rumor of alex pettyfer was waaaaaaaay better than jamie

  6. Amy Kat says:

    I love Jamie, but not for this role. He’s not what I pictured Jace being. In truth I didn’t even know they were making a movie out of the series. Oh well… I like the actor so hopefully he’ll prove me wrong

  7. Beth says:

    Jamie does not fit this part at all. Im so disappointed. I dont even want to watch the movie now. He needs to be built up!

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