Edward and Bella’s Florisry Designer and Dish Collection Designer Tammy Polatsek

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The Wedding Scene in The New Twilight Movie Breaking Dawn was done by Set and Florisry Designer and Dish Collection Designer Tammy Polatsek

Tammy Polatsek takes on Freelance The Work Space as their Pr Agency. The founder and designer of Carmona New York & Co. and Aristocratic Design Co. is Tammy Polatsek. Renown for her outstanding achievements as an event planner, and a caterer, as well as other aspects of the hospitality industry, Tammy decided to come up with her own line of dishes, that would make up for all the struggles she endured in 18 years of catering on the road. Her eye for presentation, coupled with her first-hand experience in catering, gave her unique insight into what caterers really need in a dish.

Tammy Polatsek was not only chosen to be the Florist and Set Designer for the amazing Wedding scene which is the climax on the Breaking Dawn Twilight Movie. Carmona New York & Co. designed the Dish Collection that will be featured on the New Twilight Film which will be released in November 2011.

Here is a link to Tammy’s Aristocratic Design Facebook Page!

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